How To Make a Maileg ‘look-a-like’ Rabbit

For a long while now, I’ve been absolutely smitten with all things Scandinavian.

My love of GreenGate and Tilda has filled my blog posts for many years now and I know that many of you love it all too.

There’s another gorgeous Scandi item I’ve been coveting… the Maileg Rabbit.

They are not readily available here in Australia and any items I could find from the beautiful Maileg collection where incredibly expensive…. so what’s a Scandi loving girl to do?


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Of course, I’ve resorted to making my own.

I’ve seen a few handmade look-a-like versions online, but patterns and/or tutorials are pretty minimal.

I made my own mini rabbits a few years back and I was happy with their similarity to the adorable Maileg rabbits, so I played around with the patterns a little more… adjusting the length of the arms and the shape of the snout until I felt they had the look I desired.

While these rabbits are not exactly the same as the Maileg ones…. or even close to perfect, I’m still thrilled with their simple Scandi look.


To help you with shopping this project, affiliate links are provided to the products I’ve used.

Here’s how I made my sweet look-a-like rabbits:


Note: I used DMC #776 for the nose and DMC #839 for the eyes and mouth.


1. Trace pattern pieces onto card to make a pattern template, joining the two rabbit body parts, A to A and B to B to make one pattern piece.

2. Using pattern pieces, cut 2 body pieces, 4 legs, 4 arms and one inner ear (on the fold) from linen.


How to make a look-a-like Maileg Rabbit

3. Pin the inner ear piece between the two ears of the main rabbit body pieces. as shown below.

Tutorial for making a look-a-like Maileg Rabbit from Shabby Art Boutique

Note: When stitching soft toys, I used a strong cotton and small stitch length. Ideally, if you have a triple straight stitch on your machine, use that as it reinforces the seam. Alternatively, you may wish to re-sew your seams twice or even three times to make them durable.

4. Stitch around the outside of the rabbit ears first, then stitch the rest of the rabbit body, leaving the bottom open.

5. Stitch around the legs and arms leaving the ends open for stuffing.

6. Clip seams where necessary and press seam allowances before you turn the pieces right side out. When all pieces are turned right side out, fold the fabric inward on the closures for arms and bottom of rabbit body. Press. This may seem silly, but make sure your rabbit arms are the same length when you press the closure in place.

Turorial and full sized pattern to make look-a-like Maileg Rabbit from Shabby Art Boutique

7. Stuff all body parts with toy fibrefill.

Note: Remember to use small wads of stuffing to prevent bunching. We don’t want our rabbits to look like they have cellulite!!
I start at the ears and move downwards, ensuring that I fill every little space as I go. My tool of choice for stuffing is an old wooden chopstick with a narrow point at one end and a larger flat end at the other. For the arms and legs, I like to make the stuffing quite firm at the end (hands and feet).

8. Pin your legs into the cavity of the body, ensuring that they are equal in length. I actually used my machine to stitch this seam closed, as you will notice that I used less stuffing at the top of the legs and at the base of the rabbit, so it would sit nicely. Alternatively, you may wish to hand sew this seam.

9. Position the arms in place and pin to secure. Hand sew arms to body.

Close up of Rabbit face - tutorial and full sized pattern for Maileg look-a-like Rabbit from Shabby Art Boutique

10. These rabbits have a simple face; a nose stitched from DMC cotton (I used #776) and eyes and mouth stitched with brown cotton (I used DMC #839).

Optional: You may wish to blush cheeks with blush too.

Free pattern and tutorial to make your own look-a-like Maileg Rabbits from Shabby Art Boutique

All that’s left to do now is dress our look-a-like rabbits.

I’ll be back soon with clothing patterns.

Happy crafting


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  1. Love this! Thanks for the pattern and instructions. You’re so generous. xo

  2. These look so sweet Kerryanne.
    Toni xx

  3. Thank you so much for the pattern. I think I will make some for Christmas.
    xoxo Jo

  4. Shirley Flavell says:

    Thank you Kerranne, a beautiful pattern. A definite for me. I have made your Pincushion doll before and really love her.

  5. Thank you so much,,, I love Maileg rabbits too!!

    • You are welcome Kim. I think they are adorable in there simple design and sweet faces. I hope you enjoy making them too!

  6. They’re gorgeous Kerry!!! I love Maileg, and you’ve captured the look perfectly. I need to learn some metalwork, I love the little iron bedsteads…💗
    Much love! VIK xxxxx

    • Oh I know, they are divine. I had a go at making my own for my mini Maileg mouse, but it was a big time consuming project to make a tiny little bed – lol. Hugs and kisses xxx

  7. Heather Miller says:

    thankyou so much…love these and will be making for my grandaughters

  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas, it’s so generous of you.

  9. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I’ve spent hours looking online for a suitable pattern and then found you! Thank you SO much!

  10. Thank you so much Kerryanne for your generosity in sharing this gorgeous pattern and clothing. I just spent the morning pawing over the real thing at our local upmarket dept store wishing I could justify the $85 price tag. Now I can go to town and make a whole family of bunnies, and princess and the pea and on and on………you’ve made my day 🙂

  11. Maria Eugénia says:

    Hi from Portugal
    Thank you SO much for your generosity.
    I’m following you in Bloglovin and each day i like it more. I LOVE your tutorials with the photos. It makes easy to us.
    Kisses from Portugal. Maria Eugénia 💝

    • Kerryanne says:

      Hi Maria and welcome to Shabby Art Boutique 🙂
      I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying my craft projects.

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