Free Spring Watercolour Printable

Do you have a Spring or Easter colour palette?

Even though it is actually Autumn here in Australia, it is still very warm where I live so I always use a Spring theme for Easter.

I tend to layer…. whites and neutrals for furnishings and a mixture of pretty pastels for accessorising.

Hello Spring watercolour printable - free to download at Shabby Art Boutique

Of course Spring makes us think of a fresh start… flowers blooming, babies birthing, buzzing bees and eggs in nests…. all that cute and pretty stuff!

I’ve already shared with you my homemade nests I made last week and today I have a free printable for you to add to your Easter and Spring decor.

It’s a sweet nest full of baby bunnies that I painted with watercolours.

Free printable Spring watercolour art for Shabby Art Boutique

At 6” x 8” it’s the perfect size to tuck into vignettes.

You can download my ‘Hello Spring’  free watercolour printable here.

Save the .pdf file to your own computer and then print on good quality matt photo paper or directly onto watercolour paper.

Spring decor at Shabby Art Boutique

You can frame it, pop it on a clipboard or a small easel.

As with all of my designs, this printable is for personal use only.

Download this sweet watercolour printable for Spring. Artwork by Kerryanne English for Shabby Art Boutique.


Happy crafting,


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  1. These bunnies are just adorable Kerryanne. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
    Toni xx

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Hi KerriAnne Hope you are doing very well. The bunnies in nest are so sweet, makes me want to hold them. Am sucker for animal babies as well as adults. Don’t know how you do what you do, so talented. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, went straight to my heart.. If we could would have more animals. Am a sucker for strays.
    Was always taking in strays in KY, hubs said there must be some kind of sign on house “a sucker lives here”. The cat we have showed up one day and didn’t seem to want to leave, they must all talk to each other, the animals. We kept that cat, he is such a good kitty. Hard to think about him getting older, think he must be at least about 15 now if not older. Are you an animal lover?
    One of our chickens died few weeks ago and I cried over her. Was very hard when our cocker spaniel died, we’d had her since she was 4 1//2 months old and she lived to be little over 14 yrs. old. We have another rescue dog, he’s 8 yrs. old already, got him at a year. He’s black lab and border collie, so smart and loving .like our kid.
    Thanks again, enjoy rest of week.

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