2017… Word Of The Year

Hello friends… and a big hello to 2017.

I hope you’ve bounced into the New Year with a refreshed vigour.

After a short blog break over the Christmas/New Year period, I’m back today and sharing my 2017 word of the year.


2017-Shabby Art Boutique


I’ve been on what I guess you’d call a bit of a ‘retreat’ this past couple of weeks…. I felt a huge need to unplug from social media and my online business to spend time with family and friends…. do you ever feel like that?

During my break I did two things: spent time assessing 2016, because I believe we need to do this in order to move forward with the New Year; and I used this evaluation to plan and decide how I want 2017 to look for me.

All the time I was doing this, I was waiting for my word of the year to become obvious.


Shabby Art Boutique - word of the year_600


On reflection, one thing in particular stood out in every sector of my year…. general busyness had robbed me of what I consider adequate creative time and more importantly, I had stopped listening to my creative muse…. and her soul whispers.

If I’m honest, I heard my muse calling to me… but I kept spreading myself too thinly and satisfied my creative needs by grabbing little snippets of time in the craft room. I managed to jot down ideas and kept an art journal… which at times was the only creative output for me, but I didn’t make time to listen to ‘ME’.

Creativity is my passion and a huge part of my life. It’s what makes me, uniquely ME.


Shabby Art Boutique - my word of the year


So, this past couple of weeks I’ve been soul searching.

I’ve been listening… like, really listening to my inner whispers.

Meditation is a daily practice for me. It’s time I give to myself, no matter what…. but even in meditation I wasn’t truly listening.

It wasn’t until I stopped at Christmas… took a deep breath and became really present that I heard what my soul was crying out to me…. enjoy this moment!

And then my word of the year was evident. It kept popping up over and over again.


My word for 2017 is listen - Shabby art Boutique


It is time for me to listen to my soul whispers, follow my heart and make time to nurture my soul. For me, I know that includes group meditations, healings, time alone, daydreaming, laughing with friends, being creative and especially listening to my muse.

I’ve always been intuitive and completely trust my gut feelings on everything. I actually think that is true of most creative people, but somehow in all the busyness of 2016, I pushed intuition aside and took the easy route.

My word last year was adventure and I wholeheartedly embraced it and moved outside my comfort zone. It was the perfect word for a year that turned out to have a lot of firsts and unexpected events.

I know I’ll take a little bit of that ‘adventure’ with me into 2017, but now it’s time to centre myself again, heal, nurture my soul….. and listen.


Shabby Art Boutique


While I’m ‘listening’ I may be a little less active on social media for awhile. I feel like it zaps my energy and I’m totally enjoying being truly ‘present’ in my life right now.

I’m already planning on a few changes for my business in 2017, but will be back to share those another day. For now, I’ll be investing in my creativity, following my heart and listening to my soul whispers.

I’m not sure what’s coming next in 2017, but I hope you hang around and join me on my soul searching, creative journey!

Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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  1. Very purposeful post today! That’s such a good word.. to listen to ourselves and our soul speaking. I too believe too much “busyness” takes away from our creative side. I also think social media does suck a person dry… The only things I really like are a person’s blog. That’s it. I don’t need twitter or instagram or facebook (for the creative ladies in my life) or any other media. I think it’s all a waste of our own precious time. I do Love your blog and all you offer in the way of creations, projects, tutorials, musings, etc. and I do hope that part of your creativity continues on. For me, and for the blogs I follow, I don’t much read any of the posts that showcase OTHER’s blogs or homes or anything. I think it gets too overwhelming so I usually just skip those. It’s overwhelming enough to read the blogs I do love and follow, without adding more to my list! Just an FYI. Take care and I’ll be anxious to hear how you move onward into 2017!

    • Kerryanne says:

      Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement Marilyn. I do appreciate them 🙂
      I’m definitely feeling very creative. Having a break and being with my children has given me renewed energy and once you crack open the creativity portal again, it tends to flow with abandonment. My problem now is deciding on which projects to focus on before I fill the craft room with a million unfinished pieces. I’ll start sharing a few new things this week.
      Happy New Year to you Marilyn. I hope 2017 is filled with creative wonder for you too!!

  2. Fonda Rush says:

    I’ll still be checking in with you whenever you want to write. I, too, have neglected my art too much. I need to schedule time for all of my {few} activities so I don’t spend too much time on this computer. I need to think hard about what I’m doing and how I need to change it so I always want to make time to create. Happy New Year, and take care of yourself.

    • Kerryanne says:

      So glad you’ll still be here with me Fonda. I look forward to sharing many new projects with you throughout 2017.
      Happy new Year xx

  3. JaneEllen says:

    I have to echo all said by two first commenters on this post. It gets to be a bad habit spending so much time on here instead of working on projects. Find that when am really going good my creativity grows by leaps and bounds, one idea begets another, think that’s how it’s supposed to work. Have noticed myself not getting on to read posts as much. Trying to curb spending too much time on here, when not on here my minds gets going and before I know it am off on a project, at least to inspire myself.
    Think your word for 2017 is very meaningful word- LISTEN
    Had really been missing you but remembered what you said before holidays about taking time for what you really need, whatever that may be. Am so gad you did that for yourself and loved ones, there are just so many hours in any day and so much for women to do. We only get one chance to be there for our children and husband, need to remind ourselves of that since we’re pulled in so many directions daily.
    Reading the comments am seeing several others have same feelings about our creativity when it’s important to us as a person.
    Hope your holidays were all you hoped they’d be and Happy New Year.

    • Just a couple of weeks into the New Year JaneEllen and I’m loving my word of the year. I’ve been exploring and trying new things in my craft room and reaping the rewards. I hope you too are being blessed with an abundance of creativity already in 2017. Thank you for always popping in to say ‘hi’. I enjoy your visits and comments and look forward to sharing soem new projects with you this week. I promise I won’t be absent from my blog too often now I have my crafting groove back. Hugs to you xxx

  4. I am glad that you have had a wonderful time with family and your word for 2017 is a very strong reminder to us all to listen to our soul.
    2016 was not a good year for me with demands pulling this way & that and it doesn’t look like 2017 is starting in a much better way so I think I need to follow your lead and take a step back and listen to ME.
    It can be very difficult when you have demands upon your life but I think I really need to consider my needs a bit more.
    I only blog (don’t FB, tweet or Instagram) as I feel that I’d never get any crafting done at all if I was forever jumping around social media. I will continue to follow the blogs that I love but do not intend to worry overly about whether I’ve posted or not on my own.
    May you find comfort & strength in your word for 2017.
    Toni xx

    • Perhaps being busy is a sign of the times Toni, because it seems so many feel the same way. I hope you can find some valuable ‘ME’ time and can listen to what your creative soul is telling you. Wishing you a very creative 2017 and thank you for always being so supportive and encouraging of my own creative journey. xx

  5. I totally agree with everything Keeryanne! I hope your 2017 will be a great year for you! xoxo
    Vesna – Home Chic Club

  6. Teddee Grace says:

    I totally relate to your blog today. I wonder if many creatives/sensitives are experiencing this same feeling. I decided on the second day of the year that I just had to absent myself from a close relationship I was finding totally exhausting and I have been so enjoying my solitude. I haven’t had heartburn all week!

    • Maybe it’s the fresh start of a New Year Teddee…. kind of the ‘out with the old, in with the new’. I’m glad that you are looking after you and saying no to toxic relationships. Hope you have a fabulously creative 2017 🙂

  7. Wishing you all the best in 2017 and a lot of creativity! Hugs. Monika
    P.S Re-evaluation is helping us to progress 🙂

  8. Dear Kerryanne, I spent just six months last year, being a ‘full time blogger’, and whilst the traffic was gratifying, I had not time for anything else. It was an eye opener. You are right, that time spent maintaining linkups, Social Media, and visiting your network, just takes you away from the reason you started blogging. For many of us, I think that is showcasing our creativity, in whatever area that may be. Your work is stunning, and anything that detracts from time available to spend on that, is a waste of your immense talents. I will continue to follow and read, and appreciate every bit of traffic that has come my way through your generosity. Much love, Mimi xxx

    • It’s definitely a balancing act Mimi. I’m now in my tenth year of blogging and I still sometimes seem to be juggling too many balls in the air, but the important thing is to know when that happens. I’m coming back now all refreshed and ready for a year of creativity. Thanks for your support my friend xxx

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