Shabby Roses Tutorial

I’m feeling very naughty today [giggle]. . . I have a confession – I played hooky this afternoon when I should have been finishing projects in the studio. Please don’t be angry. I promise, cross my heart and all, that I will write the pattern first thing tomorrow morning.

After my morning class today I had planned to write up some new pattern instructions, which lets be honest, it’s my least favourite studio job. I thought to myself. . . hmmmm, what would I rather be doing? Well, with so many lovely materials to distract me it was pretty easy to find a more inspiring project. Yep, total lack of will power today my friends.

Do you want to see what I got up to?

Sure you do. . .

Take some tea stained muslin and a large pearl bead and in just a few minutes you have a shabby rose.


Here’s how I made mine:

  • Rip a strip of fabric. Mine was approximately 4 cm wide by 70 cm long.
  • Gather the strip of fabric so it s about half the length.

1 2

  • Attach a pearl bead to one end of the gathered strip. Wind the fabric around the bead, hand stitching in place as you rotate.
  • Continue winding and stitching the fabric around the rose until you reach the end.

For the rose in the middle I used two strips of fabric together; muslin and cheesecloth and made the rose in the same way as the others.


So what do we love almost as much as shabby roses?

Shabby ruffles of course!!

What a great combination – shabby roses and ruffles. Can you guess what I made?




Just the cutest ever vintage look market bag with shabby roses and ruffles.



If you’d like the instructions to make the bag too, pop over here to see my burlap market bag tutorial.

I’m rather pleased with my new bag and look forward to venturing out to a Sunday market this weekend.

Hugs ~ Kerryanne




  1. The market bag is adorable and a project that appeals to me as I have been a bag lady for just about forever. What a great idea. If you’re going to play hooky this is a good way to do it.

  2. How can we be angry. I love the roses & the bag is absolutely gorgeous. Will have to make it.

  3. Hey Kerryanne! Oooh errrr!!! Naughty girl playing hooky! Ah … who am I kidding, I play hooky more often than not … especially when the task at hand is writing instructions … YUCK!!! :0) Your new bag looks fabulous … I can see you will be the envy of all you meet at the markets … bet you get asked where you got it! :0) Thanks for the shabby rose tute … I can see I shall have to have a little play, too! :0) Happy instruction writing tomorrow! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  4. Now that was a fab way to play hooky – beautiful bag. Just love those roses.

    Toni xx

  5. Cute bag and the roses are lovely. Must have a go at that!

  6. You’re right – who can resist a ruffle. And I’m pretty sure I have some beads similar to that. And I’m pretty sure (!) I have some fabric. Too bad I’m at work right now. Guess what I’ll be doing later? Thanks.

  7. Gorgeous roses and ruffles! I think we’ll well and truly forgive you for playing hooky!

  8. Absolutely goreous Kerryanne!!!!

  9. glad you played hooky!! everything you make looks supreme…
    thanks for the lesson

  10. Hi Kerryanne,
    Ah, I made something similar to this flower earlier this week. Great minds think alike.

    Love the bag, its very you!
    I’ll go take a look at the pattern.

    Have a wonderful, creative weekend and Happy Mothers Day.

  11. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day. Michelle

  12. I just love your market bag, I must dig out my sewing machine and overlocker and put them to use.
    How could you feel guilty playing hooky when you have such a lovely result.

  13. Molto bello!! Complimenti!! 🙂
    I’m italian girl, you can visit my little and new blog,
    see you soon

  14. Hello, je viens de découvrir votre blog, je suis enchantée,je pense y revenir plus souvent.Tout est trés beau et bien expliqué.Et en plus il y a la traduction ce qui n’est pas toujours le cas, pourtant c’est si facile de rajouter translate.bravo, continuez.A bientôt

  15. Such interesting ideas!Thank you!

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