From trash to… Shabbilicious Treasure

Creativity can be messy…

I know many creative people thrive in a messy environment and having a less structured work area, but I tend to function better with a tidy desk and everything in its correct place.

Ah yes, I’m a little bit of a perfectionist!



Sometimes my life gets so busy and one crafty project leads into another…

And before I know it, I’m confronted with a craft room that is way beyond messy.

I’m honest enough to admit that this week my creative space looked like someone had ransacked the place and overturned and thrown open every possible box.

I’d much rather spend my time crafting, but the day had come when I could do nothing else until some resemblance of order had been returned to my craft room.



So I attacked the job with all the precision of an army exercise and I had really made some headway with packing up and re-organizing… until I found a pile of bottle caps on my desk.

My hubby recently had a collection of these ready to go out to the recycle bin, when I saw them in a new light… mini frames, mixed media art, magnets… so many possibilities!

They were quickly rescued and added to the ever growing chaos on my crafting desk.



Today, when I should have been seeing out the mission to take control of the craft room…. I succumbed!

The desire to play create with the bottle caps was distracting.

I simply cleared a spot in the creative clutter on my desk and began creating.



In amongst the junk pile of offcuts, scraps and throw away bits and pieces, were the very items I needed to make Bottle Cap Magnets.

I cut circles of pretty paper with a 1 inch circle punch.

Next I glued on silk flowers, paper flowers, cute paper cut outs, bits of fabric, ribbon and lace… almost anything of a miniature nature can be used to add visual interest to the bottle cap frame.



A magnetic strip was cut to size and small magnetic squares were adhered to the back of the bottle caps.

For now, I’ve added them to the front of a vintage metal tin… where they can hold a special note, shopping list or simply just ‘BE’.

This was a fun and relaxing crafty project… but alas, the craft room tidy up still awaits!


I hope you are inspired by my creative days,


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  1. What pretty magnets Kerryanne. A lovely way to ‘pretty-up’ a magnetic noticeboard or the door of a family fridge.
    Toni xx

  2. shirley flavell says:

    That looks quite amazing, so beautiful and who would have thought of using bottle caps like that. Totally inspiring. Shirley

  3. Your magnets are gorgeous, Kerryanne.

  4. What a lovely way to use bottle caps! It seems like whenever my husband has something to drink with a bottle cap it gets quite bent from using the bottle cap opener on it. Perhaps these were screw off caps. . . . . Thanks for sharing your absolutely lovely magnets!

  5. I’ve used bottle caps to frame small needle punched items. You can purchase the bottle caps at a craft store. (I found mine at Michael’s Arts & Crafts.) I love how you decorated yours – very pretty!

  6. Kerryanne this is super cute. Love the bottle caps as magnets. Really a cute idea.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  7. Oh my gosh Kerryanne – those bottle caps are works of art – what a fabulous idea !!!

  8. What a cute idea, and functional, too! So nice of you to share, Kerryanne!

  9. You can make anything look shabby, and I mean that in the nicest way !! From the upcycling to the creating, to that gorgeous old tin; this project sings to all our shabby hearts. Thanks fro keeping our world fresh with creativity. xo

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