A new ‘shabbilicious’ space to call home

Hi there… come on in. Shabby Art Boutique has a new studio space and it’s almost complete. I’ll give you the full tour later this week, but I thought until then you may like a few sneak peeks of the various groupings and inspiration around the studio.       . . . beautiful … [Read more...]

Heart on a wire

Hello!  I am Kelly from My Soulful Home.  This week marks my 6th month as a blogger. Each day has brought new challenges, opportunities and friends my way.  Kerryanne is one of those friends, so it is with great excitement that I guest post here at the Shabby Art Boutique.  … [Read more...]

A new chapter in the Shabby Art Boutique story

The road we travel on through life is rarely straight. There will always be a few bumps in the road . . . hills to climb . . . and twists and turns to navigate. That is why it’s called a journey.     Looking back over the first half of 2013 our family encountered a few of those … [Read more...]

Cream and white delight

I’ve done something today that some of you may consider. . . unthinkable.     I delved into my vintage button collection. . . and used about 100 of them. But before anyone has heart flutters, think of it this way. . . Instead of storing them in a bottle, they are … [Read more...]