Confessions of a Housewife

Hi… I’m Kerryanne and I’m a housewife… and I say that with a great deal of pride!

Over the next few days 14 amazing bloggers are getting together for the Hearts at Home tour and I’m thrilled to be sharing my heart with you on day 1 of the tour.


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I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have been a housewife and stay-at-home mum, while running a small home based business for the past 20+ years. Now that I’m at the other end of the stay-at-home mum cycle I can say that with absolute confidence.

It’s a personal choice my husband and I made together before we married. I don’t for one minute take anything away from those incredibly hard working mums who work outside the home, while juggling the demands of family life and keeping a house. This was a choice that was right for us.


Banana muffins served with honey, blueberries and cream cheese. Recipe HERE


In fact, for a great many years while my children were young, I felt that being a housewife and stay-at-home mum was belittled by society. I definitely felt a little old fashioned amongst my group of friends… they were sort of ‘Sex and the City’ and I was a bit more Carol Brady, minus Alice the housekeeper of course.

That’s not to say I haven’t known the joys of a ‘Manhattan or Cosmopolitan’…. and when I got together with my own group of Carries, Samantha’s, Miranda’s and Charlotte’s we too gossiped about our sex-lives (or lack thereof) and discussed new ways to deal with our kids and being a woman in the 90’s.

It’s just that they didn’t share the same ideal of making their house a home in quite the same way that I did.


Shabby Art Boutique Scented Room Spray 5

Tutorial HERE


When I was a child I wanted to grow up and be just like my mum. I wanted to bake cakes and clean house, grow things in my garden and take care of the children. That’s what many mums in the 60’s did.

Then the world kind of changed and women’s roles changed… for the better of course, but I still yearned to be an apron wearing mummy playing house.

Over 24 years of marriage we’ve had 3 homes… each one different to the previous one, but all filled with the same homeliness.


Shabby Art Boutique - drop cloth linen

Drop cloth linen… tutorial HERE


I am the quintessential apron wearing homemaker. I bake, cook from scratch, grow my own veggies and herbs, make my own cleaning products… and for a time I even made my children’s clothes. That was before they got their own voice and told me in no uncertain terms that it was ‘not cool’.

It’s funny how everything is cyclical. . . now that vintage is in and my teenagers want to re-invent thrifted vintage finds, it is quite okay for mum to whip out the old Singer for a few alterations!


DIY easy bag top doorstop… tutorial HERE


Making my house a home is what makes me happy.

Knowing that I made something from scratch and with natural ingredients gives me great satisfaction.

And… creating a home that provides a loving environment for my family to prosper and grow in is my life achievement.

I’m a housewife… and I’m proud of that!


Shabby Art Boutique homemade cleaning recipes 2

Homemade cleaning products HERE & HERE


My heart is very definitely in the home and here on my blog I share many of the things that I make, bake and create to make my house a home. Click on any of the photos and links above for fun tutorials or visit my tutorials page.


These days I’m feeling a bit more in vogue. All those old values and ‘Carol Brady’ ways are back ‘IN’ again. Lots of people are baking and cooking from scratch. They are growing their own produce and making their own cleaning products. Pinterest is full of pinned ‘housewifey’ goodness.

‘OLD’ is the new black. . .

and housewives can wear an apron and still be sexy….

Quick, pass me a Cosmopolitan while I whip up a batch of choc chip cookies.


Shabby Art Boutique - Choc Chip Cookies


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  1. Kerryanne, I absolutely LOVED this post! I, too, feel lucky and blessed to be a housewife — some days more than others, of course! But, it is so important to me to do all the things my mother did — cook meals from scratch, nest and keep the home fires burning. And, isn’t it funny that it’s all in vogue again — it’s now cool to be a nester?

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart today. This is what I love about these tours — getting to know great women just like you!
    Happy Day!

    • Kerryanne says:

      Thank you Julie. Everything seems to have a cycle… I must have started out being a housewife when being at home was not the ‘IN’ thing, but I’m pleased to see it becoming more popular again. It’s a difficult job and not financially rewarding, but for those of us who can make that choice, we are blessed many times over. It’s going to be a great tour and I’m looking forward to your post. 🙂

  2. Oh I just loved this post so much Kerryanne!!! I proudly declare that I’m a housewife and stay-at-home mom too and have never done anything more rewarding! It’s been by far my most challenging job but I wouldn’t trade these years for anything in the world. You have so many amazing projects that I can’t wait to check out more and I’m thrilled to be part of this tour with you! 🙂

    • Kerryanne says:

      Challenging… oh yes, I’m hearing you Vanessa. Anyone who thinks being a housewife is boring has never lived in a house with toddlers or teenagers. Thanks for visiting with the tour. 🙂

  3. amen tp that sister! love this post and your prespecitive. I struggled with the transition from a have it all career to stay at home mom, but now there’s no job in the world that I want more then exactly what I am doing right now then taking care of my home, husband and children..Thanks for sharing your lovely voice and projects.

    • Kerryanne says:

      Laura, I’m glad that you too have discovered the joy of simply being a nurturer. It’s not for everyone, but for those of us who do enjoy it, it is the most satisfying job in the world. Thanks for visiting me today on the tour.

  4. You banana muffins look delicious! I have to try your recipe!

  5. Kerryanne….I toast a cosmo to you the uber- talented “housewife”! With all you do and have accomplished I love that you refer to yourself as a housewife. Done with way you do it, with creativity, flair, style & skills – it is certainly the best job around. Thank you for really sharing bits of you and for all the tutorials. I just put down the Windex & swear to make my own cleaning products after the lemons ripen on my tree! Love what you are all about girl friend. I love that we share the same spirit…Just wish we shared the same continent!

    • Kerryanne says:

      I wished we were in visiting distance too Kelly. I really do see myself as a housewife… that’s my priority. All the other stuff is what I do in my free time (or when everyone else sleeps) lol.
      It’s going to be a great tour Kelly. Thanks for organising it and for asking me to take part in it.
      Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  6. What a wonderful post Kerryanne.
    I fall into the “D.I.N.K” category (duel incomes, no kids) so have always worked full-time but have tried to be a homemaker too. Your hints/tips and creativity have helped to inspire me. I am always amazed at all the things that you manage to achieve – do you ever sleep **chuckle**.
    Toni xx

    • Kerryanne says:

      Ahh… sleep is over rated Toni 😉
      I just get a lot out of my day, plus this creative brain rarely relaxes. I’m always thinking about my next project. One day it’ll slow down or run out of ideas I’m sure.

  7. You are amazing! Your home is beautiful and you are make everything from scratch! Wow,well I am working on making more from scratch too.Wish I could have a veggie garden,I am hoping to try a little this summer.You have inspired me 🙂

    • Kerryanne says:

      To be honest Anne, I had to get into the natural and healthy cooking early when I had an allergy baby. My Jess was allergic to almost everything, so we ate organic and I made everything that went in her mouth. Now it just tastes right. I guess we are also blessed to live in a climate that allows a vegie garden all year round. thanks for visiting on the tour.

  8. lovely post, kerryanne! you make everything special!

  9. I was a stay at home mom too and now, years later, I still am absolutely positive it was the right choice. I have no regrets. I enjoyed learning more about you and am happy to be on the tour with you! ~Ann

    • Kerryanne says:

      Thanks for visiting Ann. I love the whole nurturing thing and am happiest when I’m looking after others.It was definitely the right choice for us too, but I respect that it is not for everyone. Looking forward to visiting you on the tour.

  10. I would love to come over and drink Cosmopolitans with you and bake cookies together! I was a stay-at-home mom and housewife when my kids were little. Best job I ever had! 🙂

  11. Lovely story

  12. Everything does cycle back around. When I had my children… it was not cool to stay home with them. I did for a short while and loved every minute of it. BTW, my mom used to make our clothes and we said the same thing. We look back at pictures and laugh!

    • Glad I wasn’t the only mum torturing their kids with homemade clothes – lol. If only my children knew how many hours I spent sewing, smocking and embroidering. I hope one day to have grandchildren so I can torture them too with beautiful homemade clothes 🙂
      Thanks for visiting Danelle

  13. Awesome post! Yay for stay at home moms!

    – Alma, The Tablescaper


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