A Cookie Exchange hostess tells all!!!

There’s a simple joy to be had when a group of ladies get together on a warm, but windy spring afternoon to exchange cookies and slice. . .

and sip tea from fine china cups. . .

or perhaps there were bubbles for some.

Shabby Art Boutique cookie exchange copy


These are the same ladies who have been gleefully swapping ideas and recipes for weeks . . .

in anticipation of a new venture . . . our first Cookie Exchange.

Of course here in Australia we refer to cookies as biscuits . . . and in a break from the traditional cookie exchange, we also added in the option of slices too.

Shabby Art Boutique cookie exchange 1

[Kelly’s peanut butter and almond cookies]


That’s the beauty of organising your own cookie exchange . . . you can decide on your own rules.

We got together over the craft table and made a decision about what we’d like to do for ours.

The rules changed a few times. . . we added, we subtracted. . . and finally we all agreed to an afternoon exchange of cookies (biscuits) and slice.

Shabby Art Boutique cookie exchange 2

[Kylie’s Lemon, cranberry and pistachio wreath cookies]


We each brought two batches. . .

One for the swap . . . and one for the afternoon tea.

Shabby Art Boutique cookie exchange 4

[Kim’s Jam Drops using her grandma’s recipe]


Can you imagine that table laden with plate after plate of scrumptious yumminess?

I felt like little Willie Wonker at the chocolate factory . . . being tempted by all those sweet and tantalising delights.

And I tried really, REALLY hard not to think of all the calories.

Shabby Art Boutique cookie exchange 3

[Jane’s Choc Chip Oreo Cookies]


There was much discussion as we . . .

wandered around the table filling our containers from every plate. . .

and gathering the recipe sheets for each plate of deliciousness.

Shabby Art Boutique cookie exchange 5

[Glazed Shortbread Birds]

Afterwards came the most important part. . . we had to taste test everything!!

Remember how hard I was trying not to think about those calories . . . well out of respect for the culinary accomplishments of my gorgeous friends and even the Nigella expectations of another. . . all thoughts of calories and even dinner that night were thrown to the sea breeze that was threatening to blow us away on that warm spring day.


Shabby Art Boutique cookie exchange 6

[American Sugar Cookies]

We laughed. . . and ate cookies. . .

we giggled and chortled. . . and ate some more cookies. . .

We got louder . . . then we ate sickly sweet slices. . .

we doubled over with hilarious stories. . . and there may even have been ‘panty tinkles’ as well.

Shabby Art Boutique cookie exchange 7

Our first cookie exchange was a huge success and a most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

The bonus of course is the lovely container of sweet treats that will continue to feed my family for many days to come!

I even popped some in the freezer for another day.

I can highly recommend getting together with a group of friends and organising a Christmas Cookie Exchange. This is definitely something our group of friends will do again.

If you’d like more information about how to conduct your own cookie exchange there are heaps of great tutorials on-line. . . or check out these: Simple Mom – how to host a cookie swap and Martha Stewart Cookie Swap

I’ll be sharing my Christmas Cookie Exchange at the link parties this week and with these fabulous friends: French Country Cottage, The Vintage Farmhouse, 36th Avenue, Clean and Scentsible, Live Laugh Rowe, The DIY Dreamer, Transformation Thursday, At The Picket Fence, Nifty Thrifty Sunday.


  1. Mmmmm, all that scrummy yumminess – thank you for sharing…cyber calories are so much kinder to the hips LOL

    Toni xx

  2. Oh my they all look so delicious!!

  3. OMG drooled so much looking at these yummy biscuits it was coming out the side of my mouth that is effected from my strokes. lol At lease I am at home and no one noticed. :o)

  4. What a fun exchange!

  5. What fun and omg I would have been clambering up the walls with all that delightful sugar.Super photography. Shirley

  6. Kerryanne,what huge fun you had. It sounds wonderful. xx

  7. Sounds like fun and everything looks delicious!

  8. Ohhh how absolutely delicious, this sounds like the perfect way to spend a day.

  9. beautiful cookies, we will be doing our cookie exchange in December, now I can’t wait, I love the pink frosted cookies you have here, they look so pretty!

  10. What a wonderful idea Kerryanne! You and your girls have inspired me to do the same… it sure is coming around quickly isn’t it?!! In fact, I’ve just installed a ‘countdown to Christmas’ app on my Iphone!!! I digress… all the cookies look wonderful and so beautifully made and decorated… I’m in the festive spirit!!!!! 🙂
    Hugs sweetie! Vikki xoxo

  11. Yum!!!

  12. So many beautiful cookies!

  13. Panty tinkles!!! Girl, you are hilarious!!!! This is something I have always wanted to do. Your post is wonderful. Maybe this will be my year!! 🙂

  14. This sounds great! What a nice idea! And you guys made some absolutely beautiful cookies!
    Have a great day!

  15. Great idea and what a fun way to swap cookies and recipes.
    Kerryann are any of those scrumptious recipes available for us to try.
    Thanks in advance…..:)

  16. Absolutely gorgeous cookies! I’ll be checking out the recipes. Cookie baking is one of my favorite, no, my absolute favorite Christmas activity.

  17. YUMMY will you be sharing the recipe for these cookies? I know I would love to make them as well.

    Thanks, Lynnie

  18. Would love it,if you would share some of the recipes. They sound and look sooo good.

  19. What a fun afternoon! I would love to do this! Thanks so much for sharing – I’ll be featuring it tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Jenn 🙂

  20. All of the cookies look delicious! Some of the cookies at exchanges that I’ve been a part of have not been quite so elegant! 😉
    What are slices??

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