Simply Christmas Goes Sweetly Shabby!

G’day to everyone from the Meares’ Madhouse in QLD, Australia, home of “Tag Along Teddies” patterns – where the bears just want to ‘tag-along’ home with you!




Having been a guest for Kerryanne’s “Simply Christmas” event a few years ago, I’m ‘beary’ excited to have been invited to come and play again this year as we all try to put a little more of the “hand-made, home-baked” back into Christmas. Thanks for inviting me to come and play in your ‘sandbox’, Kerryanne! :0)

Life gets so darn busy and clogged up with the ‘have-to-do’ tasks that busy women world-wide juggle … family, friends, work, home, cooking, cleaning, hobbies, SLEEP!! … that it’s nice to plan to take a bit of time in the lead up to Christmas to take a breath, simplify a little and indulge in some hand-made and home-baked projects. Not only do most people appreciate the time and effort that goes into something we’ve created/cooked, we can enjoy the process as a bit of ‘time-out’. Or maybe that’s just one of MY peculiar quirky ways of looking at it?!

Since the gorgeous Kerryanne is also the “Crown-Princess of Shabby Chic”, I thought I’d share a quick, simple, FUN sewing project with you all that is a bit Christmassy and a bit shabby chic.

It’s one of several projects I designed for one of my patterns called “Sweetly Shabby Christmas” and even if you don’t consider yourself to be a patchworker/stitcher/sewing-machine operator, I’d encourage you to ‘have a go’ at this pretty project. It’s a ‘sweetly shabby’ Christmas stocking that would be lovely by itself, or you can fill it with special treats. And if you follow my lead and make it out of non-Christmassy fabrics … you might just end up leaving it hanging up all year round!


Sweetly Shabby Christmas stocking


I hope you have fun creating some sweetly shabby Christmas stockings … I’d love to see some photos of finished projects! And I would like to beat the rush and get in early by wishing you all a very safe, happy, restful hand-made, home-baked Christmas … and remember the Reason for the Season!



Sweetly Shabby Christmas Stocking Instructions

Finished size: 9”longx7 1/4” across toe (23cmx18.5cm)


· 10”x20” iron-on pellon

· Fabric 1 – 10”x15” piece

· Fabric 2 – 10”x10” piece

· Fabric 3 – 10”x10” piece

· Fabric 4 – 20”x3” for frill

· Fabric 5 – 15”x3” piece for binding

· 10”x20” Lining fabric

· 8” length of matching ribbon to hang stocking

· Contrasting stranded embroidery thread

· Two contrasting ¾” diameter buttons (rosette flower centres)

· Dental floss or extra strong thread

Download the template from HERE




1. From iron-on pellon cut 2×9”x10” (23cmx25.5cm) rectangles.

2. (cutting for fabrics listed in placement order)

For the FRONT panel: from fabric 1 cut 1×9”x3” (23cmx7.5cm); from fabric 2 cut 1×9”x5” (23cmx12.5cm); from fabric 3 cut 1×9”x3” (23cmx7.5cm).

For the BACK panel: from fabric 1 cut 1×9”x2” (23cmx5cm); from fabric 3 cut 1×9”x6” (23cmx15cm); from fabric 2 cut 1×9”x3” (23cmx7.5cm).

3. For each panel, lay the top strip on the iron-on side of the pellon (bumpy glue side) along the top edge. Lay second strip right side down on first strip & stitch through all three layers (pellon, first strip, second strip). Fold second strip out flat so it lays along the pellon & carefully press … don’t let the iron touch the glue on the pellon or your iron will end up sticky! Repeat this process for the third strip. ( see below)


Tag Along Teddies - tutorialCollage


4. On the BACK of front panel, trace stocking outline. Place back & front panels right sides together, matching bottom strip seams, & stitch around the stocking shape leaving the top open.

5. Trim around stocking 1/4” from stitching, but ON the line across the top of the stocking. Clip rounded sections & turn right side out.

6. Fold lining fabric in half right sides together & trace the stocking outline on the wrong side – be sure to REVERSE the shape for the lining. Stitch on the line & cut out as per steps 4 & 5, but don’t turn through … Leave the lining inside out.

7. Slip the lining inside the pieced stocking, matching front & back seams & ensuring the toe is pushed right down inside the stocking. Secure with a pin on the front & back seams … Which need to be opened out flat.

8. From fabric 4 cut 1×11 1/2”x2 1/4 (29cmx6.5cm) for top binding; cut length of ribbon 8” (20cm) for hanging loop. (you could also use a strip of ripped fabric for your loop)

9. Bring short ends of ribbon together & pin on the back seam of the stocking so the ends are even with the raw edges & the loop hangs down the back seam of the stocking.

10. Bring short ends of binding strip together, right sides facing & sew to join. You now have a binding loop. With the seam flat, fold the loop in half lengthways (around) with the wrong sides facing & press.




11. Matching the binding seam to the back seam of the stocking, slip the binding loop over the stocking, matching raw edges & pin in place. Sew around to attach binding using a scant 1/4” seam. Take folded edge of binding to the inside of the stocking & slip stitch in place as you would for quilt binding.

12. From fabric 5 RIP 1×20”x1” (51cmx2.5cm) strip. Join short ends to form a loop. Finger press seam out flat.

13. Run a gathering thread around the middle of the strip lengthways. Slip it over the stocking & gently gather to fit. Pin in place.

14. Using 4 strands of a contrasting embroidery thread, attach the frill to the stocking using large decorative running stitch, starting & finishing at the centre front of the stocking. Make sure your thread is long enough to tie the start & end of the thread together in a double knot to secure, then a double bow to decorate. Trim thread ends to tidy up.

15. From two contrasting fabrics rip 1×10”x1 1/2” (25.5cmx4cm) strip.

16. Fold each strip to bring short edges together, right sides facing & sew together. Finger-press seams flat.

17. Using dental floss or other strong thread, hand stitch large running stitches along one edge of each flower ‘loop’, 1/8” from edge. (if one of your strip edges is neat from being cut, gather this edge as it will be hidden under the centre button.) Draw gathering in tight & knot securely.

18. Attach rosette flowers to stocking by placing a contrasting button 3/4” in diameter in the centre of rosette & stitching through button, rosette flower & stocking.


Your Sweetly Shabby Stocking is FINISHED! It is now ready for Santa to fill with sweet shabby chic gifties … or it could hang in your shabby chic lounge room all year round to remind you to keep Christmas alive in your heart all year! :0)


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  1. Hi Kerryanne! What a lovely giveaway! Kris is so nice to share her lovely creation! I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance! Blessings from Bama!

  2. Aww Such a sweet idea. Love the stocking tutorial.

  3. Vicki Bartels says:

    What a wonderful blog. Love your teddies.

  4. Kris’ shabby stocking is gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. I love your shabby little stocking with the CHOCOLATE bears sticking out. Chocolate always catches my eye. Thanks for the chance to win. The tutorial is so easy to follow. I have my fingers crossed.

  6. Super stocking and how fabulous to have a chance to win.
    Thank you Kerryanne & Kris for sharing this lovely make.
    Toni xx

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