Handmade Christmas Cards

I’ve spent the first week of November making lists and planning.

Ahhh…. the fabulous To-Do list!!  It’s a time-honoured system that’s perfect in its simplicity. One can establish what needs to be done and in what order, write down the tasks, do them, and then, one-by-one, cross them out.

Following a To-Do list has been my Christmas strategy for many years now and keeps me stress free in the lead up to the ‘silly season’.


Vintage Christmas Planner to download free at Shabby Art Boutique


Of course, I’m using my printable vintage Christmas planner… have you download yours yet?

I’m well underway with my gift buying and Christmas prep this year, which is great because I’ve got some travel coming up before Christmas and I don’t want to be rushing around the shops last minute.

I was actually looking at a gift idea online a few days ago and noticed a sale at the store I was perusing. An hour and one coffee later and I had knocked off half of my gift list in one go…. yippee!! Throw into the mix free shipping and my goods arriving this week and I’m pretty pumped with my efforts so far.

Do you shop online? I’m finding I do it far more often now and enjoy the ease of comparing prices on my screen, no crowds to deal with and I can shop online at any time of day.


Vintage Christmas cards to download from Shabby Art Boutique


One of the things I’ve changed this year is the sending of cards. I’ve noticed that each year the number of cards we receive become less and less. I appreciate that times are changing, so I’ve decided to just send cards to a few people who I know appreciate a card and letter and also to those crafty friends and family who enjoy a handmade card.


Free vintage Christmas graphics to download from Shabby Art Boutique


I made a start on these cards yesterday.

I’m keeping them pretty simple and without layers, so I can post them…. just adding a little dusting of glass glitter and a piece of silk ribbon!

These first two designs are available for you to download and use too. You can download the printable graphics HERE.


Free vintage christmas graphics to download from Shabby Art Boutique

The other 2 cards are free printables for my Newsletter subscribers, so if you already receive my newsletter or you want to sign up now, they are available on my Subscribers download page.

How to make the cards:

Materials – affiliate links provided for the products I used.

Note: The graphics are sized for standard purchased square cards of 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm (5.5” x 5.5”). I used these Kaisercraft square cards. You should also be able to pick them up at most scrapbooking/papercraft stores.


1. Download the printable to your own computer. Print on matt photo paper using the highest quality option on your printer.

2. Trim the graphic to fit the size of your card.

3. Apply a thin layer of white glue onto your card and another thin layer on the back of your graphic. We do this so that the graphic can be moved around into the right position before pressing into place. If you only apply glue on one surface and don’t get your graphic lined up correctly, you won’t be able to reposition it. Gently smooth printed photo paper out using a squeegee or old credit card, removing any bubbles or creases.

4. I’ve added a dusting of German Glass Glitter and a pretty silk ribbon, tied through the card to finish it off. If you are giving the card with a gift and not needing to post it, you could add dimensional embellishments to the front of the card.

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Free to download - these printable vintage Christmas graphics will make beautiful handmade cards - Visit Shabby Art Boutique to download

Happy festive crafting


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  1. Such sweet images Kerryanne – thank you for sharing.
    Postal costs are become a major headache these days and here in the UK the cost doesn’t even ensure a decent service. I not keep my Christmas cards that need posting to a minimum and try to take the opportunity to visit friends/family to hand deliver wherever possible.
    These cards are lovely.
    Toni xx

    • It’s pretty much the same here too Toni. I’m putting more effort into making pretty tags for gifts and sending less cards. I hope you enjoy these Christmas graphics xx

  2. Sorry, didn’t check the predictive text…oops. Should read “are becoming” and “I now keep”.
    Toni xx

  3. Shirley Flavell says:

    Love these. Thank you.

  4. I love your blog. It’s always fresh, colourful and absolutely gorgeous. My only issue is there is no “pin” button in order to save instructions and information. I find I have less time to write everything out and make rough drawings to illustrate (for my ref.) the steps. Is there a reason why it can’t be pinned? Unsubscribing is not something I want to do. Thank you. Barb

    • Hi Barb,
      I’m sorry you are experiencing a problem with my blog. I’m afraid I don’t really understand why you can’t PIN. Every single image on my blog has a PIN it button on it which you can click on to save to Pinterest. Alternatively, you can right click and pin from your drop down menu. For instructions that you want to save to your computer you can copy and paste to a word document or use the ‘Snip It’ tool. My images are being pinned daily, so the PIN tool is still working… are you having an issue on any other blogs?

  5. Beautiful as always, Kerryanne. Why am I not surprised 🙂 I love your creativity. You’re such a talented lady. I culled my Christmas card list last year as I arrived home from a holiday well in to December. From the cards I received, and didn’t receive, my list is now a shorter one. I like to put a personalised, meaningful message in each card, so a shorter list is welcome. In doing so I find it heartwarming to think for a while on the recipient of the card. It adds to the spirit of my Christmas. Enjoy the merry making 💗

    • As an old fashioned letter writer, I mourn theses last days of the Christmas card too Mary. I know that technology gives us new ways to keep in touch and most now use social media and emails to wish loved ones far away a Merry Christmas, but I also loved receiving Christmas mail and displaying the cards in my home. I was guilty this past year or two of getting my cards out later than I’d liked due to work commitments, so made a big effort to get them done early this year and ready to post for December 1st. Chat soon sweetie xx

  6. Dear Kerryanne:
    I cannot seem to download and print two of the beautiful cards. I got the angels and Santa in pink, but I cannot get the other two. What am I doing wrong?

    Love, Linda

    • Hi Linda, as I explained in the post, 2 cards were available to download directly from this post and the other 2 cards were a free download for my Newsletter Subscribers and available on the secret download page. I’m pretty sure you are already a newsletter subscriber Linda and would have received the newsletter this week with the link to the download. If you art not already subscribed, click on this link http://madmimi.com/signups/141706/join to join and get access to my freebie printables. I hope you enjoy making these cards sweetie. I had such fun making them and who doesn’t love sprinkling a little glitter at Christmas xx

  7. Hi Kerryanne thankyou so much for all of these adorable printables you have showered us with . My Christmas gifts are coming out of my kitchen again this year and your little tags will be just perfect, once again thankyou very much…Xxx

    • Oooo Lindi…. you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve just designed new tags for home baked and home made gifts. They’ll be on my blog in the coming weeks. I hope they will be perfect for your baked goodies. How lovely to receive home made gifts… they are my most favourite. Something small given with love xx

  8. So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Hi Kerryanne,
    Thank you so much for gifting these beautiful images!
    I realy, realy love them!!!

  10. I love getting Christmas cards nearly as much as I love sending them so these was an extra special treat. Thank you! My tree this year had vintage shabby chic written all over it so these were to perfect. It’s like you read my mind! I had mine professionally printed because I love the couple who run our local small town print shop and want to make sure they stay around. They turned out lovely. I added ribbon and lace to each along with a handwritten note. I just can’t quite pull away from this incredibly thoughtful tradition of sending cards at the holidays.. my way of saying.. you’re in my thoughts and cared about. I know each card I get in the post makes me feel special and loved. Yes, it’s extra effort at a very busy time of year but given it’s been a tightly held tradition for hundreds of years.. there must be some value in it. I think anyway.

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