How to be content with ‘hygge’

Yesterday I shared my thoughts on embracing the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ and how it has allowed me to enjoy the little things.

Hygge is centred on enjoying life’s simple pleasures as part of your daily ritual…. making the ordinary feel extraordinary.

And today I thought I’d share a few of my own tips for how I’ve achieved more ‘hygge’ in my life. Of course, I don’t live in a cold climate like the Danes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t achieve cosiness in my beach house!

How to get more hygge in your life - Shabby Art Boutique


I started by surrounding myself with the things I love…

1. Soft Lighting

I’ve always used and loved candles and know how easily they change the whole ambiance of a room with the flickering of a flame and warm glow. Even in situations where I can’t use a naked flame, I use flameless candles with the same result.

While candles are one of the cornerstones of ‘hygge’, they are not the only way to create soft lighting. We prefer to use lamps at night instead of harsh overhead lights if greater lighting is required, but our go to for evening light are candles and fairy lights. There are many options these days for both plug in fairy lights and battery operated ones that can be popped into a vase or lantern.


[candles light by Susi Rydahl]

2. Cosy Soft Furnishings

Cushions and pillows are fabulous for adding pops of colour to your decor, but they also add a soft and cosy feel too. We have a collection of various throw rugs and cushions that get piled on our lounge chairs. Some people would think there were too many…. but we love the ‘homely’ feel an abundance of cushions adds.



[cushions and quilts by Ank of Lelofee]


3. Favourite Books, Music & Art

I’ve created a room that is calm and peaceful. It is filled with my favourite things…. books, music and art. It’s here that I like to meditate, read and create. The walls are the softest aqua that just instils the calmness and the furnishings are pastel and pretty. It’s my happy place that centres me and the place that I like to slow down and simply ‘linger’.


Shabby Art Boutique - craft room 4


4. Coffee…. and food

My husband and I enjoy cooking. It’s a process. We talk about what we are going to make, we shop, cook and eat together. I guess the fact that we live and work together 24/7 allows us the chance to do this… and it works for us. Preparing meals is no longer a chore. We talk, relax and enjoy the ambiance of creating a home cooked meal. It’s even more special when we have friends or family staying with us. Sitting back, relaxing and enjoying good food and company within the glow of a dozen candles is pretty special.

My own special treat is real coffee. Every morning I make my latte… the Japanese might have their tea ceremonies, but me, I have a coffee ritual. It’s a certain brand of coffee, the perfect cup and the right milk temperature. Nothing interrupts my mid morning coffee.


How to make homemade jam donuts - Shabby Art Boutique


5. Friends and Family

I am content with the world. My needs are basic and my life simple. When I have my family around me, I need little else… being together, sharing a meal, love and laughter makes life perfect. The process of setting the table, making it beautiful for the ones I love, cooking the food we’ll eat and all trying to squash into my tiny kitchen is what it is ALL about.

Similarly, relaxing with friends around a table laden with food and good wine, sharing stories from our week, laughing and enjoying the moment is very ‘hygge’. It’s not even about what we eat… it’s simply doing it together and being thankful for the opportunity.



So you see, it’s not hard to get a little ‘hygge’ in your life, but it does make a world of difference to your lifestyle.

May your life be filled with a little ‘cosiness’.



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  1. Some wonderful ideas Kerryanne Thank you for sharing.
    I love candle and the cosiness of cushions & throws.
    Toni xx

  2. Margaret says:

    What a gorgeous post. Beautiful pictures, lovely words.

  3. JaneEllen says:

    You paint a lovely picture of your life Kerryanne, am so happy for you. Do you feel it’s worth whatever effort you need to make your life that way?Hubs and I, I guess you could say we have” hygge”. We spend many days together staying home, going about our chores, having meals together, is peaceful and holds much joy in my heart, hopefully in hubs heart also. I love having this time together since we’ve gotten older, just passing the day, we’ve been married over 48 yrs.. We have our animals, dog, cat and chickens. It’s very quiet where we live, very peaceful.
    I too love ambience of candles and fairy lights, so peaceful and special feeling.
    Loved this post as I always do your posts, this one was little different, thank you for sharing. Nice to learn about a new idea for life and how to achieve it.
    Enjoy your weekend

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