Just arrived… new GreenGate

I’ve had the great pleasure of unpacking delivery boxes over the weekend.

In fact, four big Greengate boxes full of the new 2016 Summer Collection [squeal].

It is all as beautiful as I imagined it would be and just in time for Mother’s Day!!



There was an extensive catalogue to choose from and it was impossible to order it all due to wholesale quantities and cost, so I had to narrow my selection down.

I chose to go with the Marie Collection in pale blue.

Shown above are the Marie Latte Cups and 1 litre Jug.



This is the first time I’ve ordered the tea cups and I absolutely adore them.

They are much larger than a normal teacup, with a diameter of 11.5 cm… and I have to tell you, this is my new favourite teacup for my morning cuppa.



Also shown above is the Marie Teapot… but sadly, they have already all sold.

I opened up my GreenGate page to my Newsletter Subscribers for pre-release shopping for 2 days and naturally these new items were very popular.

I have to show you this close up (below) of the gorgeous detail that you get on each item… aren’t they divine!!



Latte cups are still my very favourite.

I’ve included the pale blue spot latte cup here to show you how easy it is to mix and match your GreenGate collections… which is so perfect for the cottage look.

Of course, I also have a supply of new Marie floral ceramic spoons back in stock too.



Also for the first time I have lovely Greengate tins. These come as a set of two; one pink stripe and one blue stripe (15.8 cm high).

I’ve already put a set in my craft room to hold supplies…. but maybe I need another set for tea and coffee in my kitchen?GreenGate Marie tins

You can see all these gorgeous new GreenGate pieces in my Boutique HERE.

All prices are in Australian dollars and I’ve provided a currency conversion link. The exchange rate makes it more affordable for my US friends at the moment.

As always, I’m happy to provide postage costs before shipping or answer any enquiries you may have about the new Greengate collection.

Happy days!

Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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  1. Wow! So pretty and cheery! What fun for you! Not at all surprised at the great sales. Happy Monday!

  2. They look so pretty Kerryanne – not surprised a lot sold to the newsletter folk.
    Toni xx

  3. These are just gorgeous! I’m definitely going to be ordering a few pieces for myself. My grandma always said a good tea set can make any afternoon tea a memorable get together.

  4. Hi Kerryanne are you selling the Greengare products as well please. So pretty

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