Finding JOY in the JOURNEY

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty…

Splatter some paint around,

Create with absolute abandonment,

And trust the process…. to find the right path!


Shabby chic mixed media canvas by Kerryanne English - Shabby Art Boutique


I started work on this canvas quite some time ago.

I had an idea of where I was intending to go with it. I knew it was a piece for my girls to go in the guest bedroom. I had planned the colour palette and created a background with ripped pieces of paper, but then it was put aside for another day.


Shabby chic mixed media canvas by Kerryanne English - Shabby Art Boutique


Finding time to work on a piece for my own collection had eluded me….

But then I had a bad day… a trying and completely frustrating day!

The host company of our business website was hacked yesterday, which meant that all of their clients were affected. We’ve lost our website and email system…. completely!

Our business came to a screeching halt just days away from Easter and school holidays. I felt all kinds of things… angry, frustrated, stressed, but continued on throughout the day dealing with various companies to try and get our crippled business up and going again.

Then at 5 pm all the companies closed for the day and suddenly everything was hanging in limbo waiting for the open of trade again the next day. Seriously… didn’t these people know I was facing a crisis!


Shabby chic mixed media canvas by Kerryanne English - Shabby Art Boutique


At that point I had two options…

Lay down and cry… or head to my craft room, my happy place!!


I chose the fun option; a quiet reflective mediation, serene music, the wafting scent of white sage incense and time alone to regroup and gather my thoughts.


Shabby chic mixed media canvas by Kerryanne English - Shabby Art Boutique


Painting with my fingers, ripping paper, gluing, splattering, drawing… all therapeutic actions and good for my soul.

I rarely paint in my craft room at night because the lighting is not perfect, but on this occasion I was completely lost to the process and worked until late.

It felt good.

All my stress dissipated. I felt ready to tackle the next day… and I did.

Today could have been more of the same, but I decided that things would work out one way or another and they kind of did. Although we haven’t resolved our internet issues completely, I kept it all in perspective (and didn’t kill anyone!!).


Shabby chic mixed media canvas by Kerryanne English - Shabby Art Boutique


This artwork is not finished yet. It’s hanging on the wall in the guest room where I can evaluate it and make some changes. I never varnish or seal a piece until I’m sure it is complete.

There’s almost always something that stands out when you give it time. One thing I like to do is look at the piece in the mirror… it gives you a whole different perspective and usually pinpoints what it is that doesn’t feel/look right.


On a side note, the papers I used in this piece are from Tilda and I’m currently making a quilt for the bed in the matching fabrics. Sadly, this beautiful Tilda collection has been retired from their range.


Shabby chic mixed media canvas by Kerryanne English - Shabby Art Boutique


Sometimes you just have to trust that everything will work out okay!

Happy crafting,

Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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  1. Greetings from South Africa. Im not having a good day today, but your oh so pretty picture made me feel so much better. How beautiful it is. Thank so so much for sharing it.

  2. Hey Kerryanne! Glad your art therapy restored your serenity … Mostly! :0) People think you’re being trite when you say to look on the bright side but it really helps. One of the residents at the retirement village where I work turned 93 last week & when asked for one of the most significant moments in her life she said it was the day she decided to smile more than she frowned. Pretty good advice! Hope you get your tech stuff sorted … BEFORE you have to kill someone! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  3. So sorry to here of all the hassle you have had. Hope everything is suitably sorted QUICKLY.
    Love the canvas – such lovely colours.
    Toni xx

  4. …why do words change as you hit the “post” button.
    The word should be “hear” not “here”.
    Toni xx

  5. Love your creativity, love your resilience and life ethic, just <3

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Kerryanne….happy easter from mois! xx andrea!

  7. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it! First your painting is just so cute… the reason I’m so shocked is because I paint very similar girls! I’ve sold several in my Etsy shop over the years. Was just getting ready to do some more. Here are a couple of the one’s I’ve sold:
    So, if you happen to see mine if the future I didn’t want you to think I’ve copied your style!


  8. I needed to see your message today – thank you! So inspiring 🙂
    I’m holding good thoughts for your internet situation.

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