Printable 2018 Vintage Planner

Happy New Year friends!!

I’ve been enjoying a quiet and relaxing start to 2018. It’s been very hot here, so I’ve eased into the New Year by packing up all the Christmas decor and organising the year ahead.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting a new planner put together, sorting out my diaries and making plans for a whole new year…. it’s like a fresh start and it always fills me with such optimism.

Download your 2018 Vintage Planner and Calendar at Shabby Art Boutique


If you are new here at Shabby Art Boutique, you may not know about my annual printable calendars and planners. I have several PDF printables you can download and print off whichever pages are relevant to your planner; including action plans, home pages and blogging pages. There’s even a perpetual vintage birthday and anniversary calendar.

Of course, if you’ve downloaded these planner files in previous years, you won’t need to download them again. You can simply re-print them from your own files.


2018 Vintage Planner pages to download from Shabby Art Boutique


Click on the Planner files to open and then right click to download to your own computer for printing.

Download 2018 Vintage Calendar
Please note: the 2018 Vintage Calendar is a free download for Newsletter Subscribers only.
If you are not already subscribed, there is a sign-up link at the bottom of this post.

Download Home Planner

Download Blog Planner

Download Perpetual Vintage Birthdays and Anniversaries


There are also these printable monthly divider tabs to decorate your planner.

Monthly divider tabs for your vintage planner from Shabby Art Boutique

You may also like the Free Printable Daily Planner and more info here.

Free printable daiky planner to download and print from Shabby Art Boutique

Here’s another Planner page to download…. the Weekly Gratitude page.

Download this free Gratitude Planner page from Shabby Art Boutique


I make a concentrated effort to make myself a priority and like to incorporate self care options in my planner. It’s like making a promise to myself each month to take care and nourish my body, mind and soul…. (plus, I love that they are pretty). This file is printed on Avery Sticker paper.

Download my Self Care Stickers here.

Make time for 'Self Care' in your yearly planner with these printable stickers from Shabby Art Boutique

I hope you enjoy printing these pages and making your own 2018 planner and calendar.




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  1. Llisa Pettid says:

    The calendar looks beautiful, and I’d love to download but the link seems to be broken. Every time I click on it a new tab opens on the same page.

    • Kerryanne says:

      Hi Llisa, the link to the 2018 Calendar opens up the blog post about the download for the calendar. If you read the post it explains that the 2018 Calendar is free for my Newsletter subscribers to download. If you are not already a subscriber, I have provided the link to the newsletter subscriber sign-up. When you sign-up you’ll receive a link and password to my freebies page. Happy New Year!!

  2. Happy New Year to you Kerryanne. Once again you have provided us with some lovely items to help us keep organised (although I’m not sure what went wrong with me last year – I still managed to run out of time as we got near to Christmas LOL).
    I was certainly much more organised when it came to gifts – I was making stuff throughout the year. The problem came with the wrapping up (I should have done that as I went along) and it became a bit of a panic to get things wrapped in time for occasions when I would see the recipients. That is something that I will have to address this year.
    I was lucky enough to have two weeks off work over the holidays but can’t believe how quickly time has flown and it will be back to work next Monday **groan** not looking forward to the daily commute as the UK seems to be in the grip of rain & gales – it certainly doesn’t take much to disrupt our public transport so I’m waiting to see what “fun” we have with travel.
    Hope 2018 is a good year for you & the family. Toni xx

    • Kerryanne says:

      Happy New Year my friend!!
      You did very well being organised with your gifts Toni… I think we’ll let you off on the wrapping 😉
      Oh, the UK weather does sound dismal. I wish I could send you some of my summer heat… dare I say it, we have too much!
      I hope your 2018 is filled with creativity lovely xxx

  3. Elisa Jenkins says:

    Kerryanne, I believe that the links are broken.
    I am a newsletter subscriber and clicked on the links I received in my newsletter but the links only bring up an enlargement of the featured .jpg. No option to download the file is offered. I would dearly love to download the files but cannot do so. Please let me know if there is any other option to obtain these beautiful documents.

    • Kerryanne says:

      Hi Elisa,
      The email you are referring to is not the newsletter. You have asked to receive my blog posts by RSS feed and they are sent to you each time there is a new post on my blog. The links are working, so I would suggest that you click on the actual email to open it on the web. You should have no problem opening and downloading the printable from there.
      Happy crafting,

  4. Perfect! Thank you! pinned and sharing on Facebook. <3

  5. First let me say I absolutely love your printables. I downloaded the birthdays and anniversaries, but the January page is a calendar as opposed to a perpetual page?

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