Cream and white delight

I’ve done something today that some of you may consider. . . unthinkable.
I delved into my vintage button collection. . . and used about 100 of them.
But before anyone has heart flutters, think of it this way. . .
Instead of storing them in a bottle, they are now on a hanging ball and I can still see them every day.
Pssst. . . I’ll let you in on a secret. . .
Come a bit closer. . . I actually have quite a few more bottles of vintage white and cream buttons on the button shelf!
Now let me tell you how you can make your own vintage button ball. You’ll need a polystyrene ball (any size), I used quite a large one. I painted my ball with one coat of DecoArt Antique White to give it a nice warm patina behind the buttons. It doesn’t matter if the paint is not opaque.
I used some pretty crinkled, tea stained ribbon for a vintage look hanger. If you’d like to make your own, check out Lori’s tutorial over at Katie’s Rose Cottage on how she makes her vintage look ribbon.


Tip: I’ve found the easiest way to work with styrene balls is to rest them in a cup so they can’t roll.


Using a hot glue gun, attach your ribbon hanger and start adding buttons side-by-side. Fill any gaps by layering buttons. I also added a few highlight buttons using pretty pearl sewing pins.



At the base of my ball I added a large 1” diameter button. It acts like a stand to hold my ball upright so it won’t roll around if placed on a flat surface.


So there you have it. . . a beautiful vintage cream and white delight.



Well, I guess now that I’m one bottle of buttons down, I’ll have to go thrifting again this week to re-stock!! [smile]




I’ll be partying this week with these fun gals. Come along and see what other creative projects are on offer
Creative hugs ~ Kerryanne


  1. Oh I like that very much! Perfect way to admire your pretties throughout the day…love it and love the idea that you have to go thrifting again.
    Kiss NOises Linda

  2. Hey Kerryanne! What is it about pretty buttons that catch out eye … perhaps its because we all have ADOP … “Attention Deficit … Oh! Pretty!” Tee! Hee! Hee! Lovely new way to display some of your special buttons and … YES … I think it’s a perfect excuse to go thrifting again … as if we ever need excuses! Tee! Hee! Hee! Have fun – Bear Hugs! KRIS

  3. ooooooooooooo very lovely indeed..
    so do not know if I could ever part with that many special buttons…
    maybe I need some more??
    maybe I have enough already??
    maybe I do not have enough buttons though…
    ooooooooooooooooooooooo.. I think I will make one now…
    love love love it.
    need it
    wanna marry it.

  4. gorgeous Kerryanne.xx

  5. this is gorgeous i love it, it would be great if you have the time to link up over at

  6. Super ideas Kerryanne, we use buttons all the time and really there is so much more we can do with them, as you have just shown us. Really nice.
    best wishes Julie.C x

  7. Absolutly great idea !!!!
    Have a nice day !
    Mirevan from Chambéry

  8. So pretty Kerryann! Love your vintage buttons and you’re right – better to see them all the time!

  9. I love it. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. Blessings, Colleen

  10. Оригинально и красиво…

  11. I just love the vintage buttons. Where did you get them? The ball is lovely. Such a great way to showcase your collection. I am a new Twitter follower visiting from Making the World Cuter. Vicky from Mess For Less

  12. What a lovely way to display those beautiful buttons.

    Toni xx

    • Your button ball came out gorgeous! I used buttons this way on glass Christmas ornaments and love them so much I display them in my craft studio. And, like you, I still have jars full of buttons. Lovely project, well done!

  13. It sure is cute! Love the ribbon too!

  14. Gorgeous Kerryanne, I love it and I have quite a stash of vintage buttons myself, what a great idea to have them all on display! Hope you are well, I haven’t been around much lately!!

  15. Beautiful!!

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