Choc Mint Balls in just 10 minutes

Those of us who like to cook always have our quick ‘Go To’ recipes.

They are usually a ‘never fail’ or ‘easy to make’ recipe that we can whip up quickly and look like we have it all together in the kitchen department when guests arrive… (even if we don’t).

I generally make from scratch, but this recipe uses store brought items that make this a super quick recipe to make…. even the kids can make this for you!

This is my never fail choc mint balls/roll recipe… it was kind of a secret until now.

Shabby Art Boutique - Choc Mint Balls in just 10 minutes


It’s one of those versatile recipes that can be made either as balls or as a roll that you slice up to serve.

Here’s the best part… it uses only 3 main ingredients!


Shabby Art Boutique - Choc Mint Balls in just 10 minutes 1


When I make it, I like to roll it in coconut, but that is optional.


Family block (220 grams) of peppermint flavored chocolate,

250 gram packet of Choc Ripple biscuits,

Condensed Milk – approximately 1/2 can of 395 gram can.

Shredded Coconut (optional).

Condensed Milk and Choc Ripple biscuits are a staple in my pantry, but you could easily substitute the biscuits for any other kind of chocolate flavored biscuit.

Shabby Art Boutique - Choc Mint Balls in just 10 minutes 2


I have a Thermomix, so I literally make this mix in just 30 seconds, but you can also use a food processor.

Start by crushing the choc biscuits in the food processor.

Next, crush peppermint chocolate… my favourite part of this recipe!


Shabby Art Boutique - Choc Mint Balls in just 10 minutes 3


Mix the crushed biscuit and chocolate together in the food processor.

Stir in enough condensed milk to moisten – (I find about 1/3 to 1/2 a can is adequate).

Roll mixture either in balls or in a log roll and cover in coconut (optional).

Refrigerate until firm.


Shabby Art Boutique - Choc Mint Balls in just 10 minutes 4

I alternate between the balls and the roll, depending on the occasion.

The balls are nice as an after dinner mint and the roll looks lovely sliced up and served on a nice china plate for an afternoon tea.

Either way, they are always delicious.


For other quick and easy ‘Go To’ recipes, please visit my Tutorials page.


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  1. Mmmm yummy. Don’t know if that chocolate would make it into the balls I might be tempted to eat it first.

    • Kerryanne says:

      Someone has to be the taste tester Alison… just in case the chocolate isn’t up to standard!!! lol

  2. Mmmmmm, they look yummy. Thank you for sharing your secret recipe.
    Funny thing, although Cadbury originated here in the UK I don’t recall ever seeing a mint chocolate bar…still, I’m sure we have something similar that can be used – must give this a go.
    Toni xx

    • Kerryanne says:

      I think you could probably try it with any flavour Toni. Although I’ve always made it with the peppermint, I’m going to try the Turkish Delight block in the next batch.
      Enjoy xx

  3. Hi Kerryanne. Thanks for the recipe. I have one son who loves to make choc balls (truffles). I’m sure he is going to love these!

  4. We are definitely going to be making these. Whatever recipes that involved condensed milk is my favorite recipe. i bet I can make these into lollipops too. Thank you, Kerryanne!

  5. This is the best thre-ingredients recipe I have ever seen!!! I’ll give it a try for sure although I’m not sure if my balls will look so nice:-) thx for sharing 🙂 hugs!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your secret recipe with us, Kerryanne. How delicious. With chocolate involved, how could it be anything but 🙂 and with the added bonus of mint, my favourite flavour. Guess what I’ll be buying at the supermarket today? Perfect cold weather comfort food. xo

  7. Hi there do you think these could be made ahead of time and frozen?

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