Everlasting Gingerbread House

Here’s a little of what happened in my studio over the weekend…

We made an everlasting gingerbread house.


How to make a faux gingerbread house by Shabby Art Boutique.com

You know how with some projects you think about them a lot and really plan how you will tackle it…

Well, this was not one of those projects!


I was day dreaming about making gingerbread cookies and a gingerbread house… and then I lamented about all the work and no one wanting to actually eat the gingerbread…

Which got me to thinking…

Could I make a faux gingerbread house and re-use it again another year?


How to make a faux gingerbread house by Shabby Art Boutique.com


I decided I should at least try to make an everlasting gingerbread house.

And I turned to what I know best… wood and paint.

It turned out to be far simpler than making actual gingerbread!


I’m sure there are many ways to tackle this project… I’m just sharing the way that worked for me.

Shabby art Boutique - Everlasting Gingerbread House 4


Any gingerbread house template (there are literally dozens of free ones online),

Wood – I used MDF which is readily available in Australia, you may have something different where you live,

A scroll saw and protective mask, goggles etc,

Paint – DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint in Warm White, Sable Brown and Burnt Umber, DecoArt Dimensional Effects Texture Paste.

Painting supplies including 1/2” flat brush, 1/2” angle shader brush, palette knife and bowl.

Icing set with small round nozzle,

All Purpose Glue.


How to make a faux gingerbread house by Shabby Art Boutique.com

1. Trace the gingerbread house template and transfer to wood surface. Cut shapes out using a scroll saw – always wear protective clothing for this step. See note about an alternative method. Don’t be concerned if you don’t get completely straight edges, as they will be covered with frosting later on.

2. Basecoat all pieces with 2 smooth, even coats of Sable Brown using the 1/2” flat brush. Allow paint to dry thoroughly between coats. A hairdryer can help speed up the drying process.

3. To give the house pieces more dimension, shade the outer edges of each piece using Burnt Umber and a side load technique. Dampen the shader brush with clean water. Dip point of brush into paint and blend on the palette. The paint should not travel completely across the brush and the paint should appear darkest at the loaded corner and gradually fade to clear water.

4. Assemble the gingerbread house as you would for a cookie one, using All Purpose Glue to adhere each panel.

Note: If you don’t have access to a scroll saw, I’d recommend cutting the pieces from chipboard scrapbooking card with a craft knife as an alternative.


How to make a faux gingerbread house by Shabby Art Boutique.com



Mix equal quantities of texture paste and Warm White paint in a small bowl before loading into an icing bag. Frost the house as you would normally. The texture paste has the same feel and consistency as Royal Icing.

I used the smallest round nozzle I had, but for my next one I’ll get an even smaller one so I can do fine detail.

Finally, add a dusting of either baby powder or confectioners sugar.

How to make a faux gingerbread house by Shabby Art Boutique.com

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I’m loving my first attempt at an everlasting gingerbread house and I’m inspired now to tackle a more intricate design.

Happy festive crafting,



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  1. I love it Kerry!!!! I will be making this little gem, for sure! I might even ask Santa for a scroll saw for Xmas… so I can make a wooden one next year! Have a lovely holiday my sweet friend xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Your house is lovely! I have had this idea in my head for many years (ever since I baked one with the kids and it wouldn’t stay together) but just never got it made.

  3. So cute and inspiring! Love your gingerbread house, looks like the real thing and you can use it over and over again!
    Vesna – Home Chic Club

  4. This is adorable Kerryanne – what a super item to have as a centrepiece through the Holiday season.
    Toni xx

  5. I have the same problem with gingerbread houses, your AMAZING version is definitely a must this year.
    Have a lovely week,

  6. Gorgeous!

  7. Thank you for the tutorial!

  8. What a cool idea. Yours turned out beautiful. I will have to make one for my gingerbread kitchen, but will probably have to happen for next year…this one seems to be filled up already but what a great project to anticipate.

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