DIY – 5 minute Christmas Ribbon

When do you wrap your gifts?

As you get them… all at once… or on Christmas Eve?

Personally, I like to wrap gifts all in one session… it’s kind of a Christmas event in our home. You know, the Christmas movie playing in the background, yummy festive food to nibble on and a list to tick off. Even my girls loved to sit and help with the wrapping.


Shabby Art Boutique - 5 minute Christmas Ribbon

I love giving gifts and gift wrapping.

And I’m definitely one of those people who likes the gift wrap to be so beautiful that it looks almost too good to unwrap… not that I don’t want my loved ones to open their gifts, but rather, I hope the wrapping forms part of the joy and excitement of receiving the gift.

That being said, I don’t spend a lot on gift wrapping supplies.

Todays DIY is my 5 minute ribbon… truly, you won’t believe how quick and easy this is.


A length of calico (homespun) fabric – mine was 2 metres,

A set of alphabet stamps,

Ink pad.


1. Simply rip your fabric into strips the length of the fabric. Mine were about 2 cm wide and 2 metres long. Ripping the fabric gives you lovely tatty shabby edges.

2. Stamp festive words along the length of your fabric strip. I used a red ink pad, but I’ve done this in grey too and it looks great.

Tip: Get even more personal and stamp the recipients name all the way along the fabric ribbon.

How’s that for a super quick and easy personal touch for your Christmas wrapping!

Happy crafting


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  1. A lovely finishing touch Kerryanne.
    Toni xx

  2. Love the look. Your red clock in the pics drives me wild with envy! haha

  3. Angels Manciagli says:

    Thank you, Kerryanne, what a great idea, and so simple to do, with a great effect.

  4. Shirley Flavell says:

    A super idea, it all looks so lovely. Me too re your fabulous red clock.:-)

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