DIY: Shoes for Blossom

It was never actually in my plans to make Blossom a pair of sweet little shoes.

But I like those projects that take you by surprise… don’t you?

So it happened that I was looking at gorgeous baby shoes online and then it struck me… what if I could make a shoe pattern that would fit Blossom’s chunky rabbit foot.


Pattern and tutorial for making Mary-Jane shoes for Blossom at Shabby Art Booutique


I won’t lie… it wasn’t as simple as I first thought because Blossom has a different shaped foot to humans, with a fat heel and narrow toe, but after a few prototypes a pattern emerged.


Making Mary-Jane shoes for Blossom the Rabbit at Shabby Art Boutique

I used the same principle for making baby Mary-Jane shoes in felt. Just the shape of the shoes is different.

How to Make Blossom’s Mary-Jane Shoes


– Small square of felt,

– Matching DMC embroidery cotton,

– Needle and scissors,

– Download Blossom’s shoe pattern HERE.


Cut out pattern for shoes.

Using the pattern, cut out two uppers and two soles from felt.

Overlap the two ends of the upper by about 1/8” (4 mm). Stitch closed using 6 strands of DMC embroidery cotton in coordinating colour.

Tutorial and pattern for making Mary-Jane shoes for Blossom at Shabby Art Boutique

So now you should have a closed upper.

Step-by-step instructions and pattern for making Blossoms shoes at Shabby Art Boutique

Attach the sole of the shoe to the upper using a small buttonhole stitch and the DMC embroidery cotton.

You could leave the shoes like this or embellish with felt flowers or buttons.

How to make Blossoms Mary-Jane shoes - full tutorial and pattern on Shabby Art Boutique

I decided to add silk ribbons to the shoes to match the ribbon on Blossom’s dress and to make the shoes into cute Mary-Janes. I used 6” (15 cm) of silk ribbon for each side of the shoe… so 12” (30 cm) for each shoe.

How to make Mary-Jane shoes for Blossom - tutorial and pattern at Shabby Art Boutique

They were attached with a tiny pink button on each side.

Blossoms Mary-Jane shoes tutorial at Shabby Art Boutique

Blossom’s new shoes are just a bit too cute…. I’m sure you will agree!!

Sweet little Mary-Jane shoes for Blossom - pattern and tutorial at Shabby Ar Boutique


You can get the pattern and instructions for making Blossom, my Maileg look-a-like Rabbit HERE.

Blossom’s dress pattern and instructions are also available HERE.


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Get the patterns and tutorials to make this sweet Maileg look-a-like Rabbit with dress and shoes from Shabby Art Boutique

Happy crafting


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  2. So sweet. Thanks Kerryanne for this and all the things you do to brighten our lives. I just love Blossom. Hugs.

  3. Those shoes are so sweet, Kerryanne.

  4. I just love looking at all you make, you are so talented. Thank you for sharing

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