A special for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day nearly upon us…

It’s the perfect time to talk about Mum’s… and in particular, Mumpreneurs.


mothers day


‘Mumpreneurs’ or ‘kitchen table tycoons’ are the buzz phrases to describe women who set up their own businesses from home, while also being a stay-at-home-mothers.

It’s a market that is growing rapidly… and no wonder…

Internet selling and social media has made it even easier to master.


Back in 2012 I wrote my first eBook, The Creative Mumpreneur, in celebration of my 20th year of having my own Mumpreneur business.

Initially the idea to write a book came about following the numerous enquires I received from other crafters. They wanted to know things like; how did I get my business started; how did I balance working from home with motherhood… and lots of other technical stuff that you need for a home business.

I knew there must be lots of other mums out there that were ready to take the plunge and take their part time hobby from the kitchen table to creative business.

So I sat down and started writing… and writing… 100 pages in all.

In the book I shared all the knowledge I have gained from having my own creative business for 20 years…. the good, the bad… and the downright ugly!!

I shared the simple recipe for building a business in easy ‘mum speak’. I shared some must know ‘secrets’ that others try to keep to themselves and gave practical advice for running a work-at-home business and juggling family life.

Most of all, I hoped that my book could be both an insightful and inspiring tool for other mums wanting to start their own business, while raising their children.

Since then many hundreds of copies have been read and put into practice all over the world. So it doesn’t matter if you say ‘Mom’ or ‘Mum’…. if you are a mother and you want to earn some extra income while being a stay-at-home-mother, this book will get you on your way!


In celebration of Mother’s Day this week, I’d like to offer

The Creative Mumpreneur eBook at half price for one week.


Shabby Art Boutique - The Creative Mumpreneur book special


I followed my heart… and it lead me on a wondrous journey.

If just one mum is inspired to give it a go, then I’ll be so thrilled.

So… if you have the dream that makes your heart beat with joy… and you are ready to take your creativity to a new level, then it’s time to put all your efforts into working for yourself instead of someone else and bring your Mumpreneur dreams to life.

Take advantage of the $5 special and let me show you how. For more information, visit my eBook page at my Boutique.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums!!


  1. Kerryanne, you have always amazed me at how well you juggle work and family. The glimpses into your home have always given a feel of a cherished family place and yet clearly show the creative side of you too. I remember how excited you were to launch your ‘mumpreneur’ book and I’m so glad that it has been enjoyed by so many folk.
    Mothering Sunday was at the end of March here in the UK so I tend to forget that most other countries have theirs in May. I hope you have a very enjoyable Mother’s Day.
    Toni xx

  2. What an inspiration you are!

  3. Kerryanne, your generosity always amazes me. Thank you so very much. Happy Mother’s Day to you! hugs, Mary Beth

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