Shabby Fall Projects Using Fabric Scraps

I was in my craft room today when I sat back for a moment and admired my shabby fall decor…. it looks so soft and pretty.

Whilst I was daydreaming about shabbilicious pretties, it struck me that nearly all of my fall projects utilised just small pieces of fabric and were perfect for those crafters that keep a scraps bag… which in my experience, is most of us!

I keep even the smallest scraps, because even they can be used as a scrappy patch on an embroidery or handmade card.


How to make fall pumpkins from fabric scraps at Shabby Art Boutique

So, if you have a bag of fabric scraps, here are a few projects that you can put together for fall using what you already have.

Trio of Shabby Fabric Pumpkins

I have a full tutorial HERE for making my fabric pumpkins.

Fall pumpkin trio tutorial from Shabby Art Boutique

Easy Faux Patchwork Frame for Fall

Here’s the perfect DIY project for using all those tiny scraps of left-over fabric… it’s a faux patchwork frame. Get the full tutorial HERE.

Easy Faux Patchwork Pumpkin Coasters

This is another tutorial that uses small scraps of fabric and the easy faux patchwork technique. Get the step-by-step tutorial HERE.

You may have noticed that I used a similar colour palette of fabrics throughout these projects that give them a cohesive look in my decor.

Fall pumpkin coasters tutorial by Shabby Art Boutique

Fabric Mushrooms

I added a romantic touch to my fall decor with these sweet fabric mushrooms. The pattern was from one of my Tilda books and uses only small pieces of coloured fabric for the mushroom tops. You can read about this project and the book I got the pattern from HERE.

DIY Fabric Peonies

I know peonies aren’t really fall flowers, but I tuck my DIY fabric peonies into all my shabby vignettes, as they soften the overall look, add texture and are just simply gorgeous!

Find out how easy they are to make HERE.

I hope these fabric scrap projects have inspired you to make your own shabby fall decor.

Happy crafting


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Fabric scrap projects for Fall by Shabby Art Boutique


  1. Love the stack of pumpkins. The fabric line you use is gorgeous.

  2. Jacqueline Hale says:

    Beautiful projects!

  3. I always love your pumpkins Kerryanne and your peonies are fabulous.
    The weather here in the UK has certainly taken a damp turn and although temps during the day are quite good the mornings & evenings are very chilly. The weather men promised us an “Indian Summer” in September but as the month is nearly done and there hasn’t been any sign of things improving I think we have to take it that they got it wrong – again.
    Toni xx

    • The poor old weather men rarely get it right Toni. I’m glad you are still getting reasonable days… before the big chill takes hold.
      Happy crafting my friend. Hugs xx

  4. Shirley Flavell says:

    These are so beautiful,they make me smile and feel happy to see such lovely things. I adore this pumpkins . Your bunny is also lovely and the dress and shoes. Who wouldn’t want to make one. Thank you for the tutorial/pattern. Best wishes for your changes you are doing.

    • Hi Shirley, thank you sweetie. I think a big blog tidy up was well overdue and having a ‘spring clean’ is perfect for my creativity levels too. So glad my fall pretties made you smile!
      Hugs – Kerryanne

  5. Oh I just love it all! I just can’t seem to get into my sewing “mojo” lately, but I want to.. especially when I see your darling designs and ideas.. and of course, that wonderful fabric just makes it shine. And fabric mushrooms? who would have thought…. and of course, still am hoping to make some shabby fabric pumpkins and love the pumpkin coasters. And also love the faux quilt pictures.. I keep all my scraps and just opened some bags of FORTY YEAR OLD scraps I’ve carried with me through the years, from house to house! I’ve washed them all and de-raveled them and now ready for a quilt.. but could also make some small things. Of course, the fabric is not so “shabby” as it is country and rustic, which were my favorites all those years ago. Lots of browns, mauve and dark blues. Please continue to inspire me! Marilyn

    • Oh, I hope you find your sewing mojo soon Marilyn. I think we all go through those stages from time to time. Hopefully my pumpkins will inspire you to get your fall crafting groove on!!
      Hugs – Kerryanne

  6. Your blog is one of the prettiest that I follow. I just love all the pastels and sweet, subtle shades that you use. Love those pumpkins.

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