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Hey there shabbilicious friends,

I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend. I’m back today all inspired after having some much needed time in my craft room over the weekend.

Getting my hands dirty and dipping into the craft supplies certainly gets my creative juices flowing!



I know I’ve said it here before… but I’ll say it again anyway,

A gift for me is as much about the wrapping as it is about the goodies inside.

I dipped into my embellishment stash yesterday to pretty up a small box that is being sent to a friend.

It started as a plain white cardboard box…



But using just a few crafting supplies I was able to transform the box from a ‘Plain Jane’ (no offence to anyone named Jane) into a parcel almost too pretty to open.

What’s more, nearly all the embellishments were made from scraps!



What I used:

– 1 sheet of scrapbooking paper (mine was a piece of Tilda paper), cut to fit the width and perimeter of the box,

– A ripped piece of vintage book paper,

– Lace and seam binding ribbon,

– A cut-out doily medallion,

– Handmade felt heart pin,

– Handmade felt rose,

– Handmade crochet mini flowers,

– A mix of Tilda cut-outs from a décor set.



I love these kind of free crafting, no rules kind of projects.

After gathering supplies and possible embellishments, I simply started with a base, in this case, the decorative paper and built it up layer by layer.

While this example is a small box, it could just have easily been a gift tag or card.


Over the next few days I’m going to share with you some tutorials for making a stock pile of pretty embellishments for use on cards, tags and gift wrappings.



Happy crafting,



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  1. What an adorable way to decorate a gift. Beautiful box Kerryanne.
    Toni xx

  2. A present in itself and a gift wrapped in love and shabbilicious. Too beautiful. xo

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! 🙂

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!! This is a work of art in itself. I wouldn’t want to part with it and if I was the recipient, I wouldn’t want to open it for fear of messing this beautiful and creative wrapping! Pretty in Pink!

  5. JaneEllen says:

    Did you plan how you decorate gift box or just use at random what you had available? That’s how I domany projects. It seems if I plan it goes awry very quickly as I see other things that feel as tho they would work better. I am a very spontaneous crafter, always have been and tnose spontaneous projects turn out better than others have planned. I might have idea from looking at something in a magazine or on here but rarely stay on point, what I see merely gives me a nudge what I can or might do.

    Do I sound like a cuckoo? Drives hubs crazy as he has to plan and stay with it, I just can’t, can be in middle of what am making to change direction/idea altogether.
    Consequently we get into arguments how things are to be made if he’s doing cutting out for me. What can I say?
    Can hardly wait to see what you will have us making in next post. I love to make batches of things to have so can grab as I go. That’s why my craft area is always a mess. Enjoy rest of your week I do so love your exquisite blog Kerryanne and what you do.
    My own Mother called me plain Jane

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