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Hi there friends,

Yesterday I shared with you why it is okay to do the occasional ‘log off, shut down and refuel’, as I have just recently done.

Just getting the chance to stop and breathe again and getting re-organised is a huge benefit.

Another thing I found beneficial was designing a new daily planner sheet.


Organise your day with this free printabel daily planner from Shabby Art Boutique.


This daily worksheet is very specific to my own needs and allows me to plan the day and tick tasks off my list…. [you already know I’m a huge list girl]… and I can see at a glance where I’m at.


This is how I use my daily planner to organise my day and see tasks at a glance. It's a free printable from Shabby Art Boutique


My mini break away from online life coincided with some self care measures also, so my daily planner has space for my water intake, menu planning, meditation and exercise.

Of course there is the usual daily schedule, work/blog related tasks, notes and a space for a daily positive affirmation of gratitude note.

I guess it is a planner that is aimed at mind, body and soul.


Gorgeous GreenGate tea cup from Shabby Art Boutique in Australia.


Segmenting my days into manageable slots and being accountable for how long I spend online and working on particular tasks, has afforded me more ‘ME’ time… and that is a definite plus!


This laminated daily planner is a free printable from Shabby Art Boutique.


I have laminated this daily planner worksheet (as I do with most of my planner pages), which means I can write on it with a white board marker and erase at the end of each day. I use a small squirt of isopropyl alcohol spray to wipe clean.

The back of the page is blank, so I can add other notes on that side too, if need be.

Although this daily planner is relevant to my own needs, I thought there may be some of you out there that would find this page beneficial for your own use too, so I’ve made it available as a free printable.

You can download from HERE.

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This daily planner worksheet is a free printable from Shabby Art Boutique. It specifically allocates blocks for shcedules, a positive affirmation, food and water intake, meditation/yoga and exercise and online needs. Perfect daily planner for mind, body and soul. Laminate and reuse every day with a whiteboard marker. Visit Shabby Art Boutique to download this free printable.

Maybe this page will inspire you to make a daily planner that is specific to your own needs.

Have you downloaded my other planner pages?

You will find most of them HERE.


Shabby Art Boutique has a years worth of free printables for their 2016 vintage planner and calendar. Download dozens of free printables to create your own planner and organise your life into one handy to store folder.


Happy crafting,



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  1. Thank you for sharing this very useful page.
    Toni xx

  2. Thank YOU KerryAnne for sharing yet another great page for our planner. I love the planner you designed and it makes me smile whenever I use it. Now which is going to be everyday…so this page makes it possible…TY TY TY. :))))) Hugs and smiles to you, JoeyAnn
    PS…Happy to read that you are taking care of yourself and less online time. You need that!!! We ALL do!!!

  3. KerryAnne this is so pretty and so well thought out! I love it. Sharing on Facebook. 🙂

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