The Wish List

I know as you get older their are fewer material things that you desire, but usually you can find something to put on your ‘wish list’. I know I have things that are not necessities, but if I were to receive them as a gift, I’d be thrilled.

Do you ever hear these comments from your loved ones…..“we never know what to buy you” or the “you are so hard to buy for”.

I suspect that as mothers, grandmothers, matriarchs we are notoriously selfless and are more concerned about making occasions like Christmas, special for everyone else. We don’t make a wish list or take time to consider gifts for ourselves.

I have something for you today that will change all that!!

Download your free 'Wish List' printable at Shabby Art Boutique

My friend Sue shared this idea with me quite a few years ago….

Her mother-in-law insisted that every year she write a list of items she would buy herself if she could. She was to list the store where it was from, including any codes or item numbers and the cost. Her MIL would then buy her something from that list for birthdays and Christmas. Sometimes even her husband would enlist his mothers help for ideas and this system worked perfectly…. Sue always received gifts that she loved.

I now use this idea for my family too!

Your ‘Wish List’ may be as simple as a list of books to choose from that you’d like to read, charities that you’d like to donate to… or perhaps a family outing.


Wish List printable by Shabby Art Boutique


I’ve designed this A4 printable ‘Wish List’ to add to your Christmas Planner.

You can download the ‘Wish List’ page HERE.

Use it for yourself…. or maybe you have someone in your life that is difficult to buy for that you can give a ‘Wish List’ to.


If you haven’t already downloaded the free Christmas planner printables for 2017, you can get them HERE.


2017 Christmas Planner by Shabby Art Boutique - free to download and print

Happy festive crafting


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  1. I think you are right Kerryanne. We spend so much time ensuring everything is perfect for others that we often just ‘make do’ – or go and buy it ourselves. Your wishlist is a lovely idea – thank you for sharing.
    Toni xx

    • It works perfectly for us Toni and I still get a surprise gift, instead of buying my own and pretending to be surprised on Christmas morning!! Hugs xx

  2. Thank you! This is a brilliant idea!

    • Gail, I find it works well for us and even if the item I like is inexpensive, it is still something I’d like to have and helps the gift giver out too!

  3. Kandy Masson says:

    I LOVE everything you post !

  4. What a wonderful idea! Thank you, Kerryanne. 🙂

    • Just makes life easier for everyone Jenny 😉
      I hope you are enjoying your festive crafting xx

      • I’ll be sharing the links to your planner ton the blog next week. It’s simply wonderful! Honestly, I can’t believe we’re so close to the end of another year.

        • Awww… how sweet you are Jenny. I know, where did this year go? We both moved house and I think that sucks up a great deal of time and energy. I added lots of travel into the mix too, so I feel like I blinked in June and suddenly it was the lead up to Christmas. I’m adamant that I’m getting everything ready now, so I can relax and enjoy my first Christmas in my new home and surroundings. hugs xx

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