Shabbilicious Sunday – Sandy Foster’s Tiny House

Hello friends… it’s time for Shabbilicious Sunday again.

Each week in this series I share with you a visit to a home of one of our ‘shabbilicious’ friends.

Today we are off to visit a ‘tiny house’ all dressed up for Christmas.


Shabbilicious Sunday features Sandy Foster of My Shabby Streamside Studio on Shabby Art Boutique.


Back in 2013 I had the extreme pleasure of featuring Sandy Foster’s gorgeous ‘tiny house’ in the first Christmas issue of my Simply Shabbilicious magazine.

It was 12 months after Sandy had stopped writing her blog My Shabby Streamside Studio and two years after fire destroyed her unfinished home (not her tiny house). Sandy has been through a lot in her life, but out of it all came this magical dream to build her very own 125 square foot Victorian studio.


My Shabby Streamside Studio by Sandy Foster is featured on Shabbilicious Sunday. Click now to visit Shabby Art Boutique for this story and a link to the free magazine.


Set in the Catskill Mountains of New York, Sandy built this tiny house single handed… everything from lugging every piece of lumber, door and nail across the creek to doing the electrical wiring.


The tiny house built by Sandy Foster as featured on Shabbilicious Sunday. Click now to visit Shabby Art Boutique for more beautiful image sof Sandy's home and to get yoru free copy of the  magazine.


Let’s step inside and take a look around this tiny beauty…


The beautiful tiny house that Sandy Foster built for My Shabby Streamside Studio


Chandelier in the tiny house built by Sandy Foster as featured on Shabilicious Sunday


My Shabby Streamside Studio - Sandy Foster featured on Shabbilicious Sunday


Shabbilicious Sunday features My Shabby Streamside Studio


Sandy prefers a soft and feminine touch for Christmas in pastel shades of pink and aqua.


Nt Shabby Streamside Studio by Sandy Foster as featured on Shabbilicious Sunday


Christmas tree at My Shabby Streamside Studio


Christmas in Sandy Fosters Tiny house at My Shabby Streamside Studio


Sandy’s tips for achieving this beautiful look are simple… buy handmade and salvage!


My Shabby Streamside Studio on Shabbilicious Sunday


Christmas gift from My Shabby Streamside Studio


My Shabby Streamside Studio - Sandy - featured on Shabbilicious Sunday


You can read more about Sandy’s beautiful white Victorian cottage in this free issue of my Simply Shabbilicious magazine.

Free to read online, Simply Shabbilicious magazine. Also available to purchase as a printed copy. Visit Shabby Art Boutique for all the details.


Although Sandy no longer writes on her blog, it is still worth a visit to My Shabby Streamline Studio to read back through her beautiful online journal.

Shabbilicious Sunday Series - every week at Shabby Art Boutique

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Happy Sunday my friends,

Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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  1. Love love love Sandy’s tiny home. Just swooning. Every inch of this is pure bliss. I could just live right there.
    Love this series KerryAnne. Thanks for sharing with us again this week.
    Happy New Week.

    • Kerryanne says:

      I know Kris… I’m swooning too!! Every woman should have a ‘she’ shed as beautiful as this. Thanks for your support sweetie. Hugs xx

  2. Love it!


  4. The prettiest tiny house I’ve ever seen!

  5. I love Sandy’s beautiful little charmer Kerryanne! So fun to see it again!

  6. I have loved Sandy’s scrumptious tiny house ever since I first saw it in a magazine and of course in your lovely Shabillicious Christmas issue. Her creation struck a chord with so many people. Do you know if this serene and gorgeous place still exists? I understood there was a fire, a divorce and Sandy went to law school. What a waste! Her gift is design. Thanks for showing us this unforgettable place again. Love, Linda

  7. I’ve seen this house a few times and think itthe most fantastic dream house ever!! Thanks for showing it.

  8. I saw this tiny house long ago and admired it. I still think of it often and wonder if Sandy will return. I can only hope.

  9. Wow, I’m impressed! Don’t we all have an urge to simplify our loves into something tiny sometimes? I know I do. Sandy has done it so beautifully. I love the dreamy look of her whole place!

  10. Lisa Albrecht says:

    Hi there. So happy to have found your page. I am obsessed with Sandy’s tiny Victorian she shed. My husband is planning on building me a replica one on our property in rural San Diego East County. I am saddened as just today I read about the fire and Sandys unfinished house back in 2012. I have been searching for Sandy online or on a web page or Facebook and cannot find her. Is she anywhere on social media? I feel so bad for her and want to support her.

    And I love your Shabbylicious and Shanny Art.

    Lisa Albrecht

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