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For the past couple of years I’ve kept a gratitude journal.

I’ve found it to be a fabulous place to document all the ‘little things’ that make each day positive.

The journal helped me to focus on what really matters and even when life gets crazy or throws you a curve ball, finding even just one small thing to be grateful for can turn your day around.


Gratitude quote from Shabby Art Boutique

Previously, I’ve used both a diary and an art journal. These were kept specifically for gratitude entries and both options worked well for me.

I’m sure you’ve probably seen others write about gratitude journals or even gratitude jars…. and I bet you’ve dismissed it as ‘just one more thing to add to your already busy day’.

But here’s the thing…. taking just one minute a day to write down a couple of bullet points about what’s good in your life is such a positive way to remember all those little moments that are quickly forgotten about in your busy day.

My week of Gratitude - Shabby Art Boutique

Once you start writing down things that you are grateful for… you start paying attention and looking for more things to be thankful for.

And being thankful makes you happy!

This year I decided to add an extra weekly page to my planner.

It’s ‘My week of Gratitude’ and has space for a few bullet points for each day of the week. It matches the rest of my planner and can be slotted in with my Weekly Action Plan.

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Download this free Gratitude Planner page from Shabby Art Boutique

 You can download my Gratitude Planner Page HERE.


If you haven’t downloaded the other pages of my Vintage Planner Bundle, you may download my free Calendar, Planner and added bonus pages HERE.

Free printable 2017 Calendar and Planner by Shabby Art Boutique

Download Self-care Stickers

Free printable planner stickers for incorporating Self-Care by Shabby Art Boutique

With the first month of the year drawing to a close, I hope you have enjoyed using my planner and calendar pages.

I look forward to popping back in the next couple of days with some crafty projects to share with you.

Happy crafting


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  1. A wonderful way to save those soulful moments and I have the perfect diary for it! Last birthday a dear friend gave me a Daphnes Diary, which is way too lovely and precious to have for only a year. I will now, with your inspiration, use it to jot down my grateful moments and add it to my keepsakes; a place to return to and reflect. Do you keep yours beyond the year or simply treat it as a yearly diary and start afresh the next year? Thank you for your hint of happiness, my friend 🙂 xo

  2. I’ve always wanted to start a gratitude journal, but I also always postponed it. After reading about how it helps you focus on what matters, I feel like I need to start one right now. Thank you for the printable!

  3. Hey it’s Friday! Thinking of you. I’m just catching up to you, and see that you are taking some recharge and creative time. Good for you! I’ve been wading in deeper streams these days myself. Always cheery and beautiful here. Love J.

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