Shabby Bunnies and Rose Printables

With Easter just around the corner, I got busy in the craft room this week making some sweet shabby tags.

Bunnies and roses are perfect right throughout Spring, so these little sweeties could stay out all season.


Shabby bunnies and rose tags by Shabby Art Boutique

I put them together on a free A4 printable sheet that you can download here and save to your own computer.

Of course, there are so many options for creating with these bunnies, so I’m just showing you one that I made.

I’d love to hear what you make with them.


Free printable shabby bunnies by Shabby Art Boutique

How to make Shabby Bunny Tags



Supplies for the paper bunny tag by Shabby Art Boutique


1. Tear two pages from an old book. Fold the page in an accordion, with each fold about 1 cm high. Fold the accordion in half.

2. Open out the 2 pages. I joined them in the centre using a long bead of glue, to make an extra long page. Where the two pages joined, I made a hole (for ribbon) using a hole punch.

How to amke paper bunny tag by Shabby Art Boutique

3. Fold accordion back into its fan shape and apply glue to the ends where they meet. You should now have a complete circle. Thread ribbon through the hole to make a hanger.

4. I used a small paper doily, but you could use a real doily, fabric or scrapbooking paper to make a background piece for your bunny. Adhere to book paper fan. Cut the bunny or rose design out using sharp pointy nosed scissors. Adhere to doily with a small amount of glue. I also added a ribbon bow to the base of the bunny head and also on the rose design.

Free printable shabby bunnies and roses to use in craft projects by Shabby Art Boutique

I was so pleased with how my shabby bunny tag came together, I’ve decided to make 4 bunny tags and one rose tag to use as a garland.

Won’t that be pretty to hang on my dresser!


Happy crafting


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  1. Aww, these are adorable. Thank you so much Kerryanne.
    Toni xx

  2. Thank you Kerryanne. You are so generous. I am going to follow your suggestion and make an Easter garland. You are for certain my favorite ‘Blogger Extrordinaire’.. sp? lol. My best, Pat.

  3. Shirley Flavell says:

    These are so beautiful. Thank you

  4. These are darling! Thank you!

  5. JaneEllen says:

    Am going to have to learn not to try to write comments when it’s getting later, mind not so sharp, lose comments, gggrrr.
    Before I lose it again want to thank you so much for your generosity sharing your exceptional creations with us. Guess wasn’t supposed to say anymore so will wish you happy weekend.

  6. Thank you so much for the graphics, you are so talented and it is lovely to be able to use the graphics to make our homes more festive.

  7. Beautiful design Kerryanne! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo

  8. As a new subscriber I want to say Thank You for sharing your talents with us. Your site is just beautiful and I truly appreciate your generosity.

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