Care Packages

You know you are going to love a book when a friend recommends it with this…

“OMG… this book made me think of you. You absolutely have to get it!!”

So of course I did… and yes, I absolutely do love it.

The book is the recently released Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh.

Shabby Art Boutique book review - Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh


Michelle Mackintosh is on a mission to encourage people to reconnect with each other.

She says “Making a care package for someone special in your community who, for one reason or another, has made a difference in your life or the lives of your friends and family members is a lovely thing to do”.


Shabby Art Boutique book review - Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh


Care Packages brings back the art of crafting packages with love and care.

The book has 240 pages, split into several chapters including reasons to send a care package, types of care packages, delivery, what to include and projects on how to design, craft, and decorate your care package.

Projects are easy to achieve with step-by-step photography and instructions.


Shabby Art Boutique book review - Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh


This beautiful book completely resonated with me and my ethos of putting homemade back into everyday living.

When I picked up the book last week I sat with a coffee, intending to have my first ‘quick’ flick through… but quickly realised that this was more than a craft book. Throughout the book, Michelle shares personal stories, tips and helpful information and of course, all the fabulous projects.

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know how much I love to create for others. It’s not how much you spend, or perhaps what you make, but more about the love and care you put into making something specifically for someone special to you.

I honestly believe that for the right person, gifting a handmade gift is really unique and appreciated. Michelle’s book encapsulates this theory perfectly.


Shabby Art Boutique book review - Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh


This book is for anyone who loves to give gifts.

If you are like me and have your family and friends spread far and wide, then you may already be sending care packages, without even realising.

Care Packages is filled with so many brilliant ideas, fabulous photography and easy to follow step-by-step project instructions.


Shabby Art Boutique book review - Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh

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Care Packages has already been released in Australia and is available from major book sellers.

This book is available to order on Book Depository – with free worldwide shipping.

Care packages will be released in the US on November 8th and is currently available for pre-order from Amazon.


Shabby Art Boutique book review - Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh


This is definitely a book I whole heartedly recommend for anyone who loves to gift others with homemade love.

If you’ve already picked up a copy, I’d love to hear what you think of it.


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Happy crafting and reading my friends,

Hugs – Kerryanne


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  1. The photo you have shared are lovely. It looks like a fabulous book.
    Toni xx

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Your posts always inspire me and reach a special spot in my heart Kerryanne, thank you for being such a special person,, you have meant so much to me since e lost our grandson on June 8th. Our Daughter in law has made it her purpose to shut us out of every thing to do with him since way before he died. To my utter regret we do not have one photo of him with hubs and I which hurts so much.. When we sent him messages on Facebook she deleted them. They live in Grand Junction, CO we live few miles west of G.J. She didn’t even want our daughter or us to call my son for longtime now so don’t know how son is doing after losing his son. Jordan died at 22 of recurring testicular cancer. If we did call, if she got to his phone first she deleted those messages.
    She has done all in her power to keep my son away from his family since they married over 28 yrs. ago. We have a granddaughter, our first grandchild, won’t have anything to do with us. Some days I am so down I am not sure can keep going but when I get your wonderful posts it helps so much to lift me up, give me joy to be able to create things for people I care about.
    Am realizing I desperately need some help dealing with losing our grandson., We weren’t even allowed to go his Celebration of Life on July 8. My son called on Saturday before celebration hollering at me that we couldn’t go, it would upset his wife too much.. Wasn’t sure I could go, afraid would break down. Your smile is ray of sunshine for me.
    Just wanted to let you know how much your posts and you mean to me. Have great rest of week and weekend

    • Hi Jane Ellen, your story here hit home with me. Our situation isn’t nearly as bad as yours, but it leans in that direction. I was comforted just knowing we are not alone in the pain and sadness that comes from such a rift, and want you to also know you are not alone. I pray for healing in your family; perhaps one day she will have a change of heart, or at least your granddaughter will. (I trust your son does care but has his hands tied.)

    • Kerryanne says:

      Hi Jane Ellen,
      Your messages about your family breakdown have truly saddened me. I know your heart is breaking and nothing we can say will lessen that for you, but please know that we are a caring and sharing community here and we support you.
      Your messages always brighten my day. How sweet you are to pop in regularly… always so supportive and encouraging of my creative journey.
      Sending you big cyber hugs honey xxx

  3. Hi, just found you!!! I am so excited, wow, I hope I can leave your site and get stuff done. lol–wonderful blog. thank you for all your wonderful post. Hugs,

  4. This looks like a lovely and fun book. I’ll have to add it to my “want” list. I too love making things for my friends and family.. and like sending things “just because”…..thank you for the heads up on this book!

  5. Hayley daly says:

    I’ve just bought this book recently and have sent off two weeks ago my first care package to my niece going through her hsc in nsw. She has had a very tough time this year with health related problems as well. I love her to bits so sent her all just small nic natty items all individually wrapped in her favourite colour. Paper bags. Anything I could lay my hands on. She face timed me as she was opening up her parcel. It was so precious. Love love love this book. So inspiring.

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