How To Plan For Christmas

Getting organised for Christmas isn’t difficult… a little forward planning and making an early start is all that is needed to pace yourself for a stress free holidays.

For the past 8 years I’ve shared a printable Christmas Planner on day 1 of my Simply Christmas event. It’s always incredibly popular and that’s because using a planner is the perfect way to plan ahead and keep track of everything Christmas related.


Free 2017 printable Christmas planner in 2 sizes - download at Shabby Art Boutique


Yesterday I shared my 2017 Vintage Christmas Planner. It’s an A4 sized planner that can be used in a binder or on a clipboard.

The past couple of years I’ve designed a smaller A5 planner. I enjoy that size because it’s small enough to take with me when I’m shopping, but still big enough to have lots of pages.

I knew many of you would still prefer the smaller Christmas Planner, so I’ve re-released last years Christmas Planner with updated calendar pages.


A5 Printable 2017 Vintage Christmas Planner from Shabby Art Boutique


If you are new to this planner, it is in A5 format with 2 planner pages to one sheet of A4 paper. I use an A5 art journal as my base. These can be picked up at any stationery shop or art store quite cheaply.

I simply adhere the printed pages into the journal, along with ideas, recipes, catalogue clippings etc.

You can add planner clips, stickers and all kinds of embellishments, just like with any homemade planner.

If you’d prefer the smaller A5 2017 Christmas Planner, you can download it HERE.


Festive ‘homemade’ wishes


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  1. Thanks for offering both sizes this year!

  2. JaneEllen says:

    KerryAnne, you are so generous with your talents and time, bless you dear lady.. Think I will be using this smaller version when I go shopping, use bigger journal planner for home. Have already started to gather some small gifts and planning others and projects to make for gifts.
    We don’t get our Social Security until 2 days after Christmas and there will be 5 weeks between Nov.,and Dec. .pay days (groan)so making gifts will be entirely necessary, lol. Just hope the ink in my printer holds up. This time of year is big ink user. What a challenge working on making all our millions stretch. Our daughter who lives close by found out what it’s like to get paid once a month when she took her new job last year.
    So you can see how your planner will be such a wonderful help this year, lol.
    Have wonderful weekend and thank you so much for all you share so often.

  3. Thanks for this beautiful planner! I will be using the smaller .

  4. Mimi Hall says:

    thank you so much KerryAnn .It’s a great help for organizing the “TO Do” for the end of the year . You are very generous .
    Have a great and fun organization and happy holidays

  5. theresa forge says:

    Thank you so much for generously sharing your beautiful ideas and downloads! You will be making my holiday season much easier this year~

  6. Thank you to allow me to download your 2017 Christmas Planner. It is so easy; I am glad with it and love the pictures. I wish you a very merry Christmas, blessings and a very good 2018.

  7. Tracy Lyon-Woerner says:

    Absolutely beautiful, I cannot wait to use it. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your gorgeously shabby creations 🙂

  8. Jan in Oz says:

    Kerryanne , Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Christmas Planner. I love your depiction of a calmer, more serene life which is so relatable to my notion of Christmas. It will be such a pleasure to use it.
    Wishing you a happy and beautiful Christmas ⛄️

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