How to make a Halloween Candle Jar

Welcome to Spookyville!!! [insert evil cackle].

Well, at least my take on a Halloween inspired village… it’s just a little spooky.

I like the Halloween theme, yet it’s never been widely popular or celebrated here in Australia. Things are slowly changing, so now I like to add a little Halloween décor.

I made this quick and easy Halloween Candle Jar for our office and I’m sharing the instructions with you, so you too can throw some illumination on your Halloween festivities!


Shabby Art Boutique - Halloween Candle Jar


  • Glass jar
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Pattern template
  • DecoArt Americana black and orange acrylic artist paint
  • Assorted paint brushes
  • Tea light candles

1. Clean all of your jar, inside and outside using Isopropyl Alcohol. (I used a Mocona coffee jar)

2.Below is a rough sketch of my template. I used it as a painting guide, preferring to paint a little freehand as well.

Shabby Art Boutique - Halloween Candle Jar - tutorial 4

3. Measure around the outside of your jar to find the required width of your template. Halloween is not perfect… houses are a little wonky and not realistic. The template is meant only as a guide. Simply right click the image and save to your own computer. Draw a line as wide as your jar. Trace the designs to fit the measurement. fill in any gaps with trees or gravestones.

4. Roll up paper template and place inside jar, so the template fits snuggly against the glass.

Shabby Art Boutique - Halloween Candle Jar - tutorial 2

5. Paint the design on the outside of the jar using a small round brush and black paint. The effect will be a little rough with the first coat of paint. Leave to dry before painting a second coat.

Shabby Art Boutique - Halloween Candle Jar - tutorial

6. Your Halloween jar could be left as is or you can colour the inside of the jar. There are various ways to do this: one way is to colour it with Mod Podge or Decoupage paste mixed with food dye (a few drops each of yellow and red); or as I did, add a little water to orange paint to make an ink-like consistency. Pour the paint into the jar and swirl around until all the inside surface is covered. Hold the jar upside down over a receptacle to catch the drips and left over paint. I left my jar sitting upside down, resting on a couple of plastic pegs inside a plastic disposable plate for an hour or so.

Tip: the inside of the jar is one colour. It changes its appearance when candles are lit inside, creating a yellow glow.

Shabby Art Boutique - Halloween Candle Jar 1


I tied some black jute string around the top of my jar, but a strip of black tulle would look great too.

My jar was large enough to place 3 tea light candles inside, which creates a lovely yellow glow.

Imagine how a row of these would look in the center of a Halloween tablescape or on a window sill.


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Happy Halloween ~ Kerryanne


  1. Kerryanne, I love your Halloween jar and I am making one today. Thank you for this great project and for the template. I just love everything you do. Hugs from upstate New York. Pat.

  2. Spook-tacular Kerryanne.
    What a lovely themed piece.
    Toni xx

  3. This looks Fantastic ! Thanks for sharing and love the template.

  4. I love this, Kerryanne! How clever to put your pattern on the inside as a guide! Sharing on FB and pinning! XO

  5. This is great! Thank you for sharing. Although it is to late for this year I’m going to try it anyway!

  6. Is perfect. Thank you !!!!!

  7. I love this. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I will be looking through my jars right away to see what I can use. 🙂

  8. I love this,, at first I could not figure out how u did it lol,,, though ok she was really careful on inside going do a couple for friends for Halloween now..,, Will or do you have any templates with a Christmas design?? 🙂

  9. I made a Halloween candle last night but I painted the jar blue on outside 1coat then I used a black paint pen to use on outside
    Then colored it in with the black paint pen I got at Walmart but when I put candle inside and shut lights off you couldn’t see the cat or bat
    Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong also do you have any templates even to buy with acorns turkey etc and Xmas
    I just love your site could you email me thanks

    • Kerryanne says:

      Hi Patricia, I suspect your paint is too opaque. I used a very watery translucent coverage of paint, so that the candle can be seen through it. Perhaps go back to my instructions; I give two options for mixing the paint so that it will be translucent. Good luck 🙂

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