DIY Paper Flowers

Strictly speaking…. I’m not sure these are really called flowers.

I use the less technical term ‘paper thingies’, but to prevent major confusion that will no doubt ensure if I call them ‘thingies’, we’ll stick to flowers for the purpose of this tutorial.


DIY paper flowers for card making by Shabby Art Boutique


You may remember a couple of weeks ago I shared this post Handmade Cards with Vintage Graphics in which I showed one of these paper flowers on a card.

As a few readers were interested in knowing how I made them, I put this super easy tutorial together.


Vintage book paper bows fro card making at Shabby Art Boutique


How to Make Paper Flowers


6 strips of paper – see note,

Note – Your finished flower size will be dependent on the size of your strips. In the two examples I’m sharing today, the strips are 17cm long. The green flower has strips that are 7mm wide, while the white flower has strips that are 1cm wide.


1. Cut 6 strips of paper and lay them out matching the 12 points of a clock. When you are happy with the arrangement, pop a dot of glue between each layer at the centre point of your flower.

2. Lay flower right side down on your work surface. Fold strips back to centre and attach with a dot of glue.


Tutorial for making paper flowers for cards by Shabyy Art Boutique


3. Continue folding the strips back to centre until you have completed the flower shape.

4. Add embellishments to the centre of the flower shape e.g. buttons, small pieces of doily, ripped paper, silk flowers etc.
In the photo below you can see that I used a circle of hand ripped paper under my button. To get that effect, I simply ripped paper into a circle shape and then snipped little cuts all around the outside of the circle using scissors.



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Happy crafting,



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  1. These are just toooo cute!! Making some today!! Thanks for the sweet tutorial!!!!

  2. Kerryanne, these flowers are just too cute!!!! Love them! I love your blog as well!!! So refreshing!!! Thank you for sharing this tutorial!!! Smiles, Deborah 🙂

    • Kerryanne says:

      Happy to have you here Deborah and especially glad that you enjoyed this tutorial.
      Happy crafting,

  3. so cute!

  4. Flowers…Thingies…whatever you call them they are lovely.
    Thank you for the ‘how-to’.
    Toni xx

    • Kerryanne says:

      Sometimes there aren’t exact words in sewing and crafting Toni 😉
      Perhaps we have our own language where ‘thingies’ is universally understood!! xxx

  5. Great idea:-))) I love such ideas:-)

  6. Sweet!

    • Kerryanne says:

      Thank you Fonda. They are just a bit sweet and can look quite different depending on what papers your use. I think vintage book paper is my favourite thought!

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