A Maileg Look-a-like Mouse is in the House!

It’s no secret that I’m smitten with Scandinavian design… GreenGate, Tilda and Maileg are amongst my favourites.

Australia is a whole world away from Denmark, so anything Maileg is both hard to get and very expensive…

But I love the pure whimsy of their fabric toys, so I decided to set about making some of my own.



My little mouse isn’t exactly the same as the Maileg mice, but she has the same naivety that we love about this brand.



I made her from linen fabric and gave her sweet pink ears and an embroidered nose.

Next came a pale pink linen nightdress and a pretty patchwork quilt from Tilda fabrics.



And a wire bed for her to sleep in.

I don’t mind telling you, that simple wire bed took ten times longer to make than my little mouse…. but so worth it!



I suspect this is the first of many new ‘whimsy’ pieces and I plan to share all the patterns with you too.



Goodnight and sweet dreams,

Kerryanne xx


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  1. She’s adorable!!

  2. So clever. Sweetest little mouse!

  3. Absolutely adorable!!! Love your mouse and her new bed! Makes me think about turning some wires we have laying around into a little bed. Just precious!

    Keep on dreaming and creating, my friend,
    Barb 😊💌

  4. What a precious little mouse with her little gown and quilt and bed! Boy that must have been quite an adventure making that bed! I love her. You are very ambitious to make little stuffed toys and animals.. I find I don’t have enough patience for them.. but sure love looking at them!

  5. She is adorable Kerryanne and you are so clever to make that sweet bed.
    Toni xx

  6. Adorable and cute ! xoxo, Monika

  7. Dearly love your precious missy mouse. But my goodness the talent and patience it took to make her darling little bed!! Beautiful work.

  8. Teddee Grace says:

    She is darling…and a girl after my own heart…a right-side sleeper! I love that little pillow as well and the bed…too much! No wonder it took forever and, I’m sure, a lot of patience.

  9. I love your little mouse and her bed and quilt. I am enamored of miniatures so this is right up my alley. Don’t stop!

  10. You are a talented lady! Miss Mousie is quite sweet. And that bed! So darling. Thinking about bending that wire makes my hands hurt! It’s all very lovely. Will you have these little items in a shop?

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