Care Packages

You know you are going to love a book when a friend recommends it with this… “OMG… this book made me think of you. You absolutely have to get it!!” So of course I did… and yes, I absolutely do love it. The book is the recently released Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh.   Michelle … [Read more...]

From shabby scraps to shabbilicious garland

You know all those tiny scraps and off-cuts of pretty papers you have left over from craft projects… Don’t throw them out!! I have storage bags specifically for scraps… both paper and fabric.     It’s amazing what you can make using pretty leftovers. When I store the scraps I don’t … [Read more...]

DIY – Shabby Brown Paper Bag Pockets

Hey there, Come on in and pull up a seat. I thought you might like to sit awhile here in my creative space with me today. I’m working on a little ‘quickie’ craft project that might interest you too.     What I love about this kind of project is that you use what you have on hand. No … [Read more...]

Let’s have a chat about all things ‘shabby’

Hi shabbilicious friends, I always seem to be popping in with projects and DIY’s, so I thought I’d do a regular coffee and chat date with you here on the blog… You know, so I can keep you up to date on all the ‘little things’ that don’t warrant a post of their own, but still good to know. So grab … [Read more...]

Take time to recharge your creativity!

Dear self…. Sometimes you need to stop, take a deep breathe and just relax. Seriously, you need to take better care of yourself. Please allow some quiet time for you creativity to recharge. Love, Your Inner Muse xx   There are lots of ways to give your creativity a boost. Just having … [Read more...]

How to make altered vintage aprons

Today we are going all granny chic… Although my inspiration for apron wearing comes from my grandmother, I’m pretty sure her aprons never looked anything like mine. My nan’s aprons were more the basic gingham variety with maybe a little simple pocket embroidery. Aprons of that era were … [Read more...]

My Grandmother’s Apron

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know of my love for the humble apron. My affection for aprons started young… way before it was even an ‘in thing’ to wear aprons and certainly at an age when my friends were not sharing the same devotion for such outer attire. I’m sure this … [Read more...]

How to make mini felt flowers

Hi there my shabbilicious friends, In my last post I shared with you some creative gift wrapping using ready made embellishments. Having a stockpile of mini pretties means I can quickly throw together a card, tag or wrapped gift.     All of the embellishments I have here in … [Read more...]

Make it pretty!

Hey there shabbilicious friends, I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend. I’m back today all inspired after having some much needed time in my craft room over the weekend. Getting my hands dirty and dipping into the craft supplies certainly gets my creative juices flowing!     I know … [Read more...]

Sewing Matchbook Needle Keepers

I’m travelling again this week… and even though my frequent travels make life incredibly busy, there is an upside. Waiting in airports and sitting on planes means I have spare time up my sleeve and I’m never one to waste any ‘ME’ time. I’ve been reading and sewing and happily finishing off … [Read more...]