DIY Printable Vintage Lavender Sachets

Hello friends,

Traditionally, at the beginning of a new year we get busy re-organising our homes after putting away all the seasonal decorations.

Once I’ve completed my big post-Christmas clean, I take some time to add all the pretties back into my decor; like new candles, pillow covers, flowers…. and lavender sachets.

It’s the small things that can add charm to a home and although pretty lavender sachets are not often out on show, they are always appreciated by guests when they are tucked into a bedroom drawer or bathroom cabinet.

Today I’m sharing two free vintage printables and a tutorial on how to print on fabric at home.


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These vintage lavender sachets measure 9 cm x 12 cm and are printed on white cotton fabric.

The printable on the left is available to download here on Shabby Art Boutique and the rose and bird printable on the right is a freebie for Newsletter subscribers. If you are not a newsletter subscriber, you can join HERE.


Two vintage printables for printing on fabric - download at Shabby Art Boutique

Printing on Fabric

This is a technique that is not for everyone! I’m sure it is not recommended by printer manufacturers that you run fabric through your printer, but having said that, I’ve been doing it for years and my printers have stood up to it okay. It is however, one of those techniques that has varying results and I usually have at least one dud piece each time I use this technique.

To print on fabric you will need Reynolds Freezer paper. This is a plastic coated paper that has a multitude of uses… and a great addition for the craft room.

How to use Reynolds Freezer Paper

  • The freezer paper has both a glossy side and a paper side.
  • As my printables are A4 in size, we will need a piece of freezer paper that is slightly larger than A4. I use a pen to trace around an A4 sheet of paper on the paper side of the Reynolds Freezer Paper.
  • You can then cut out this piece of freezer paper, allowing an extra centimetre around the outline.
  • Place the freezer paper glossy side down on the white fabric and secure to the fabric by ironing with a hot iron set to NO steam.
  • Trim the paper backed fabric to the A4 outline and ensure that there are no stray threads that could get caught in your printer. An extra step I take to ensure that the paper and fabric don’t separate in the printer, is to add a piece of cello tap across the entire width of the top of the page, with half the tape on the paper and the other half secured to the fabric.


Printing the Design

1. Download the vintage lavender sachets HERE and save to your own computer.

2. Insert the paper backed fabric into the paper feed of your printer and print the A4 printable page using the ‘best’ print option.

3. The Reynolds Freezer paper will easily peel off the back of the fabric. Sometimes I can reuse the same piece of freezer paper several times. Iron fabric with hot iron.


How to print on fabric with your home printer - Shabby Art Boutique


Assembling the Lavender Sachets

1. Cut out the four vintage panels, leaving about 5 mm of white fabric around the perimeter.

2. Cut another piece of fabric the same size (10 cm x 13 cm) to be the back side of the lavender sachet. I used plain white fabric, but you could use a coordinating piece of pretty patchwork fabric.

3. Place the fabrics with right sides facing and sew around the sachet, leaving an opening on one side for turning.

4. Clip the corners and turn the sachet right side out. Press with a hot iron. Fill with lavender and slip stitch the opening closed.


Printable vintage lavender sachets by Shabby Art Boutique


These lavender sachets are quick and easy to make…. I made 8 in about 90 minutes.

They also make a lovely ‘token’ gift for friends and family!!


DIY printable vintage lavender sachets with full tutorial at Shabby Art Boutique


Don’t forget, the girls with flowers panel can be downloaded HERE and the bird and rose sachet panel is a free download for my newsletter subscribers.

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I hope you enjoy making the lavender sachets as much as I did.




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  1. Very beautiful idea, dear Kerryanne, so lovely, both Designs, I am waiting for the newsletter to realize this love prints,. thanks a a lot for such pretty idea! best wishes, cornelia

  2. So happy I am a Newsletter subscriber ’cause those nesting birds make my heart soar. What a lovely project. Thank you for sharing the know how, the pretties to download and your creativity. Your blog is my happy place 💗

  3. Deborah Berry says:

    Hi Kerryanne, these prints are gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing them! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial…I’ve been wanting to print on fabric for a while now, so this will come in handy!!! These sachets are adorable, can’t wait to make some for gifts!!! Your blog is so refreshing Kerryanne!!! I usually look at it on my phone but my phone won’t let me comment, so I’m looking on my computer so that I can send you a comment and a thank you. Smiles, Deborah 🙂

    • Kerryanne says:

      Hello there Deborah!! I’m so glad you dropped in and left a comment for me. It makes me really happy when I know that others like what I’m sharing. I hope you have lots of fun making these little lavender sachets. 🙂

  4. thank you for sharing these sweet prints, and the detailed tutorial looks very helpful, too!

  5. Kerryanne these are beautiful I just love them!

  6. Elizabeth Minshall says:

    These are beautiful! I love them. They would make wonderful Easter gifts.
    I’m sure I’ve always been a newsletter subscriber…… but haven’t yet received the download for the nesting birds. Has it been sent or is it forthcoming? I don’t want to miss it.
    The Porcelain Rose

  7. These are beautiful and can’t wait to try these. I was wondering if you have ever done anything with chickens or ducks. I raise both and love collecting items with chickens and ducks. Just a thought. Truly love your website!

    • Kerryanne says:

      Ahhh Evelyn, you will be pleased to know that I have come across some very sweet vintage graphics that have chickens and ducks on them. I’ve just been waiting for inspiration to strike, because I have a series of matching graphics. I think it is fair to say that you will see something like this very soon 🙂

  8. These are absolutely lovely!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing these sweet prints to make lavender sachets. I also appreciate you including the tutorial on how to transfer to fabric. I just enjoy reading your blog so much, it puts a big smile on my face. Thanks again Kerryanne.

  10. Bonjour, j’ai bien reçu par mail le nouveau mot de passe pour imprimer les sachets de lavande, mais malheureusement cela ne fonctionne pas … Quel dommage, les oiseaux sont magnifiques ….=(
    Corinne (France)

    • Kerryanne says:

      Salut Corrine,
      Désolé vous avez eu des difficultés. Le mot de passe fonctionne maintenant.

      • Bonjour Kerryanne,
        Un grand merci à vous pour votre réactivité, ces sachets de lavande sont magnifiques,
        et encore merci pour toutes ces belles choses et tous ces partages…
        Belle journée
        Corinne (France)

  11. kimberly robson says:


  12. I am a newby fellow Victorian. Loving your projects and printable so – thank you

  13. Love the nesting birds, and hope to receive my newsletter soon so I can download them. Love your newsletter and all the beautiful things you give us.

  14. Thanks Kerryanne…so charming…great gift idea as well..:your generosity is appreciated. 🙂

  15. Hi KerryAnne, I am so sorry but I was unable to download the birdies from the newsletter. Not sure why but it just would not let me.Also, I am not sure why I am having so many problems with this…never had any before. lol..but maybe this will be the last time I do…hope hope hope…Thanks KerryAnne for whatever you can do. These are so pretty that I so wanted to make them for my drawers and a few for gifts. 🙂 Everyone loves the gifts that come from your tutorials..

  16. Hi KerryAnne, Never mind my friend who is also a newsletter subscriber said she just went to the site again and used the new password and this time it worked for her. I just went there too and it worked for me. So, thank you…We are so happy now, we got our Shabby Boutique fix from our favorite lady!!!! :)))

  17. So beautiful!

  18. Marilyn Gray says:

    Thank you so much for these ideas and prints! Your talent is ‘awesomeness’!

  19. Chris zvara says:

    I discovered your site a few days ago and am HOOKED. I thought I was a far stretch away from shabby chic but your presentation combines the beauty of Scandi( I’ve always found shabby chic a bit overdone, but you have trimmed it to a beautiful presentation, and I am smitten.) I’ve signed up for your newsletter and poured over your site to absorb every drop I can. Such fun I’m having. On payday I will be ordering the linen fabric and start your bunny, I’ve read over the pattern and tomorrow I go to pick up the embroidery floss. Hurray! Bunnies for Easter. Will they be naked or will you have their dress patterns avail before Easter?

  20. Thanks Kerryanne for these beautiful lavender sachets!

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