Easter Chocolate Bark

With just a week until my family arrives for the Easter break, I’ve started preparing a few eats for the festivities.

Whenever our family get together food becomes a focal point.

We love cooking and inevitably end up hanging out in the kitchen… which is a tad cozy in our current small kitchen… but it is fun none-the-less.


Easter Chocolate Bark by Shabby Art Boutique


Today I prepared this little Easter teaser to have with coffee in the lead up to the Easter holiday.

Chocolate Bark is is so super quick and easy to make and only uses 2 ingredients.



I made my bark using a 300 gram block of white chocolate and one packet of candy coated mini eggs (from Aldi).

Start by melting your chocolate – microwave or stovetop.

I added a couple of drops of red food colouring to the melted chocolate to turn it pink (optional).



Next, pour the chocolate out onto a tray lined with a piece of silicon paper and sprinkle with crushed chocolate eggs.

Note: to crush the eggs, I tapped them lightly with my rolling pin to break them up.

Pop the tray into the fridge for 30 minutes to set the chocolate.



For some added decadence… because one can never have too much chocolate at Easter… I melted some milk chocolate and drizzled it over the top. Yummy!!

To serve, you can either break up the bark in shards or as I did, slice up into triangle wedges.

I’m sure this will be delicious served with coffee.


Store leftovers in an airtight container.

I’m kidding… as if there will be leftovers!!


Happy Easter ~ Kerryanne


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  1. This looks totally yummy Kerryanne.
    Toni xx

  2. Rabbit season, chocolate season 🙂 Yummo! xo

  3. Thanks Kerryanne need to try this for sure looks awesome..:)

  4. As a non-chocolate eater for 30 years, I just have to say that this is the cutest concoction I’ve seen in a while and I hope all the chocolate lovers enjoy this delightful looking treat. Love your blog.

  5. your bark looks yummy.!! Thank you for sharing have a Blessed Easter.

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