How I Switched On My Creativity

2017 was a chaotic year for me…. selling a business, moving interstate, moving house, heaps of travelling…. and lots of new beginnings!

It’s not surprising that I cart wheeled into the Christmas period feeling exhausted and creatively drained.

So, I knew I needed a little something over the holiday period to help me rejuvenate and rebalance; ready for what I feel will be an exciting year ahead.


Stay-cation at Shabby Art Boutique


Escaping to a tropical paradise was exactly what I needed to recharge my creative batteries.

I found an ‘art retreat’ that was quiet and secluded.

There I indulged in a series of daily meditations that helped me connect more fully with my heart and soul. Also there was dreamy yoga sessions with mind, body and spirit benefits, healthy clean eating and time to simply appreciate peace, rest and relaxation. Then the fun really started when the art supplies came out!




The best part about this retreat….. I didn’t need to leave home to enjoy it!!

It’s true….

I took a fabulous stay-cation right here in my own backyard, surrounded by lush vegetation in the middle of a balmy, tropical Australian summer.


eat retreat


I recognised the need to ‘get-away’ and take time out from all the busyness of everyday life, so basically I just switched off from the outside world for 10 days and treated my home like a wellness centre and artist retreat all rolled into one. And of course, a combination of switching off devises, self-care practices and art exploration opened the floodgates of creativity.



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I’m trying to ease myself back into the real world this week, but I’m also enthusiastic to hang onto some of this creative energy, so I’ve signed up for a yearlong mixed media art class organised by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.

The course is called Life Book…. if you are also doing Lifebook in 2018 or you decide to sign up for it, please let me know, so we can support and encourage each other.


LB2018header-1500-1024x687 copy


I feel that creativity needs to be exercised and used regularly to keep it flowing and by signing up for this course I’ve made a promise to myself to make time for my art in 2018.

I may not take all the classes or even share all my art publicly, but I know that the opportunity to take classes taught by world renowned teaches and moving artistically outside of my usual sphere will enrich my creative journey in 2018.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and creative 2018 for everyone!!



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  1. Happy NewYear Kerryanne! 2017 was a bad year all round. Your at home retreat is such a super idea. Love the sound of the Lifebook. Here’s to a fabulous 2018 xo

    • Thank you sweetie. I think you’d like Life Book…. what appeals to me is that it can be either a private journey or you can share it with all the other life bookers.
      I hope you have a better 2018 xx

  2. Good for you, you’ll love it ! You inspire us with your spirit and creativity. Happy 2018 Journey 💗

  3. JaneEllen says:

    Staying home is what we do a lot of. When I need to relax,get my mind off anything at all, I go into our room,read for while,maybe take a nap, refreshes me so well. When I need to iump start my creativity I look at magazines, peruse the blog posts for few days and before I know it am ready to jump in again. Some times we go to favorite thrift stores, just get my mind off making things for while. After our grandson died in 2016 it took me at least a year to get back into creating, Just knew had to give myself enuf time. Did a lot of soul searching and way too much crying but seemed to need to do both. To this day when I think about him I still get tears in my eyes.
    Good for you to know what you needed. All that moving about can take creativity out of anybody, too much going on..
    Enjoy your art classes.

  4. My PC stayed off for most of the two weeks I had at home over Christmas & New Year as I wanted a break from technology (I sit in front of a PC more or less every day in my “day job”). A quick dip in a couple of times just to check emails but no trawling the net for hours on end. It was lovely to sit snug & warm in my lounge happily knitting or doing a bit of reading.
    Unfortunately the two weeks flew by & I’m back at work feeling that I have never been away…but it was great while it lasted.
    Toni xx

  5. What a wonderful way to start the new year refreshed! Looking forward to the projects resulting from your recharged creativity and hope your have an inspired new year!

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