Shabbilicious Sunday – On Sutton Place

Welcome to Shabbilicious Sunday….

Each week in this series I share with you a visit to a home of one of our ‘shabbilicious’ friends. What could be better than to take a tour around their home, have a chat and get to know a little more about them.

Today we are visiting Ann at On Sutton Place.


On Sutton Place for Shabbilicious Sunday on Shabby Art Boutique


It’s a sad but true fact that full time bloggers often don’t get a lot of time to read the blogs of fellow bloggers. I honestly wish I had more time to devote to reading all the fabulous blogs out there, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day, so I have a few favourites that I frequent.

Today’s guest is the author of one of my favourite blogs… On Sutton Place.

Let’s start the tour at Ann’s front door… this gorgeous door painted in Naval blue is I suspect, quite well known already. As seen on Pinterest!




Come on through. It was Ann’s blue front door that first brought me to On Sutton Place and I’m glad I discovered her beautiful blog.

The Entry



Ann is the kind of lady who I’d want to be real life friends with if we lived in the same town, but alas, Ann lives in Findlay,Ohio (USA) and I in Australia.

We love all the same things….. Ann crafts, sews, decorates, bakes and has made her house on Sutton Place into a beautiful home.




Ann is an all seasons girl and shares fabulous tutorials on how to decorate, bake and create for each new season and holiday. I just know you will love her style!

I love that Ann uses everyday supplies that won’t break the bank and her tutorials are so easy to follow… even her recipes are basic family favourites.


The Living Room




Ann’s a girl after my own heart… pillows (or as we say in Australia, cushions) are her ‘thing’.




Asked how she describes her decorating style, Ann said “My style is traditional with farmhouse touches. I’d love to go full farmhouse but I have quite a bit of inherited furniture that my husband is very attached to. My favourite piece is the marble top antique dresser in my living room. I recently had it restored and it’s amazing beautiful now”.


The Dining Room




The Kitchen



Ann loves baking and there is a dedicated section on her blog just for recipes.

See her recipe selection here.




Back in 2012, Ann opened an Etsy shop specialising in handmade textiles and home furnishings made from vintage fabrics, antique grain sacks and 100% linen.

Then in 2014 she took the next step and opened her own online shop, Sutton Place Designs. You can check out all her goodies HERE.

Master Bedroom



Ann’s best decorating advice is to follow your heart and decorate with things you love.

Don’t worry about trends and make your home a reflection of your family. Include collections and family heirlooms along with items that reflect your personal style.

Anne says “If you walk into a room in your home and smile, then you are on the right track”.


The Back Porch




To keep up with everything happening at On Sutton Place, I subscribed to Ann’s updates by email.

It’s completely free and contains new posts, occasional newsletters and shop news. You can even choose what topics your receive!

You can Subscribe Here and when you do, Ann has 3 freebies for you too. I downloaded the recipes, but you can download everything if you want to.




Visit Ann at On Sutton Place, where she decorates, bakes and creates… and shares DIY ideas that anyone can do.

Also connect with Ann on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

Pop into the shop at Sutton Place Designs.

Thank you Ann for so generously letting us take a wander around your beautiful home on Sutton Place.

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Happy Sunday my friends,

Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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  1. Ann has a beautifully appointed home. Love her blue and yellow color scheme.
    Mary Alice

  2. JaneEllen says:

    What a gorgeous peaceful welcoming home. Please tell me it’s not always so perfect. Just once in while she has a mess somewhere? lol.
    Kinda funny cause when my 4 kids were all at home and their friends in and out with them kept house so much nicer. Now that am older is more (76) important to me to do what makes me happy, working on projects, spending too much time on this dratted machine, going to do things with hubs, reading.. House is clean but here and there is bit of clutter or mess. And don’t make the bed very often, nobody sees it but us. I do what my idea of making bed is.
    I envy people so much who can keep their home just so but for sure am not one of them. Wonder what makes super house keepers and not so diligent house keepers?
    So Ann you have one of loveliest homes have seen, envy you your diligence, can I borrow some of that? Meanwhile will admire you and your home. Happy Fall week ladies

    • Ann’s home surely is a delight Jane Ellen. We are all different when it comes to presentation and I think we should do what is best for ourselves. I’m more in the perfectionist camp, but that’s just my nature and without children at home it doesn’t get messed up with just 2 of us. Having said that though, I cherish those rare times when we are all here together, falling over each other, no room to move and no hope of keeping the house looking lovely. I’m sure you’ll agree that it is love that makes a house a home and not how it is presented. Enjoyed your comment Jane Ellen. Have a lovely week sweetie 🙂

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