Just 3 months until Christmas!!!

I know most people are still thinking about spring or fall, then maybe Halloween…

But some of us crafty types are already planning and gathering for Christmas.

It takes time to make creative projects, so it is never too early to be getting your Christmas groove on!


Shabby Art Boutique 3 day Christmas sale


To help you prepare, I have this first time offer…

It’s a 3 day sale on my retired Christmas E-Patterns.


Buy any 2 patterns from this collection….

and you get to choose a 3rd pattern absolutely FREE.


You can see this collection of Christmas designs in my Boutique HERE.

It contains both shabby and country style Christmas designs.




I love how thoughts of Christmas just fill you with happiness!!

Hugs ~ Kerryanne


  1. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! 🙂

  2. Only 3 months….groan….I have so much I want to do and time just seems to be flying by.
    Toni xx

  3. Every year I tell myself not to get crazy and try to do too much. Turned down being in craft show couple weeks ago, head person of it sent me email. . Don’t like how I get when trying to do too much, quality suffers, every body around me suffers.. Better to just let things go as they go. I’m not person that does well with too much going on. My personality suffers way too much and cause I love my family will give them a break. Part of me keeps telling me “could make this and that”, have good things to sell but honest part of me says who in heck do I think I’m kidding, lol. Will go to the craft show just won’t be in it. It was Dec. 13th. last year, almost killed self trying to get things made and didn’t do well at all at show for all my efforts. . My poor hubs, bless his heart.
    Have bought couple really nice Christmas project magazines, might do some and might not. What will be will be with no interference from me.
    Thanks so much for great offer of patterns but will let it go this time. See how this holiday time goes taking it slower, easier..
    Going to look forward to holidays when grand daughter will be home from college. Last year her and her sister/Mom helped me at craft show.
    I look forward to seeing what you make. I’m still having pc problems and printer problems so not going to get myself in insane mood, just let things roll as they roll. You are such a happy sweet talented lady, sure I”ll love whatever you make. Going to see what patterns you’re offering just to see in case I get crazier and decide to make something. Hope you have wonderful awesome week.

  4. Love your Santa’s!

  5. i love you Christmas time …. !!!!

  6. Love these Santa ornies…..do you sell the pieces as well as the patterns?

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