DIY – Holly & Pearl Garland

I like to use the first few weeks of November to prepare for Christmas.

No actual decorating as yet… just creating, making and getting ready.

Today’s project, a wool felt holly garland is one that will be used when I put up my white tree.


How to make a shabby holly & pearl garland

In all honesty, this project took me less than half an hour from drawing the template to putting my supplies away…. it’s definitely on the quick and easy list.

Not only that, this would be simple enough to make with young children.

How to make a shabby holly & pearl garland


Cream wool felt (or acrylic felt),

Pearl beads,

Ecru crochet cotton and a small sewing needle,

Small piece of card to make a template,

Pencil and scissors.

How to make a shabby holly & pearl garland

I drew a simple holly shape on a piece of card (mine was 8 cm long) and cut out to use as a template.

Place template on felt and trace around with a fine line pen. Cut holly shapes out, making sure you cut just inside the line so there are no pen marks showing on your holly.

Thread a length of crochet cotton (about 50 cm) onto your sewing needle. Make sure the needle you choose fits through the hole in the pearl bead.

You can make your garland as long as you like, but only use small sections of cotton, no longer than 50 cm as it will knot up and get tangled if it is longer. I attached about 5 holly leaves onto the garland and then knotted the cotton and cut off any excess. Thread up your needle and continue the process for the next 5 holly leaves.

How to make a shabby holly & pearl garland

To assemble, use a running stitch through the center of the holly. When you get to the end, knot the cotton, add a pearl bead and then knot the cotton after the bead again. Continue your running stitch through the next holly leaf.

Repeat this process until your garland reaches the length you require.

Tip: don’t just think about this garland for your tree. You could use it to wrap around gifts, in your table settings, hung on a wall or doorway etc.

Happy crafting


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  1. Love the cream & pearl colours together. Great idea.
    Toni xx

  2. I love this idea! So beautiful and creative!

  3. What a beautiful and so chic garland!

  4. Such a simple sweet idea! Very elegant in the cream 🙂

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