A gift for you… to say thank you

Every time a new issue of Simply Shabbilicious magazine is released, I’m overwhelmed by the incredible response from readers.

I always feel a little nervous about each issue until I receive the printed copy… only then when I know that all the formatting is correct, can I sit back and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

On Friday my printed copies arrived and I took the opportunity to sit in a quiet place and slowly flick through the pages of the real magazine.

I know that online magazines offer a new and practical way of reading…. but some of us still enjoy turning the page on a glossy magazine. I like to see them on my coffee table for a week or two or know that I can go to my magazine library and re-visit them later on. I do read online magazines too, but prefer a printed copy of my very favorite magazines.

Simply Shabbilicious Magazine Giveaway

I know the cost of printed magazines prevent many from purchasing them these days, so I decided to buy an extra copy of this latest issue of Simply Shabbilicious and offer it to one of the readers.


Entering is easy…. simply leave a comment below on this post. I’d like to know what you like about the magazine, or what you’d like to see in the magazine.

The giveaway is open world wide and postage costs will form part of the giveaway prize.

I’ll draw a winner on Monday 17th March.


A huge thank you to our features contributors in this latest issue…

(click on any of the photos to visit their lovely blogs)

Shabby Art Boutique - Simply Shabbilicious magazine blog 2

Shabby Art Boutique - Simply Shabbilicious magazine blog 1


Shabby Art Boutique - Simply Shabbilicious magazine blog 3

Shabby Art Boutique - Simply Shabbilicious magazine blog 4

And a special thank you to our craft contributors…


Shabby Art Boutique - Simply Shabbilicious magazine blog 6

Shabby Art Boutique - Simply Shabbilicious magazine blog 5


You can read the latest issue of the magazine online for free – HERE

Purchase printed or digital copies – HERE

(I do not provide the printed magazines. They are form a 3rd party company, MagCloud)


Subscribe to the magazine and never miss an issue – HERE

… or find past issues HERE


Thank you to all of you for making this such a fabulous journey.

Hugs – Kerryanne


  1. Love Love Love the Shabbilicious Magazines. I like to have a “real” copy of the magazine too. Thanks for the chance at this beautiful magazine.

  2. Love it, Love it, Lovei it, full of beautiful inspirations…WONDERFUL!
    Annette, Clara’s Corner now at http://www.countryculture.com.au

  3. Pam Lawrence says:

    What an absolutely stunning beautiful magazine. Its one of those moments when you read it that you get lost in a world of Shabbilicious delight when you want everything that you see. Can’t wait to buy some of your E-patterns…. Cheers Pam

  4. The shabbilicious delight section is amazing! Keep up the good work!

  5. DAWN RENEE' says:

    This magazine is beyond beautiful. Simple and elegant and oh so inspiring. Thank you so much for the chance to own a printed copy, if I win it will be treasured.

  6. Charlene Bate says:

    It is lovely and always full of shabby goodness. . I enjoy the magazine very much and you have inspired me , so many thanks to you! Char

  7. Marie Caudill says:

    I first discovered your magazine prior to the holidays. I cannot tell you how many times I have read and reread these beautiful issues. The most recent one brought tears to my eyes. How I love the beauty on each page and my eyes cannot get enough. You are such a gifted and talented young woman who seems to look into my mind and my creative spirit and find that which continues to inspire. I will forever follow and enjoy the journey.


  8. I live in lubbock,Texas, and I love seeing that what I think is beautiful, other people from all over the world, also believe to be beautiful. I just think that it’s so cool to share a love for beautiful things with people on the other side of the world! It makes the world seem not so big! I would love a print copy of the magazine; and if not I will continue to savor the online version! Hugs to you!

  9. The magazine is beautiful! It’s filled with the such tantalizing bits and pieces and absorbing ready, all of which I soak up!
    I’m so addicted to all that is vintage, junk, shabby, chic, pretty, worn, wooden, rustic and the rest!
    I am a reborn doll artist/hobbyist, and even my very small website, has a vintage style name!
    Although I’m passionate about my doll making, for the discerning collector of baby dolls, I am equally passionate about decorating, designs, furniture, accessories, and more!
    I’d love to have a hard copy of your magazine to sit a drool over!
    Jayne xx

  10. The first time I stumbled upon your site, it was like going into the rabbit hole….lol. I lost 3 hours. Since then I try to visit regularly (1 hour at a time) much easier to reaspn the expense of time. LOL Love you, your blog, shop, magazine is like no other I have found.. Have been reading online- would be proud to show it off on my coffee table!

  11. Omg. Where do I begin. The cover just reels you in straight away. So stunning. Vintage comes to mind. Just love it all

  12. Tay Cutchin Satterfield says:

    Hi Kerry — Your magazine is one of the most beautiful publications available in the world today. Your covers are exquisite and just pull the reader in to find out more. What I like best is the photography…the subject matter, the lighting, the staging , etc. I LOVE MAGAZINES and would love to have a hard copy of your beautiful magazine. THANKS !!

  13. Hi Kerry, I love seeing all the beautiful things and dream of having some of my own one day. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  14. Your magazine looks lovely. What I would hope to see would be beautiful photographs that would give me a feeling of serenity when I sit down with each issue. I don’t think I would have to wish for that, because I’m pretty sure that is what you’re already sharing with the world.

    Many thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Its a beautiful and inspiring magazine. I know posting to South Africa would be expensive so don’t worry to enter me in the competition but just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy every issue 🙂

  16. I love your magazine and adore each shabby-inspired issue. I’m reading all of my issues on my ipad but would love to own one too!

    I would love to see more of your shabby-inspired projects. I love them!!

  17. Each issue transports me into a wonderful world of shabby elegance and this one is no different.
    I adore the beautiful home layouts and the Easter touches in this issue are just adorable – those hints of Spring & Easter dotted around the kitchen are inspirational
    Oh how I had the time to completely re-do my home…but in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy visiting everyone else’s.
    Toni xx

  18. WOW!!! It’s amazing giveaway 🙂 I love it….

  19. Great news! I would like to read real magazine because it’s alive and so inspirational! You have amazing DT!

  20. OH!! It’s fine!!
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    I try…..perhaps the fortune remembers me…..
    kiss Lucia

  21. Glad greatly from the presence of images of our blogging friends from Polish. The magazine is full of subtle images and exactly want to see him in the future.

  22. Wow!!! What a giveaway. I love the magazine!!! There are soooooooooo many inspirations in the magazine. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a printed copy.

  23. Gina Blank says:

    I love this magazine! I also like to have a paper copy of the magazines that I like. What a wonderful giveaway!

  24. My beautiful daughter, Susan, introduced me to your beautiful magazine!! What a feast for the eyes – thank you for using your wonderful talents in such a wonderful way and also giving us the opportunity to see how other talented “artists” use their talents.
    Blessings to you and continued success……
    (By the way, I am the PROUD mama of Susan Taggart of MUSTLOVEJUNK!!!! )

  25. such a sweet thing to do, kerryanne:) whoever wins will be a lucky girl:)

  26. I love the spread on Minty House. So completely beautiful. But then, every page is! I like finding awesome new-to-me bloggers through your magazine Kerryanne. Thank you so much!

  27. I’d love to win this beautiful magazine. Thanks so much.

  28. I adore the plans and pictures! Your magazine is a delight! Like a beautiful vacation for me! Thanks for sharing so I can read it online!♥

  29. Ooh, I just flipped through the digital version and Wow, what beautiful shabby pages and projects! I’m in love with it all!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a hard copy of this magazine Kerry, and for all your hard work as Editor 🙂

  30. Pam Ballard says:

    Oh I would love to have a copy in hand. I do have a hard time wanting to spend money on magazines especially when I really just look at the pictures and dont read the articles. On occasion I do treat myself. Thanks for the chance.

  31. You are so right, some of us don`t have the money to spend on magazines, but I devour one when I get it! I would so love to have a copy of this beautiful magazine, to hold in my hands, and I will read it from cover to cover and savor every gergous picture and word. Thanks for the chance!

  32. Beautiful magazine! A printed copy to hold in my hand is so much better than a digital copy!

  33. shirley flavell says:

    Your magazine is so beautiful. I just about hold my breath in awe all the way through reading it (online).I can’t think of anything more for ideas to add to your lovely magazine, perhaps more of your small projects to make, but you are pretty generous as it is offering the free read and projects. I would like to be entered into the draw to win a printed copy. Couldn’t think of anything nicer than to win it. Shirley N.Z.

  34. It would be great to read the paper version of your magazine. Тhank you for that giveaway. Kasia

  35. I would love to win a copy! I’m a big fan of Susan’s from Evelyn and Rose so seeing her beautiful home in there was wonderful:)

  36. beautiful magazine! love the home tours (Susan’s “must love junk” home is gorgeous)!
    thank you for your generous giveaway.

  37. What I love about the magazine is everything. The content, seeing how you work to put it together, your love for this style and its feminine beauty. I love the featured Ladies, the pictures, everything. I wish I could get every months issue, I like having them in hand reading on my sofa in good light, and browsing, there is something so luxurious about having it on my own sofa. I hope I win 🙂 Jennelise by the way, has to have the most pinned photographs of any blogger I’ve come across, and her photos are distinctive, she is a gifted young lady.

  38. Don’t change a thing, the magazine is just beautiful!
    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, I’d love to have a copy, thanks for the chance!

  39. Beth Rawling says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to be entered in your giveaway. I viewed your latest issue a few days ago and enjoyed its beauty and inspiration. I love that your magazine introduces blogs that we might not know of and their shared love for all things vintage and beautiful. Many blessings to you,

  40. I’d love to win a printed copy. I’ve read on-line issue but to keep it in my hands would be wonderful 🙂

  41. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your magazine, KerryAnne. I always am inspired by them:-)

    Enjoy your week.


  42. Thanks for letting me take a peek online. I like it a lot, seen a couple items in there I would like to own myself.
    I would love to win a hard copy to flip through the pages again

  43. What a wonderful magazine. It would be an honor to win.

  44. Oh, I would love to look into that charming magazine! The cover is great – full of joy, charming and beautiful…. I hope that some day i will have a chance to look what’s inside 🙂 Anna M.

  45. Love your Fabilicious Magazine. I enjoy all of it for the tasteful and inspiring ideas and amazing things to dream about.
    Please include me in your most generous giveaway and Thanks in advance..:)

  46. I don”t know your magazine but I am realy interested to know him . Have good day ! Erika from Slovakia

  47. Oh, such a wonderful magazine! The cover is full of joy, hapinnes and spring 🙂 I would love to look into and I hope that some day I will have an opportunity to read it all, I’m dreaming about it….

  48. I love to win this give away……please count me in…have a nice day Ria…x !

  49. I can’t say what I like or would like to see because I have never seen this magazine. I am on a magazine sabbatical as far as purchasing them, but I do love to peruse a pretty magazine. Thanks for the chance!!

  50. I am totally drooling over the gorgeous cover of your magazine, Kerryanne! I’m like you, I love to hold a print copy on my lap to enjoy and keep forever! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  51. I purchased the Christmas 2013 magazine , it`s still on my coffee table but I need a change for spring ! Hardcopies are always my favorite over e magazines. They`re part of my decoration and are a quick & sweet escape for a daydream .Thank you for your generous giveaway !

  52. I really LOVE this magazine and look forward to the next issue. The world cannot have enough Shabby style magazines!

  53. Your magazine is Extraordinary!!! I would not be able to suggest anything other than I’d always love to see more. But…that’s just the perfect reason to look forward to the next issue.

    Great job Kerryanne! You knocked it out of the park!

  54. I’ve not seen the magazine before, but I am very inspired by painted projects and seeing how bloggers put things together in a room. Always lovely! Thanks!

  55. I love the magazine as is…so I don’t think you need to change anything. This is a wonderful giveaway you have here and I will be sure to keep my fingers crossed.


  56. LOVE all the beautiful images in your magazine. So beautiful and always so inspiring. Thanks for the chance to win a hard copy! x

  57. I love everything about it.. It is seriously dreamy.. I would love to have a copy!

  58. I love your magazines, Kerryanne! Simply stunning, friend.

  59. Patty Bretheim says:

    What a beautiful magazine. Would love to win a copy. Thanks, Patty

  60. Love reading your magazines, enjoy reading your blog also. Great work Kerry.

  61. Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity ♥ I am a HUGE fan ( I invite you to add your lovely giveaway to my giveaway page) xo

  62. Jean from Georgia says:

    Your wonderful magazine takes me into another place of inspiring, wonderful projects. Do not change a thing about your magazine. On long winter days I spend hours reading and studying your photos, looking around the house for something to redo. Thanks so much for your gift of a subscription.

  63. Great magazines, would love to win your latest. Enjoy reading your blog, thanks Lyn

  64. Sherrie Cowan says:

    I love your magazine and appreciate the opportunity to read online. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  65. What a beautiful magazine. I would love to be entered in the drawing for the free copy, please. Thank you for this opportunity.

  66. Oh my goodness, where do I begin…I get so inspired just browsing through the awesome pics. The magazine captures my style so perfectly, I was just about drooling when I was looking through it. I’ve already planned to try some of the decoupaged eggs tomorrow. They are so sweet and yet so simple! Be especially blessed…. KH

  67. Your magazines are fantastic. I think having a paper copy would be wonderful. Like you, I love the feel of a real magazine in my hands.

  68. Your lovely magazine is new to me and the first thing that caught my eye was the typeset…the type and setting of the name is fabulous…very well done! The eggs/nest in the water dipper…one similar is hanging over my kitchen sink and used whenever a drink of water is needed or wanted.
    Congratulations and best wishes for all success.

  69. Your magazine is simply beautiful. You feature such talented people. The overall look and feel is inviting. I love seeing other’s homes and how they have decorated them. As well as learning new ideas in crafting and decorating. Best Wishes for continued success.

  70. There isn’t anything about any of your magazines that I don’t like. They are beautiful photographed and well written. I love everything shabby and wish I had more of it in my own home – working on it 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity. Even if I don’t win the print copy, you have very generously shared it with all of us and that’s a huge gift. Thank you.

  71. I love to see more shabby chic! I am not too familiar with the publication, but would like to be!

    Thank you so much!

  72. I live in Minnesota, USA and with the extreme cold and wind chill it is nice to be able to curl up with your magazine and stay warm and just enjoy all the ideas.
    Thanks for all you do.

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