A very Tilda Christmas

I realise that any talk of Christmas is probably freaking out more than a few of you. . .

But seriously, it is only 125 days away!

And with these beautiful designs to entice me I can’t wait to get started on a handmade Christmas.


Shabby Art Boutique Tilda 3


Tilda’s new Sweet Christmas Collection will take you back to a time when every Christmas decoration was handmade.

The beautiful bird, angel and polar bear designs will inspire you with their gorgeous nostalgic feel.


Shabby Art Boutique Tilda 4


The colours are so soft and dreamy. . .

Don’t you think they are just perfect for a shabby, vintage Christmas?


Shabby Art Boutique Tilda 2


The Sweet Christmas Collection will be in stock in the coming weeks, along with the Corner Store Collection.

Did you see the sneak peeks in my last post HERE.


Shabby Art Boutique Tilda 5


I for one am looking forward to seeing all the new designs, papers, fabrics and embellishments and can’t wait to get creative with them.

Those gorgeous polar bears are on the top of my ‘To Make’ list. . . and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to stop at just one!!




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  1. I don’t mind talking about Christmas at all – you write about 2 of my favorite things: Tilda and Christmas! Oh, I am just drooling over all these enticing photos, Kerryanne. I adore Tone Finnanger’s latest lines – swoon!

    • Kerryanne says:

      I knew you’d love them Susan. I’m loving that Tone Finnanger is giving her Scandinavian theme a more vintage feel too with the last few collections.

  2. rosa lily says:

    I adore Tilda, the more the better x

  3. You can talk about Christmas all you want Kerryanne because you always do the Festive season so well.
    Those photos are delightful and as you say – all perfect for a super Shabby chic Christmas.
    Toni xx

  4. it’s all so sweet–i esp. love the cute dolls with their sweaters and leggings.!

  5. Christmas will be here before we know it, and you have a beautiful start. It’s all so adorable.

    • Kerryanne says:

      Thanks Rosemary. I think the last quarter of the year is always my favourite with Christmas and summer for us in the southern hemisphere.

    • Kerryanne says:

      I’ve got the urge now to throw myself into Christmas prep Rosemary. We don’t have Halloween, fall or Thanksgiving here, so spring and Christmas are our next big events.

  6. I love those polar bears. Can’t wait for Christmas this year!

  7. I don’t like Christmas, but Tone’s design inspire me to do beautiful things all over the year! I live in Brazil and our december is so summer hot and sunny…
    Can’t wait to make a polar bear! Maybe it could refresh my days… 🙂

  8. Gladis Benites says:

    Hello Kerryanne, I love your blog, I hope I was in Austrália to see your THINGS personally!
    Afew weeks ago, I wrote to you how to get the two new books of Tone Finnanger, which you
    told me to go to Book Depository in UK. I did it but to no avail, there’s nothing about the Sweet
    Christmas nor Corner Shop Collection.
    At Amazon.com I went several times and I cannot find them or a per order.
    Is it possible to order in Australia those two books? Please let me know
    My name is: Gladis Benites
    Thank you and have a wonderful week,

    • Hi Gladis,
      There are not 2 books, just the one called Tilda’s Sweet Shop. It is a brand new and about to be released book that combines the fabrics, papers and designs from Tone’s 2 new collections that are just being released. The Book Depository were taking pre-orders a few weeks back but I see today they have removed it from their collection. It may be that they have already sold the first shipment. I have several on order to sell when my stock arrives, so you can order from me if you don’t mind the postage. All the Tilda stock is running late as I’ve been waiting on an order for several weeks. As soon as it arrives I will let you know here on my blog and facebook.
      Happy crafting,

  9. I am new to tilda but love the images fabric and hope to start making dolls and cards. I have trouble finding items the cost is high and then add s/h to that. If you know of any sites in U.S. I have looked on several but they don’t have very much. I have a store on etsy and I have found 2 shops on etsy that carry tilda products. I am interested in stamps but not the magnolia. The older stamps are hard to find, I have one. I also have copied some images to print. I have not found any digital images for sale. Any info would be appreciated. Love your blog. Thanks Barbara

    • Hi Barbara, unfortunately Tilda is not distributed to the US, so you won’t see much of it around your part of the world. I ship worldwide, but international postage is expensive. The one thing in your favour though is the dollar exchange. Our Aussie dollar is low at present.
      Happy crafting,

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