Do Not Disturb….. I’m wrapping!

So how do you wrap?

Seriously. . . I really do want to know.

Not because I’m nosy, but I’m wondering how other people do it.

Shabby Art Boutique vintage door hanger 2

Are you the organised wrapping station kind of gal. . . with everything laid out and ready to go.

Or perhaps you are more last minute, rushing around and hoping like mad that you have enough paper. . . on Christmas eve. . . after the shops have closed!


One of my favourite Christmas activities is wrapping the presents.

It appeals to me on so many levels. . . I love giving gifts to others. . . I actually do enjoy wrapping gifts up all pretty and Christmassy. . . and there is a little part of me that likes the secrecy aspect of it too!

When my children where young I employed all kinds of tip-toeing around antics to noiselessly wrap the gifts after their bed time. . .

But now that they are teenagers I can hide away behind a closed door and take as long as I like to wrap up my gifts. . . . I even tantalise them with the very fact that I’m off to wrap their presents. . . and so this very act of gift wrapping was the inspiration behind my ‘do not disturb’ sign.

Shabby Art Boutique vintage door hanger 4

It’s another very quick and easy vintage themed project to add a homemade touch to your Christmas home.

All you need for this project is:

A purchased door hanger,

My printable graphic downloaded from HERE,

Mod Podge (and squeegee if you have one),

Sand paper (or a coarse nail file).

Shabby Art Boutique xmas door hanger 1


I printed my graphic out on matt photo paper, but if you’d prefer a more faded vintage look, just print on normal paper using normal printer settings.

Adhere the graphic to the door hanger and smooth out any bubbles. Leave to dry.

Sand off the excess paper using a scrap of sand paper, sanding pad or a coarse nail file.

Shabby Art Boutique vintage door hanger 3


How simple and quick was that. . . now you can hang it on the door so everyone knows not to disturb you!

If you like the vintage print wrapping paper in these photos you can download that from HERE too.

Shabby Art Boutique vintage wrapping paper

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  1. Love the door-hanger Kerryanne.

    How do I wrap? Well, I normally sort my gifts and wrap them in colour themed batches…items for under my own tree have to co-ordinate with my decor theme (I know, a bit OCD – can’t help it LOL). There is usually a colour theme for gifts I will be taking into work and another for friends and family that will be delivered elsewhere.

    You will normally find me sat on the floor in the loungeby the sofa. The gifts will be piled on the sofa and all the wrapping gubbins will be on the floor next to me.

    I went through a stage where all my gifts had to be ‘box-shaped’ so I would hang onto all manner of boxes throughout the year.I stopped this when a cousin ripped off the paper on her gift – saw the cereal box, and promptly went and put it in the larder. So much for the rather expensive hand-crafted wrap I had obtained from a craft fayre…

    Toni xx

  2. Brown paper, except for Santa gifts, they are wrapped in gold. I used to be “I want the pretty paper”, but then I was always OCD about the kids or cats messing them up after they were wrapped. So we bought brown package wrap. The kids cut what ever size they need and stamp/color/sticker it to death. I like more rustic wrapping with the brown and a red or green ribbon. They all sort of match in the end. This year my younger daughter has gone bananas for the vintage wrapping paper posted last week(?) and she is insisting that all stocking gifts are wrapped in that. I just nee a gameplan to get them printed and stashed until I’m ready. our youngest, who’s almost 9, still believes in Santa, and isn’t getting the hints we are trying to drop!

  3. Really cute!!

  4. The door hanger is so sweet and a perfect little “before Christmas” gift for my sister who loves wrapping gifts. I really do not enjoy it and have been known to take gifts over for my ancient mother to wrap for me since she also enjoys wrapping. (I do take her out for a nice lunch and get her a bottle of wine as payment for taking on my wrapping tasks!)

  5. Super cute! I just pinned it so that I can remember to tackle this one behind closed doors! Where did you pick up the door hanger? Are they just at the craft store?

  6. I go in our bedroom shut the door and go at it! Cute sign!

  7. First of all, I love that door hanger, Kerryanne! That would certainly have come in handy when my kids were teens and I was wrapping gifts. I think I’ll make one for myself anyway and one for my daughter.

    In our new place now, I spread myself out on the floor in the living room for the big stuff, making sure I have tape and scissors BEFORE I sit down. Since it takes me so long to get up again. For smaller things and clothing, I do the wrapping on our dining table. I had to print out tags tonight for the gifts I wrapped today since I realized I ran out! I’ll label them tomorrow, but I use a different gift wrap for each person so I know what gifts belong to who.

  8. What a cute idea! I love it. Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite things too. I think I will call what I do organized chaos. I usually lose the tape and scissors at least ten times 🙂

  9. The door hanger is too cute! We usually wrap the night before, gift wrap strewn out all over the bed!

  10. Super cute! I love it. My daughter is only 3, but I think I can start training here now that the door hanger means gifts are coming 🙂 Pinned!

  11. I also love to pack gifts.And even worked in a shopping center in the department of gift wrapping.
    Many thanks for the great idea

  12. Love this idea. I need to find a door hanger.

  13. Absolutely adorable!! I definitely need one of these for my home. Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  14. That’s so cute. I wrap while my kids are at school so there’s no issue, but this is so adorable.

  15. I love that wrapping paper! What a fun idea for a vintage Christmas!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  16. Great Idea. I love this!

  17. Hi Kerryanne, I’m a new visitor. I found you over at Debbie Doo’s Pinterest Pinning Party. This is a fantastic idea, and one that I am definitely putting to good use! My sister and I have started a tradition, over the last few years, of wrapping our presents together while watching The Princess Bride. The only catch is that she lives in Washington state and I’m in Missouri! At the given time, we both start the movie so we can text each other our favorite lines as they come up. It’s hilarious, but lots of fun. Have a great day!

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