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My name is Kerryanne and I am the artist/designer at the Woodberry Designs Studio and behind the brand Shabby Art Boutique.

My home studio is in a beautiful coastal town in New South Wales, Australia. I live here with my husband of 25 years, our two daughters and my studio buddy Milly.

I’m an old fashioned apron wearing girl, who’s attempting to put the homemade and home baked back into everyday living… with a big dash of creativity thrown in too. I love all things shabby, vintage, cottage and farmhouse and started my working life as an interior designer and visual merchandiser.

Back in 2002, I opened my own studio and have been self employed ever since. I often get asked why my business has two names… the reason is quite simple, I do many different things as an artist and Woodberry Designs is my business and studio name. The Shabby Art Boutique shop and blog is just one facet of that business.

I strive to live a simple, relaxed and balanced life. I try to be mindful and find inner peace with walks on the beach, yoga and meditation. I’m passionate about creativity and find inspiration in all facets of my life. I believe happiness comes when you find what is perfect for you in your life…. and I’m lucky enough to have found that bliss.

Thank you for visiting the Shabby Art Boutique.