From fallen leaves… to fall tags

Spring is just around the corner here in Australia.

Already our weather is warming up and the spring wattles are flowering throughout our neighbourhood.

At the same time, our friends in the northern hemisphere are seeing the early signs of fall creeping in.

It was fall that I was actually thinking of today while walking through the rainforest to the beach.



The forest floor is always littered with leaves, nuts and berries…. depending on the season.

I liked the colour and mottled appearance of these leaves, so brought a bunch of them home with me. Their faded natural colours make them perfect for a fall project.




The leaves were dry, yet still pliable. I thought they would make nice tags for a vintage look gift wrap… but could I write on them?

I started by carefully washing and drying them to remove any dirt and debris.

Then I punched a hole  at the top of the leaf and added an eyelet, so the tag could hang on a string cord.



I used a 3mm black Sharpie pen to freehand write the word ‘Enjoy’.

It was easier than I thought to write on the leaf.

Next came the second leaf with the remainder of the saying…

‘Enjoy… the little things’.



This fun repurpose duo could be used as a gift tag or even hung on a ribbon or cord.

I even like them tucked into this vintage book grouping.

Imagine the possibilities… tags personalized with a name or a special message!



Do you ever use natures bounty in your crafting?

Maybe next time you go for a walk you can stop… look around… and ‘enjoy the little things’ that sometimes go unnoticed.


Shabby Art Boutique - Leaf Tag project


Whether it is spring or fall in your part of the world,

I hope you have a fabulous day.

Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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  1. Your “fall” tags look fabulous. Mother Nature has turned the leaves a very shabbilicious burlap shade just perfect for your lettering.
    Can I please ask you about eyelets? Do you punch them through with a tool like with fabric or do they just sit in a pre-punched hole? I have some I bought at the scrapbooking shop that I would love to use.
    Thanks for blessing our day with your creations, yet again. xo

  2. These look lovely Kerryanne.
    I used to use a lot of pine cones and acorns in my crafting when I was younger. We lived just across from an old woodland area that was full of treasures. Now I am a short drive from a beautiful country park full of wooded areas but the tree types are different and there doesn’t seem to be the variety of ‘fall’ goodies.
    Toni xx

  3. This is lovely. I have to pin and remember it for when our leaves begin to change!

  4. Kerryanne,
    This is so charming and creative. It really inspires me. I do enjoy collecting sticks and rocks and pieces from nature to create with. It’s interesting to think of you beginning your spring there. Here in the AZ mountains, fall is setting in. The leaves are just beginning to turn ever so slightly. I hope you have a beautiful spring and thank you so much for sharing your lovely project with it’s sweet reminder.

    Tamara xo

    • Thank you Tamara. I’m sure fall must be beautiful for you in the mountains. Where I live now we don’t have true seasons, so I miss the changing colours of the leaves in autumn. I once lived in a southern state of Australia where autumn was one of the prettiest seasons and we’d always travel up to the mountains to see the autumn trees in all their glory. 🙂

  5. Perfect idea for my Fall displays. I love to set the table with a sprinkle of fallen leaves…something my mom did and I always loved.
    Enjoy the change of season, looking forward to Fall in NC

    • What a fun idea for your fall table Jane. You could even write personal little notes in your handwriting on some of the leaves or names for place settings etc. Hope you have an amazing new season 🙂

  6. So sweet and clever Kerryanne. Fall has not gotten started here by us just yet but when it does I know what I will be doing with some of the fallen leaves. Have a great week.

  7. Oh Kerryanne! These are simply lovely and perfect for any Fall decor. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me. (once again)

    • The colours made me think of fall straight away Meegan… and it isn’t even fall here – lol. It’s always a pleasure to share and I’m even happier if I also manage to inspire someone too. xxx

  8. Just stunning Kerryanne. You make me feel like such an amateur…lol! In a good ‘must get better’ kinda way though! Love, Mimi xxx

    • I believe we all have our own individual talents Mimi… I’m sure you have many. I’m pleased that I have inspired you in some small way today 🙂

  9. Your fall leaf project is so original and awesome. Love idea of using them for tags. I have some eyelets but haven’t used them in years, guess it’s time to dig them out huh? and tool to use them. Now where is that? If the leaves are still pliable will they stay that way or is there some way to keep them pliable? Love how they look. Leave it to you to find way to make something beautiful and useable out of them.
    How incredible to be able to walk thru a rain forest to the beach, sure envy you. Can only imagine how your beach must look, calling both of us. i Miss living where there’s a beach but we do have a state park lake just 7 1/2 miles from our house, even tho we hqven’t gone one time all summer,double bummer for me. I love the water and am happiest around it. We lived in San Diego., CA for 21 yrs. and I spent as much time at beach as possible. my kids practically grew up at beach, especially youngest. . When we moved to MT from Ca we lived on a big lake just yards off end of our 20 acres. Spent lots of time down there also and we enjoyed our boat on the lake, sure miss that.
    Happy Week KeriAnne

    • Hi Jane Ellen, I’m not sure how long the leaves remain pliable. Maybe it depends on the type of leaves. Mine were definitely dried, but nor brittle, which meant I could put the eyelet in without causing any damage to the leaf. I hope you’ll give this project a go. Happy crafting ~ Kerryanne

  10. I love this Kerryanne! I do craft with pieces of nature and I too always wash everything thoroughly but I have never thought to write on leaves with a sharpie! I think I will do this for our Thanksgiving name tags this year to set at each table setting. xo Kerrie

    • I have to admit Kerrie, I’d never thought to write on the leaves either and I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to. I think this would look terrific for your Thanksgiving too. Hugs xxx

  11. Anita Dillard says:

    Hi Kerryanne, I’m sinning first thing this morning because I’m envying the walk through the rainforest to the beach!!! How beautiful that must be—Not to mention your beautiful natural handwriting–Is there anything you can’t do??? God has truly blessed you and that you use your gifts to bless us is our gain– Thanks for all you share with us–Love these ideas today–Fall is just starting here in South Carolina USA and I will go looking today for treasures to make something beautiful because I have someone to show me how!!! Have a great day–

    • Aww… that’s sweet of you Anita. I know I’m truly blessed to live in such an amazing place and I’m thankful every day. I’m afraid I bore my children when they walk with me because I see so many amazing things in the rainforest that I want to stop and look at. Nature can be incredibly beautiful if you stop to look. I hope you find some treasure today 🙂

  12. What a great idea, Kerry Anne! Your printing is beautiful! which adds so much to the great gift tag idea.
    Enjoy Spring where you live.

    • Thank you Debbie. I think anything handwritten or handmade adds a personal touch to a gift… and at least this one doesn’t cost anything. 🙂

  13. Such a lovely and clever idea. I pinned it for later!

  14. Teddee Grace says:

    Love this project! Your calligraphy is so beautiful. I think I’d need a teeny tiny stencil!

    • Thank you so much, but trust me it’s definitely not calligraphy… just swirly hand writing with a black pen. The perfectionist in me wishes it was neater, but between the slippery surface and the natural curves of the leaf it was never going to be perfect. Maybe it is that handwritten look that has appealed to readers! 🙂

  15. sooo clever and just darling! love it!


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