How to make altered vintage aprons

Today we are going all granny chic… Although my inspiration for apron wearing comes from my grandmother, I’m pretty sure her aprons never looked anything like mine. My nan’s aprons were more the basic gingham variety with maybe a little simple pocket embroidery. Aprons of that era were … [Read more...]

My Grandmother’s Apron

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know of my love for the humble apron. My affection for aprons started young… way before it was even an ‘in thing’ to wear aprons and certainly at an age when my friends were not sharing the same devotion for such outer attire. I’m sure this … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Day tag for you!

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, I thought I’d share a few last minute handmade gift ideas with you today. When I was a young girl my mother liked handmade gifts for Mother’s Day. It’s a tradition that has endured through the decades and one that I encouraged my girls to do too.   … [Read more...]

How to dye and crinkle seam binding

Some of the techniques I use when crafting have been around for a long time. Often I just assume everyone else knows how to do it too, so it’s not until someone actually emails me and asks how I did it, that I think about sharing a particular technique.     So… today I’m going … [Read more...]

Project Planner Printable

I love days spent in my craft room… But not all of them are spent creating. Sometimes you have to clean up, plan ahead and restock… but that’s kind of fun too!!     I had one of those days yesterday… lots of tidying up and putting away. Don’t we all get a bit messy when we are … [Read more...]

Romantic Home Sewing

Having just recently rediscovered my love of reading, I’ve set myself a goal of reading at least one book per month throughout 2016. On the first Wednesday of each month I share one or more books here on my blog for ‘Book of the Month’. So… I did read several books this month; a novel, a business … [Read more...]

Printable Vintage Easter Tags

I love tags for adding a seasonal touch to your décor and gift giving… And today I have 3 printable vintage style tags for you to download and print.   They are gorgeous to add to an Easter gift, but could be used to add a vintage touch to your Easter décor as well. At 10 cm high (4 … [Read more...]

9 Shabbilicious Easter DIY Projects & Inspiration

It’s less than 2 weeks to Easter and my home has been filled with pretty Easter vignettes. I love opening my storage boxes at the beginning of a new season and being able to introduce new bits and pieces to my decorating. While it wasn’t intentional, looking around my open plan living areas … [Read more...]

Withered Beauty

There’s been very little time for crafting this past few weeks, so several unfinished projects lay abandoned in my craft room… and it’s a tad untidy in there I can tell you. I wandered in there tonight to get a pair of scissors and felt the urge to linger for a bit… take in my pretties… and perhaps … [Read more...]

Hello March!

I think I blinked and February disappeared. Do you feel the same way? It’s scary to think that another month of the year has so quickly disappeared… 2016 is moving too fast for me or maybe life is simply too busy!     Note to self: Make myself a priority once in awhile. It’s not … [Read more...]