DIY: How to Dress Your ‘look-a-like’ Maileg Rabbit

Let me introduce you to Blossom…

She’s a Maileg Rabbit doppelganger….  sort of ‘same, same but different’.

While Blossom looks like one of those adorable Scandinavian Maileg Rabbits, she is actually a homemade version, but I think she is still pretty cute!

At 22 inches tall, Blossom is the perfect size to incorporate into your cottage styling. I shared a full sized pattern and tutorial on how to make Blossom in this post.


Today I’m sharing the pattern and tutorial for how I made the dress she is wearing.

It’s just a basic dress with easy instructions, but once you’ve made one, I think you’ll be adapting the pattern to make a whole wardrobe of outfits for your ‘look-a-like’ rabbit.

How to Make Blossom’s Dress


1 fat quarter of fabric,

1 metre (1 yard) silk ribbon for bow – optional,

Normal sewing supplies and sewing machine,

Download Blossom Dress Pattern HERE.



Cut out pattern pieces.

Cut from fabric:
– Two bodice fronts (one is for the front of dress and the other is the lining).
– Four bodice backs (2 back panels and 2 lining pieces).
– One rectangular skirt panel measuring 25 cm x 48 cm (10” x 19”).


Get the pattern and tutorial for making a Maileg look-a-like Rabbit and this dress from Shabby Art Boutique



1. Cut out your bodice pieces. I used the same fabric for both the fronts and lining pieces, but you could use a coordinating fabric for the linings.

2. Sew the bodice fronts to backs at shoulder seams. Press seams open.

3. Place both bodice pieces on top of each other with right sides together and sew the neck and back edges.

4. Clip seams and turn your bodice right side out and press. Tip – I used my doll making chopstick to gently push the corners out.


How to make Blossom's dress - see full tutorial and pattern at Shabby Art Boutique

5. Now it is time to sew up the bodice side seams. This is a little tricky…. the bodice pieces get sewn together and then the linings get sewn together. This way, the seams are all hidden inside of the bodice when the dress is complete. Start by pinning the front left bodice piece to the back bodice piece with right sides together. Sew this seam. Repeat with the other side of bodice. When you have sewn up the bodice pieces, repeat process with each side of the armhole lining pieces. Press seams open and then turn bodice out.

6. To make the skirt of the dress, turn over the short ends of the skirt twice and stitch down. These edges will be the back closing of your dress.

7. Next we will gather the top edge of the skirt. Set your machine stitch to its longest length. We are going to sew two rows of stitching along the top of the skirt. The first few stitches are secured by reversing back over them and then continue sewing to the end of the skirt top – instead of securing this end, we leave a long length of thread which we will use to pull the gather later on. Reposition your skirt under your sewing machine foot about 1/8” below the first seam and repeat process, so you now have two rows of stitches 1/8” apart.

Take both of the long lengths of cotton and gently pull them to gather the fabric. When your skirt top is the same width as the bottom of the bodice, secure the cotton and discard left over cotton.


8. Pin the gathered skirt to the outside of the bodice with right sides facing and stitch below the lower edge of gathering.

Then fold the bodice lining piece up, enclosing the raw edges of the skirt inside of the bodice. Hand sew the lining closed.

9. Fold the hem up, press and sew.

10. I used press studs/snaps to close the dress at the back. To finish, I added a silk ribbon tied around the bottom of the bodice in a coordinating colour.

Options: you could add all sorts of embellishments to your basic dress pattern, like fancy trims, coordinating fabrics and hand embroidery.


Blossom the Maileg look-a-like Rabbit by Shabby Art Boutique

It’s not a stylish outfit without a pair of shoes…. so I’ll be back in the next post to share a pattern and tutorial for Blossom’s sweet little Mary-Jane shoes.

How to make Blossoms shoes - full pattern and tutorial on Shabby Art Boutique

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Get the patterns and tutorials to make this sweet Maileg look-a-like Rabbit with dress and shoes from Shabby Art Boutique

Happy crafting


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing the pattern and instructions for the rabbit and the sweet dress. I have saved them and will let you know when I have made a dressed rabbit -= may be some time as I have a list of things I ‘need’ to make as long as my arm! I am looking forward to seeing your pattern for those gorgeous mary jane shoes – they look adorable. It is so very kind of you to share with your fellow crafters – I am in the North East of England in the UK Mary x

    • Patricia Gaiefsky says:

      I am tickled pink to receive your instructions and patterns. Thank you. Will send you a pic once I have completed them. I love rabbits and shabby chic.

  2. What a great tutorial and a very generous share!
    Those little shoes are adorable too.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you for the lovely patterns. Can’t wait to make one for an expectant grandchild.

  4. I have stitched the rabbit without any problems and also I have made the shoes, no problem. However, I am completely stuck when it comes to stitching the bodice of the dress. I have completed steps up to Number 5, when I can not understand which pieces i should sew. I have already unpicked the bodice and started again, At what stage do I sew the armhole bodice to the armhole lining whe n the should seam, neck seam and side seams are all stitched? I hand stitched one of the armholes to try and figure it out, but I found it impossible to turn the bodice right way out – any tips please would be gratefully received. thanks in advance

    • I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit a little hurdle Mary. I’ve sent you an email to explain the process and hope that helps 🙂
      Just to clarify for anyone else, the bodice is not connected to the lining under the armhole. The bodice front gets sewn to the bodice back at the seam under the armhole and likewise, the lining front gets sewn to the lining back at the seam under the armhole. They remain completely separate, so that the top of the skirt can be sandwiched between the two layers in the next step.

      • All sorted now Kerryanne – I kept doing what the instructions told me, but where I went wrong was I was trying to pull the front bodice through the shoulder to turn it out, this was not possible, and I should have pulled the smaller back bodice pieces through the shoulders one at a time – thanks for your help which is much appreciated. best wishes and happy crafting, Mary x

  5. Oh, Kerryanne, I feel the same way about Maileg bunnies, Green Gate and Tilda as you do, so I was thrilled to see all your patterns to make one of my own bunnies although I know it won’t be as lovely as yours. I have problems with stuffing! I’ll send a pic when I’m done (don’t hold your breath as things keeps happening–my purse was snatched; I had minor surgery, my darling 17-year-old cat Monty passed into cat heaven and oh, yes, Hurricane Irma.) Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration for us all!

    Love, Linda

    • Oh Linda, you have had a bad spell. I hope some creative time in your sewing room will be a good tonic for you.
      Happy crafting,

  6. Do the patterns given include seam allowances or should a seam allowance be added?

    • Hi Nancy, seam allowance needs to be added. I hope you enjoy making Blossom and her outfit.
      Happy crafting,

  7. Marianna Bergkamp says:

    Great website and very shabby chic! Love the colors etc.! When I saw your beautiful pictures with the rabbit and the pumpkin and roses…I thought why don’t you make those into dividers for an A5 planner? I would love them! You share so many beautiful pictures that just the pictures in a divider layout would be awesome! Hope you will think about it when you can get away from the pc…I know how frustrating that is!

  8. Linda Jackson says:

    I still don’t understand the bodice. Do I cut it out exactly to the pattern size or leave seam allowance . I really don’t get the bodice and dress are separate, Help !!!!!

    Linda J

    • Hi Linda,
      I’m sorry to hear you are having an issue with the pattern. Seam allowance needs to be added to the pattern pieces. The bodice and skirt pieces are separate and the doll dress is made up the same way you would make an actual dress. I hope this helps.

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