DIY ~ Shabbilicious Village Shops

Every village needs a set of quaint little shops…

And this village has the sweetest trio of pastel coloured shops to complement your shabbilicious décor.

They are NOT meant to be perfect; their charm lays in the free hand approach to painting… so throw away the rulers and set squares!!

This project is meant to be fun.


DIY - shabbilicious Village Shops by Kerryanne English for Shabby Art © 2011


Although I have given you the measurements I chose to use, please feel free to adapt and personalize for your use.

The colours are only a suggestion and really any brand of paint can be used for this project.

The Village Shops tutorial – part 1

Please read all instructions before beginning.

[This project is suitable for the intermediate decorative painter, but could easily be adapted for the beginner]


General Supplies

Dressed pine – 44 mm x 44 mm x 90 cm length – (see note), Tools to cut timber – (see note), Fine sandpaper, Tracing paper, Grey and white graphite (or Saral) paper, Stylus, 0.1 black Zig pen, Paper towel, Embellishments: I used a vintage hinge, black plastic coated wire and scrapbooking accessories.

Note: I purchased my piece of timber from Bunnings Warehouse (in Australia) and used a drop circular saw to cut the length of timber into shops of varying lengths. I used the tools I had available, but this timber can easily be cut with a hand saw and miter box.


DIY - shabbilicious Village Shops by Kerryanne English for Shabby Art © 2011



2oz DecoArt Americana acrylic paint:

Light Mocha, Warm White, Mink Tan, Sable Brown, Burnt Umber, Soft Black, Soft Sage, Lt Avocado, Pink Chiffon, French Mauve, Mauve, Deep Periwinkle, Wisteria.

DecoArt Matt Spray Varnish.


½” & ¼” flat brush, No 0, 2 & 4 round brush, Small stencil brush, ¼” angle shader brush.


Cut the timber to length. I gave each shop a 45 degree roof line. My shop heights are: 18 cm, 14 cm & 9 cm. There is no set reason for this. I cut quite a few wooden houses of varying heights and choose these three for this project.

Trace the design from the pattern graphic onto tracing paper. (Right click graphic to save to your own computer).


Side Load/wash: Dampen shader brush with clean water. Dip point of brush into paint and blend on the palette. The paint should not travel completely across the brush. The paint should appear darkest at the loaded corner and gradually fade to clear water.

This technique is used for all shading and highlighting in this project.


DIY - shabbilicious Village Shops by Kerryanne English for Shabby Art © 2011

Painting Instructions

Quilt Shop – largest shop

Ensure all edges of timber have been sanded smooth.

Basecoat: all sides and base of block using Warm White; roof using Light Mocha.

Transfer the pattern lightly using the pattern tracing, graphite paper and stylus. Only sketch in the basic shapes – all detail will be added freehand.


DIY - shabbilicious Village Shops by Kerryanne English for Shabby Art © 2011

© Kerryanne English 2011 – This is an original design by Kerryanne English for Shabby Art


Shade around the edges of the house walls and the roof using Sable Brown.

Block in as follows: windows, sign and 3 stripes on awning using Light Mocha; window boxes and flower pots using Mink Tan; front door using Soft Black.

Shade down the left side of windows, the lefts side of plant pots and around the edges of the sign and awning using Burnt Umber. Add a shadow under windows and awning using a side-load of Burnt Umber.

On your palette, add water to a dot of Burnt Umber to make an ink-like consistency. Use this mix and the No 0 round brush to outline the windows, window boxes, sign and awning.

Add random brick lines around the house using a watery mix of Light Mocha and the No 0 round brush.

Details: Paint the stem of standard roses (front of shop), the trunk of large tree and the poles for the birdhouses using Mink Tan.

Dip the small stencil brush into Light Avocado, and then re-dip into Soft Sage. Pounce once on palette to mix and then lightly stipple the foliage on the standard roses (front of shop) and the 3 window boxes. A soft and subtle mottled effect is required.

When dry, paint base of roses as a circle of French Mauve. The petals of the roses are added using watery Pink Chiffon. The roses are tiny, so detail is not required. Random dots of French Mauve are added between roses using the stylus.


DIY - shabbilicious Village Shops by Kerryanne English for Shabby Art © 2011


Block in the large tree on rear of shop using Light Avocado. Run a highlight of Soft Sage down the right side of tree. Dip the small end of the stylus in Warm White and dot flowers randomly on tree. Dot the centre of each flower with French Mauve.

On your palette, add a small amount of water to a dot each of Soft Sage and Light Avocado. Using your No 0 round brush, add wispy strokes of both greens as foliage at the base of tree and birdhouses.

The birdhouses are blocked in with Light Avocado, French Mauve and Mauve.

The quilt is blocked in with watery Pink Chiffon and Light Avocado. The heart in the centre is French Mauve.

The front door has random dots of Pink Chiffon, added with a tooth pick. The door handle is a dot of Mink Tan and the heart is painted using French Mauve.

The black pen is used to add detail as follows: lettering on sign, outline for plant pots, birdhouses and quilt.


If you’d like a distressed look, sand edges of shop using sandpaper before varnishing with several coats of spray varnish.

I attached a rusty old hinge to the roof of my shop for some added interest.


DIY - shabbilicious Village Shops by Kerryanne English for Shabby Art © 2011


I hope you’ve enjoyed Part 1 of the Village Shop project.

Part 2 – The Antique Shop and pink house are available HERE.

Happy crafting


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  1. Wonderful project. Thank you for sharing!
    Maria José
    facebook: Octoberandapril-Handmade

  2. Kerryanne, I’m speechless, your village is just amazing! Love every single one of these whimsical shops, I think I would put them everywhere in my house! 🙂 I’m definitely trying this lovely DIY soon, thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Diana

  3. These look soooooooooooo cute Kerryanne. Thank you for sharing the ‘how to’.
    Toni xx

  4. Ms Joey says:

    These are just adorable and I just love them. Will definitely be making them next week. Thank you so much and I can’t wait till next week to see the other ones. You are amazing and your generous spirit for sharing is a blessing to all. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Grietje says:

    What a very sweet blog
    I like it very much.
    So lovely thank you

  6. Jann Olson says:

    Oh these are just precious Kerryanne! Love each one!

  7. Hi Kerryanne,
    These lil houses are simply darling……….love love love them. so cute…………
    You did a great job on them, you are very talented hon.
    Can’t believe it is the first day of Winter in Austrailia, I had no idea………
    We are still in spring here, but it feels like summer, but it isn’t officially
    summer until June 21st, I think it is…………
    Thanks for sharing these darling lil houses, they made me smile.
    Blessings, Nellie
    and thanks for always hosting your linky party, I have been linking
    up but realized I never left you a note the last few weeks since
    I wasn’t feeling too great………

  8. Hi Kerryanne, I think you have talked me into getting out my wood saw and paints again after more than 10 years, I love the cute little houses, I have a set of six houses I painted a while back from a craft magazine, I think they may also be one of your designs, I have them sitting over the doorway in my family room, these look a lot easier to cut as they have no chimneys or curve bits so should take no time at all. Thank you so much for you patterns, inspiration and talent, I am off to see of my paints are still ok to be used….

  9. Very nice, this is a great idea with the houses. I’ll just try it yourself. Thank you for this gift idea

  10. So glad I found your blog – its gorgeous!

  11. Oh these are just so cute I can hardly stand it! I’ve got to get some wood for this. I have pretty much everything else. Thank you so much for providing the patters for the darling designs on the walls. You are very talented!

  12. Hello,
    I cant find the two others patterns of your nice wooden shops. Please, were are they? Thanks for tour marvellous blog.

  13. Absolutely delightful! When I first looked at the picture I thought that the shops might be decorated milk cartons – not nearly as classy or long-lasting, obviously, but possibly a very inexpensive alternative? I can also visualize a Christmas/winter scene alternative.


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