DIY – Shabby Brown Paper Bag Pockets

Hey there,

Come on in and pull up a seat. I thought you might like to sit awhile here in my creative space with me today.

I’m working on a little ‘quickie’ craft project that might interest you too.


In the craft room at Shabby Art Boutique


What I love about this kind of project is that you use what you have on hand. No fancy tools or products needed.

It’s great for using up scraps, free printables and die-cuts etc.

So what am I making today… it’s an easy brown paper bag pocket for a thank you gift.


DIY - brown paper bag pockets by Shabby Art Boutique. Click now to see full tutorial or pin for later.


These pockets double as a pretty giftwrap and hold-it-all.

See how I’ve popped the handmade card in the back…. no need for an envelope that would hide the beautiful card.

There’s room in the pockets for smallish packages and gift cards, money wallets, event tickets etc.



  • Nearly everyone has brown paper lunch bags in their kitchen, but if you don’t, they cost next to nothing.
  • A selection of scrap papers or fabric scraps,
  • Pretty embellishments – ribbons, lace, cut-outs/ die cuts, buttons, flowers etc.
  • Sewing machine to sew the side seams of your pocket.

DIY - brown paper bag pockets by Shabby Art Boutique. Click now to see full tutorial or pin for later.



Start by placing your bag with the closed end at the top. Fold the open end upwards so that it forms a pocket. My bag now measures 20 cm wide x 16 cm high. There are two pockets; one formed by folding the bag in two and a second one where the bag normally opens.

I cut a strip of scrapbooking paper to fit the front of the pocket. To keep it in place before I stitched it down, I used a little double sided tape.

To decorate the front of my pocket, I’ve used some embellishments I had left over from an old Tilda Paper pad. I played around with the placements first and then decided to glue the aqua banner and pink ric-rac in place before sewing the seams.


DIY - brown paper bag pockets by Shabby Art Boutique. Click now to see full tutorial or pin for later.


Using a sewing machine, stitch the pocket along the side seams and the base.

Finally, adhere the remaining embellishments. I cut out a flower from a piece of scrapbooking paper, but it could have easily been a handmade flower or a big bow etc.

That’s it… so simple and whipped up in the time it took to drink my coffee.

All that’s left to do is fill the pockets with goodies and I have a sweetly wrapped token gift for a crafty friend.

Wondering what to put in the pockets? The rear pocket can easily hold any of the following: a couple of fat quarters, button cards, a tag wrapped with ribbon, a block of Lindt chocolate, gift cards to a favourite fabric store or day spa.


DIY - brown paper bag pockets by Shabby Art Boutique. Click now to see full tutorial or pin for later.

I love pretty wrapped gifts… don’t you?

Happy crafting my friends,

Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Looking for a little something to pop into your brown paper bag pocket?

How about one of my printable embroidery floss organisers.

Shabby Art Boutique -free printables for Embroidery Floss Organsiers. Click now for full tutorial or pin for later


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  1. Shirley Flavell says:

    Thank you so much for a lovely idea. These are delightful.

  2. JaneEllen says:

    You always present us with the prettiest and wonderful projects to make, hope you know how much your talents and creativity are appreciated. Love every one of your projects and hope I will do them justice.
    We lost our 22 yr. old grandson last Wed. afternoon, I need to keep busy as am having very hard time of it. Is long unpleasant situation regarding our dil, caused more heartache from losing him. But I try to remember he’s not suffering any more, that is most important aspect, hard to keep that in mind some times but do try. So all your beautiful projects will help me to heal I hope.
    Don’t work too hard, have some fun and enjoy your life I hope, you sure deserve it. Happy daze Kerryanne

  3. Such a lovely idea and so pretty.
    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you share.
    Toni xx

  4. very cute idea also very pretty and I would love to recieve this for a gift even
    now if I just had the time to play in my studio to make some

  5. Perfect timing as I needed an idea for creative packaging for a small gift. Thanks so much!

  6. This is a wonderful project, and it’s so fun to see glimpses of your inspiring crafting space!

  7. Now that’s cuteness…Thanks..:)

  8. Oh Goodness, this is so CUTE!!

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