DIY ~ Vintage 3 Pocket Storage Hanger

I’m always looking for fun ways to store things in my creative space that are both visually inspiring and useful.

I think this pretty three pocket hanger made with vintage doilies and scraps of natural fabrics meets the requirement perfectly.


Shabby Art Boutique vintage 3 pocket storage tutorial



6” Rusty hanger,

Vintage doilies in a variety of sizes,

Assorted natural coloured fabrics – I used thick cotton, muslin, calico and tulle.

Assorted natural coloured ribbons and trims,


Normal sewing supplies,

Reynolds freezer paper,

Computer and colour printer.



Shabby Art Boutique Vintage Storage



Printing: I used the the graphics below on my pockets – this is entirely optional. I printed these on to a piece of calico and then cut them out.

Download the graphic sheet from HERE. If you are printing your own fabric panel, take a piece of calico measuring 31 cm x 22 cm and iron a piece of Reynolds Freezer paper to it (glossy side down). Trim the paper backed fabric to A4 size. Insert the paper backed fabric in your printer and print the graphics sheet. As this is a vintage look, I kept my printer setting the same as for normal printing.



Start by cutting your backing fabric.

The main panel measures 12 cm wide x 36 cm long.

The three pockets measure 12 cm wide x 8 cm high.

I used a scrap piece of drop cloth as I liked the heavier weight, but you could use any kind of natural coloured fabric.

All the fabric edges in this project are left raw and frayed for that time worn look.


  Shabby Art Boutique vintage 3 pocket storage tutorial 2


Choose a doily for the background. I used a crochet, off white runner and simply trimmed to fit the backing panel. Notice I left a little turnover on the top, for no other reason than it added a little texture and interest.

The edging of another doily was cut up for use as the bottom border.

Remember to lay out all your pieces before constructing your hanger.


When you are happy with your fabric choice, sew the doilies to the backing fabric using matching cotton and with your machine set to straight stitch.

I added two little hanging loops at the top using 2 pieces of cotton lace, each measuring 3 cm long.

Fold each piece of lace in half and sew to backing. My hanging loops are set 1.5 cm in from the outside edge.

I also added a little piece of fabric measuring tape trim to the top of my hanger for added interest. I liked that it was slightly darker, added interest with the black printing and was in keeping with the theme of my hanger.

Tape like this can be picked up at haberdasheries, scrapbooking supplies and often where sewing supplies are sold. I attached the tape to the hanger using iron on hemming tape.


Shabby Art Boutique vintage 3 pocket storage tutorial 3


The pockets were constructed in the same way as the backing piece.

I cut a fancy doily up so I had 3 pieces that fit over my backing fabric for the pockets. I left all the edges raw and thready. I sewed each of these doily pieces to their pocket backing with a straight stitch around the edge.

I cut each graphic from the printed panel and removed some of the threads from around the edge for a frayed effect. I then ripped a piece of white muslin to go behind each of the 3 graphics. The muslin was slightly bigger so the ripped edges would be obvious.

Start by laying out all you pieces and make smaller groupings that work well together.

I wanted my project to be aged looking and have a time worn appeal, so no exact measurements were used. When I was happy with the groupings and their placements, I started sewing down each element.



When you have completed all 3 of your pockets, position them on your backing panel and sew along the side and bottom edges to fix in place.

All that is left to do is to add an embellishment at the top. I used a piece of tea stained silk ribbon tied in a bow and attached with a small rhinestone button. Please use what you have available . . . maybe a cream flower, a pretty vintage button or even a vintage brooch. Just have fun with it.



The printable graphics for this project are available to download HERE.

This is one of those projects that will be completely different for each person, so these instructions are intended as a starting point for your very own creative piece.

Happy crafting


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  1. Such a pretty piece of storage Kerryanne. Decorative as well as being very useful – TFS.
    Toni xx

  2. So so nice ! Just a little piece of art. Love it so much
    xoxo from PARIS where spring forgets us (rain and wind)

  3. I am swooning over your beautiful lacilicious pocket display hanger. Anything creative that also allows for more display/storage space is truly divine. Creative Lace Bliss…

  4. JaneEllen says:

    You are so generous to share so many of your incredible creations with us. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your talent and generosity. I have so many wonderful things to make now, will keep me busy for quite a while. Will be making my sewing room pretty. I tend to neglect it and dump things in it when I run out of room but this will make me want to keep it much nicer. I bought as new sewing machine few months ago and have hardly used it, shame on me. I do love to sew. Have several things around our house I’ve made since reading blog posts that inspired me so much.
    . Thank you so much for all these wonderful projects. Can hardly wait to get started. Wish I could meet you to thank you in person. One of my biggest wishes is to visit Australia. I was senior companion to a lady from Brisbane I think, she shared a gorgeous coffee table book with me of Brisbane. made me drool. Have read several books about Australia also, some about Australia many years ago. I’d so love to see all those things myself. The blue mountains was some place nobody had been yet til I read the story. I could almost see them. If I can’t go somewhere at least books let me travel in my imagination, isn’t that part of reason people write books? I tend to get so involved in story and characters.
    Hope you have wonderful week. THx again.

  5. I can’t tell you how adorable, lovely, beautiful everything you do is so Shabby Chic, and I am thrilled whenever I get email from you, not only are you too generous, because you could get a nice price for the items you have freely given to us. Thank you again for all you do in the name of SHABBY CHIC!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE EMAILS FROM YOU!!!!

  6. I love all your shabby chicness. Thank you for all the free printables. I have bought some inkjet paper backed fabric. I have been saving it for some special downloads just like these.So thanks again .

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