Homemade Lavender Balls

Do you love the gentle and calming scent of lavender? With its multitude of uses, there’s no wonder that this 2000 year old herb is still a popular favorite for scenting homes. I’ve used lavender in many ways over the years, but this is the first time I’ve made lavender balls… and they … [Read more...]

The shabby little houses on Ric-Rac Street

Wouldn’t it be grand to live on a street where the road was made of candy floss pink ric-rac. . . With sweet little houses created from Shabby Fabrics and scrappy patches.   A street where the flowers are petite crochet blooms with French knot centres. . . And all the houses in the … [Read more...]

Heart on a wire

Hello!  I am Kelly from My Soulful Home.  This week marks my 6th month as a blogger. Each day has brought new challenges, opportunities and friends my way.  Kerryanne is one of those friends, so it is with great excitement that I guest post here at the Shabby Art Boutique.  … [Read more...]

Cream and white delight

I’ve done something today that some of you may consider. . . unthinkable.     I delved into my vintage button collection. . . and used about 100 of them. But before anyone has heart flutters, think of it this way. . . Instead of storing them in a bottle, they are … [Read more...]

Shabby French handbag organiser

Week 4 of Simply Christmas... can you believe it?   With just 33 days left in the Christmas countdown we need to be ticking some more handmade gifts off our list.   This is one I completed over the weekend.   If you are anything like me, then you know the … [Read more...]